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The Eastern Friendship

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In this timeline, only two key PODs.

1) In the 1830s, instead of Queen Victoria came to the throne of England the other successor of King William the Fourth.

2) In the 1850s, Russia opened diplomatic relations with Japan. Later, the two countries had formed a long-term alliance.


  • 1830 - William IV of the United Kingdom has children with Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen instead of Dorothea Jordan.
  • 1837 - William IV dies and is succeeded by William V.
  • 1855 - Russia opens diplomatic relations with Japan and vice versa.
  • 1861 - Japan allows Russia to have a small port on Tsushima Island.
  • 1894 - Both Russia and Japan declare war against China.
  • 1938-1944 - Second World War

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