The Dust Barrel Event was a failed assassination attempt on US President (INH) after the American Civil Wars ended and the Confederate States of America was brought to an end, along with Slavery in North America. The assassination was a failure because of dust getting into the barrel of the gun that assassin John Wilkes Booth was using.

Events Before the Assassination

John Booth had been walking on the dusty roads used by cattle drivers to get their products to and from places. He had gotten word that the President was in town, at the local inn, and was having a party to celebrate the victory over the South. John vowed he would make the North pay for their victory, and that he would re-create the Confederacy. Many questioned his mental stability. He walked the lonely roads toward the Inn, but tripped and got dust in the barrel of his gun. He cleaned it, but didn't get it all.

The Party

When John arrived, he began aiming his gun around and shouted that the President would die unless the South was freed. He talked about how dominant the South was, and how Northerners were inferior. After his rant, he fired his gun, but it wouldn't work. To John's embarrassment, a large laughter happened across the room, and he got arrested.

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