After Jim Morrison died of drugs in 1971 they needed a new leader. They searched far and wide for him. At last they hired Don Henley to be their singer. They released their first album since J-Mo's death. It was called The 5th Door and contained the hit single "Witchy Woman". They were even more successful with Henley than with Morrison. Then came Desperado with the title track and "Warlocky Man" reaching the top 10. Their third album with Henley, On The Border, had the hit "Best Of My Love" finding them a soft rock following. And now for 1975 they had One Of These Nights with the title track and "Great Romance" charting the Top Ten. They collected them on their second greatest hits: 1971-1975. In 1976 they unveiled their sixth album with Henley, Henley Hotel, containing the hits "Hotel California", "Life In The Fast Lane", and "Victim Of Love". At the end of the decade came The Long Run with the title track and "The Sad Cafe" making the charts. And their second live album Live was released in 1980. They had a third compilation: 1976-1980. To celebrate their induction to the Rockandrollhalloffame they released an album of rerecorded Jim Morrison songs titled New Beginnings.

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