During the United Nations Conference on International Organization, someone suggested creating a formal government instead of a mere international organization. This idea was eventually accepted, and the Conference ended up proposing the Constitution of the Earth International Federation. Many of the nations that participated in the convention rejected the Constitution, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, and Australia. They had no desire to relinquish their sovereignty.

China (in which a communist revolution prevailed in 1947) and the Soviet Union joined the Earth Federation immediately. Communist governments developed in Eastern Europe during the late 1940s. This gave the Conference participants who had not joined the Earth Federation another reason for not joining. They were afraid that the Earth Federation would be strongly influenced by its Communist members. In fact, the non-Communist members, including West Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, and Denmark, held equal influence in the government. Nevertheless, a Cold War occurred between the United States and the Earth Federation. The Cold War ended in 1982 when the United States and the Earth Federation ratified the Dublin Accords.

In the late 1980s, American President George Herbert Walker Bush expressed openness to the possibility of America joining on three conditions. First, America would have to be allowed to immediately divide itself into its constituent states and territories. Second, the Earth Federation would have to amend its constitution to require all new members to have a republican and democratic form of government, and require all existing members to have such form of government by 2010. Finally, the Earth Federation would have to amend its constitution to extend the parts concerning civil liberties to the governments of the member nations. The Earth Federation amended its constitution accordingly in 1993, and Bush spent his second term working to get America to join the Earth Federation. In 1995, the United States and the Earth Federation ratified the Venice Agreement, which guaranteed that Bush's first condition for joining the Earth Federation would be honored. In 1998, the United States joined the Earth Federation and immediately broke itself up into fifty-four nations, forty-four of which chose to remain in the Earth Federation.






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