James I is King of Scotland, Wales and England. His son, Charles I, is beheaded, but soon Kings are back. But CHARLES I SAID IN HIS WILL...

  • England will go to my son Charles, and Scotland to my son James. Wales will go to my youngest son, Henry Stuart. And Ireland will go to my other son, Charles, who for some daft reason I named Charles despite already having as son called Charles. Wait a minute, he's dead, darn it! Then Ireland will go to my daughter Mary. Is that okay? Good. Righto, I need two shirts now... don't want to be chilly for my execution, now, do I?

After this there is a lot of blood on the will. So the children of Charles I are:

  • Charles II of England (1660-1685)
  • James VII of Scotland (1660-1701)
  • Henry IX of Wales (29th May 1660-13th September 1660)
  • Mary II of Ireland (29th may 1660-24th December 1660)\

Kings of England


  • Charles I
  • Charles II (1660-1685)


  • James II (6th February 1685-15th July 1685). Son of Charles II.
  • James III (1685-1705). Son of James II.
  • Francis I (1705-1751). Son of James III.
  • Henry IX (1751-1812). Son of Francis I.


  • Charles III (1812-1819) "The Cricketer Politician". Son of Henry IX.
  • Walter (1819-1884). Son of Charles III.
  • William III (1884-1914). Son of Walter.
  • John II (1914-1935). Son of William III.
  • Walter II. (1935-1973). Son of John II.
  • John III (1973-2007). Son of Walter II.
  • Richard IV (2007-present). Son of John III. [Prince of Wales is Walter, soon to be Walter III!]

 Kings of Scotland (and Barvaria and Sardina

The Stuarts

  • James I and VI (1603-1625)
  • Charles I (1625-1649)


  • Oliver (1649-1658)
  • Richard (1658-1660)

The Stuarts

  • Charles II (1660-1685)


  • James II and VII (1688-1701)
  • James III and VIII (1701-1766)
  • Charles III (1766-1788)
  • Henry IX and I (1788-1807)

The Savoyans

  • Charles IV (1807-1819)
  • Victor (1819-1824)
  • Mary III (1824-1840)


  • Francis I (V of Modnia) (1840-1875)
  • Mary IV (1875-1919)


  • Robert I and IV (1919-1955)
  • Albert (1955-1996)
  • Francis II (1996-present)

Kings of Ireland (and the Netherlands and Orange)


  • Charles I
  • Mary II (29th may 1660-24th December 1660). Daughter of Charles I.

Orange and Orange-Friso

  • William II (1660-1702). Son of Mary II. AND Mary II (1677-1694). Wife of William II.
  • John William (1702-1711). Distant cousin of William II.
  • William IV (1711-1751). Son of John William.


  • William V (1751-1806). Son of William IV.
  • William VI of Irange and I of the Netherlands. (1806). Son if William V.
  • William VII and II (1806-1849). Son of William VI.
  • William VIII and III (1849-1890). Son of William VII.
  • Adolphe (1890-1904).
  • Wilhelmina (1904-1948). Died 1962. Daughter of William VIII.
  • Juliana (1948-1980). Died 2004. Daughter of Wilhelmina.
  • Beatrix (1980-2013). Still living. Daughter of Juliana.
  • Willem-Alexander (2013-?). Son of Beatrix.

Kings of Wales (and Spain).


  • Charles I.
  • Henry IX (1660)
  • Henrietta (1660-1670). Sister of Henry IX.
  • Marie Louise (1670-1689). Daughter of Henrietta. And Charles II of Spain and III of Wales (1670-1700). Husband of Marie Louise.


  • Phillip V and I (1700-1724;1746). Half-great-nephew of Charles II and III. AND Louis, son of Phillip V (1727).
  • Ferdinand VI and I (1746-1759). Son of Phillip V and I.
  • Charles III and IV (1759-1788).
  • Charles IV and V (1788-1808). Died 1819.
  • Ferdinand VII and II (1808;1813-1833)
  • Joseph I (1808-1813)
  • Isabell II and I (1833-1868)
  • Amadeo I (1870-1873)
  • Alfonso XII and I (1874-1885)
  • Alfonso XIII and II (1885-1931).
  • Juan Carlos I (1975-2014)
  • Felipe VI and I (2014-present)

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