Around 2500 BC, the Mississippi River was divided mainly between the empires of Opawata and Numwak. As the two empires fought, control of the river was changed and the invasion of a new power led to a new city gaining power. In the south, the city of Wenneals began exploring the Gulf, and created the first overseas empire.

Revaria and Hablos

NAM City-States

Map of the city-states

Wakpa Wicoti had broken away from Numwak and has taken over its southern territories. The Chief of Numwak hoped to take these territories back, and began several campaigns against Wakpa. Several battles broke out, but Wakpa repelled them. Wakpa had more numbers and more resources, and created the first chariot, and domesticated horses to pull them. Sometime near 2410, Wakpa invaded Numwak using the chariot. Able to outmaneuver the Numwakian armies, Wakpa routed them several times. The Chief of Wakpa conquered Numwak, but most of the government escaped to Opawata. Continuing their assault, Wakpa conquered Opawata two years later, and the Wakpa Wicotian Empire was born.

Wakpa then consolidated their gains. They rebuilt Numwak and Opawata, creating markets and new homes. Temples dedicated to Numwakian gods were destroyed, replaced by ones worshipped by the Wicotians. The old chief's son liked Numwak and decided to make it a center of learning. The first school systems there were built there, along with several universities. In the center of the city a beautiful temple was built, the Tawrogna. Around the city farms were built, and Numwak was now better than it was during the times of the old Numwakian empire.

Attack from the Mountains

Not all was well though. To the northeast, the city-state of Myaamia was concerned that Wakpa would target them next, and the Chiefs were also jealous of Wakpa's wealth. However, Myaamia was seriously outmatched by Wakpa, so they looked for help to defeat them. Myaamia's chief travelled to the mountains, and met with the leader of the Ozark Tribes. In return for gold and land, the Ozarks agreed to help the Myaamians. Around 2300, the Ozarks charged down the mountains toward Wakpa. The Ozarks were great archers and horseback riders, and met the Wicotians in battle. Simultaneously the Myaamians attacked the flanks. Wakpa Wicotian's army was defeated, and his two enemies took Numwak from him. Wakpa was not going to be defeated easily, and summoned warriors from the southern cities. The Ozarks were now using chariots as well, and fought ferociously with Wakpa. Because of continuous attacks, Wakpa fell, and so did Laknasol. Wakpa's chief was killed in battle, and the Wakpa armies were in disarry. The three southern cities were conquered, and Myaami now controlled the river.

With help from the Ozarks, Myaamia fortifacted their gains quickly, squashing any rebellions. Shortly after, Myaami continued to look for land. Transporting by river, Dnalia began to explore the Ohio River. Myaamian scouts met the Hortovites, exposing Myaamia to new weapons and technology.

The Iron Age

Hortovite Map

The Hortovites at their height


continued to explore, and eventually sent expeditions down the Ohio River. In 2000 BC they discovered Horton, the city-state belonging to the Hortovites. The Hortovites had conquered most of OTL West Virginia, and were operating several mines. They were the first civilization to use iron, which they made into weapons. The Hortovites used the weapons to conquer nearby tribes and barbarians. The Hortovites decided to send expedition parties to the Mississippi. When they reported that the river was very fertile, the Hortovites invaded. They travelled down the Mississippi, conquering villages as they went. Around 1750 BC they sieged Myaamia, and within 20 years conquered Opawata and Numwak. They then turned south, and hit Wakpa Wicoti. All the city-states were no match, as they used bronze and the Hortovites used superior iron. The Hortovites established new farms and put their own religion in place. In order to keep up the production of iron, they opened up new mines which were previously unknown to the others. They also attacked the Ozarks, and opened new mines and farms there as well. They ruled the Mississippi for five hundred years. Around 1100 BC Myaamia overthrew using iron weapons. They conquered each city, with the aid of Ozarks again. The Hortovites were thrown out, and Myaamia again became masters of the Mississippi. They now were using iron weapons, which now made more powerful than they were before.

Wealth of Wenneals

Wenneals Map

Lands where Wenneals had explored

In the south, Wenneals stood as a powerful city. Its location at the mouth of the Mississippi made it powerful in trade and travel. Wenneals also had a powerful navy, which is used to explore the Gulf. They name the waters Granlenme, and began sailing. In 2300 BC they stumbled upon the island of Fetzil (Cuba), and set up several colonies. Farms prospered because of the soil, and the city of Po was built, made wealthy from the farms. Po was a magnificent city, built along the water. A large wall surrounded it, and inside were several large markets. Trade boomed here, with members from surrounding tribes coming in. Po made several peace treaties with them, so no wars took place. Wenneals explorations continued from there, eventually landing in a land they called Penensil around 1000 BC. They fought with the Olmecs that lived there, and using the iron defeated them in fifty years. They made renovations to Tenochtitlán, a city that the Olmecs had built before the arrival of Wenneals. Tenochtitlán became another center of power, and dominated trade around Penesil. Germs and clay were the main items trade at Tenochtitlán. Going further south, Wenneals stumbed upon several more islands below Fetzil. These islands were added to the explorations of Wenneals, and became important centers of mining and agriculture. Wenneals also travelled by land and sea and overland to Flepeyi (Florida), with several fishing centers located on the coast.

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