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The Dominion war is an ongoing conflict that started as a North American war and eventually turned into a larger world war. The key sides are the North American Union and the Dominion of Canada. Canada's aggression is largely religious based, with killings of non-Christians common by Canadian soldiers. Apart from these sides, the other major players are Britain, the Mormon Republic of Deseret and Japan.


The origins of the Dominion war lie in the 1960s, when a struggling Canada was on the brink of collapse. A dangerous religious sect claimed that a rump Canada would be overran by hordes of Demonic foreign saboteurs. This was believed to relate a rebellion by Quebec, but it went unheeded. Sadly, when Quebec broke away from Canada, thousands of young Canadians believed that the leader of the cult, known as Drath were actual prophets. In 1967 AD, a revolution by the cult overthrew the Canadian government and established a theocratic dictatorship.

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