The PoD in this alternate history is quite simple: what if the 13 Colonies declared war on Great Britain a few years earlier? It may seem simple, but let me tell you, this is going to have lots of detail. This alternate history also has different American heroes and symbols that I made up, but trust me, it's going to be good. Now then, the beginning of the alternate history starts on March 16, 1770 and continues on. Let's begin on the Early American War of Independence.

Point of Divergence

 The Battle of Boston (March 16, 1770)

After about a week the Boston Massacre occured, one of the colonists in the Massacre, a 28-year-old Boston carpenter named John Timothy lead a group of about 16 colonists through the streets of Boston protesting about the unfair taxes Britain had put on them in the following years, and how they had no representation in the Parliament, and how the Boston Massacre had to happen because of it. Once the protesters had protested for about two hours, the British got annoyed and 11 soldiers, led by Brigadier General Theodore James surrounded the colonists and yelled at them. Then the colonists started running away, making the British soldiers think they were ending the protest, but instantly after they were running, they turned and charged at the British, throwing with sticks, clubs and even a few bayonets. About five British soldiers died and about three American colonists died also in that one charge. But just a few seconds after they charged, Theodore James yelled, "Shoot all of the little peasants! NOW!" They instantly shot into the crowd, killing at least six more American colonists. Then, 25 colonists armed with real muskets came in to help them, while about 30 British soldiers went in to help the British army. So, since it was like a real battle, the colonists, still lead by John Timothy followed the British army, still lead by Theodore James went into an open field outside of Boston. Then the firing began. But then all of a sudden, the American army charged right into the British, killing almost all of the soldiers but Theodore James and a few soldiers. They tried to run off, but the colonists shot them and killed them. It still wasn't the beginning of the American Revolution, but did it make the idea of independence more popular.                                                                                    

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