World War

Eerie Peace

November 23rd 1943


September 9th 1983


The World


Democracy movements in Germany, UK becomes more autonomous, USA puts pressure on CSA.


Italy, Japan, CSA, Germany

USA, Russia, resistance groups

Casualties and Losses



Great Rapprochement
The Mexican-American War
The War of Secession
The Spanish-Americas War
The Great War
The Texan-Mexican War
The World War
The Eerie Peace
The War of Steel

Not a war in the traditional sense, the Eerie Peace was a time of intense paranoia and fear. The fascist states of the world acted with typical harshness upon their inhabitants. The place where this paranoia was most intenely felt was in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. No where was safe and it is estimated that approximately two thirds of the populace were engaging in espionage. You could not sit down at a cafe and know you were safe. A group of Resistancemen might drive up and throw a bomb through the window in order to blow up some SS officials. There was no such thing as the innocent bystander. However underground movements in the hotbed of Britain spread across Europe, creating democracy movements in Germany, resistance fighters in France etc. In North America, the Canadians and Americans put pressure on the Confederates to change.