Occupied SOuth West

This map represents the land taken in the attack.

In 1975, a joint pact was signed by six factions to gain land on American soil, some for economic gain, some for religious reasons, and some for political reasons. The belligerents of the attack were the secretive Chicago based crime family know as the Bartolis, The Irish Republican Army, The army of the Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea, the Russian Mafia, the Hidori Yakuza, and the Medellin Cartel. They called themselves the Great Coalition. The goal was to work together to lead a combined attack on the American Southwest and divide the land.

Strategy and Combat

The attack plan was that the IRA combined with the Medellin would enter through Mexico in a mass head on attack with technicals and a new weapon to combat situations, the air technical. Air technicals are formally civilian aircraft such as small Cessna planes and civilian helicopters modified for ground attack and anti-helicopter fighting; they were ineffective against jets until the Russian mafia was able to provide its SA-7 anti-air rocket launchers. When the IRA and Cartel reached El Paso, they started committing acts of terrorism in attempts to cause evacuation. Most of the acts were committed simply by driving down the streets and shooting at civilians with the turrets. As a result, the lives of 2000 civilians, 150 law enforcement and 320 National Guardsmen were taken withing 10 hours. After 14 hours, the president and the CIA gave orders to evacuate the areas of California, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and western Texas.

The Bartolis and the Russian Mafia dispatched from Chicago in a convoy of bullet proofed vehicles, mostly Land Rovers and Jeeps. Once the Russians and Bartolis reached the combat area, the vehicles were equipped with KORD machine guns, Stinger rockets, and recoilless rifles, provided by the Russians. The command vehicle was a BTR-60 that had been placed in a warehouse in Santa Fe weeks earlier, before then it was a Lincoln Town Car, carrying Don Bartoli of the Bartoli family, and Don Kovelenko of the Russian Mafia. After retrieving the BTR, they committed similar acts to that of the IRA and Cartel.

Bartoli soldier in a captured San Jose restaurant.

In the Pacific, the North Korean Navy was sailing towards California with the Yakuza on board. Kim il-Sung's orders were to shell San Diego's Naval Base before dropping off forces and to make a perimeter around the city, claim it to be Korean territory, and to shoot all civilians. They would then proceed to attack LA and deem it Yakuza territory. The orders were followed perfectly, and everything was going according to plan until one big problem occurred. Over the radio, Admiral Chin Ye Gwang was informed that the U.S had responded, and Pyongyang was hit with a nuclear rocket, but he was still to carry out orders. After his joint Yakuza and North Korean military troops disembarked, the infuriated admiral fired a large barrage of ballistic missiles at Oakland, killing an estimated 60,000. Two F4 Phantom fighter jets from Camp Maccarran destroyed the fleet with anti-ship missiles. However, on return two Yakuza members, in the bed of one of the many Datsun Pickup technicals deployed, fired two SA-7 rockets, downing the jets. Pilot LT. Marcus Rupert's jet exploded in mid air, but pilot James Farley's Phantom crashed into a seven story apartment building being searched by a squad of 12 North Korean soldiers. As a result the building was heavily damaged but no Koreans were killed by the planes impact. He emerged from his cockpit with his Colt 1911 pistol and began to make his way down to street level, encountering and shooting one North Korean soldier on the stair case while the soldiers were evacuating the building, after he made it to the street were he was captured by those same troops, interrogated, and then shot in the back of the head.

Meanwhile in Langley, the CIA were trying to determine weather this attack was Soviet-backed due to reports of a BTR-60 in Santa Fe. Moments later, however, a fax arrived from Moscow announcing that this was not, and, due to the barbaric civilian killing nature of the attack reported by spies and the embassy, the Soviet Union has invaded and defeated North Korea.

After a Korean radio operator in San Diego heard the news, he spread it to his fellow soldiers. Then a voice came on relaying the message that if the soldiers wished, they could join the Yakuza and to report to the helicopter pad on roof of the Kaiser Permanent Medical center, where Don Hidori's MI-25 would be landing, along with fleeing former North Korean air force Mi-24 helicopters who would land on near by buildings and in the surrounding fields.

As Great Coalition forces moved further into the claimed territory, United States military forces were ordered to retreat to scuttle all bases and equipment that couldn't be shipped. However, camp Maccaran was surrounded and only managed to scuttle 25% of equipment. President Ford was alerted of the situation being that the Great Coalition now is in possession of nuclear arms and many aircraft, also, that 450 service men who were stationed at Maccaran were killed in a mass execution.

Ford was about to give NORAD the launch codes, but a message came in from the coalition, it said that spies from each faction had placed remote detonatible nukes in the cities of New York City (Medellin), Washington DC (Korean), Orlando (IRA), Birmingham, Lansing (Russian), and Boston (Bartolli). Not known to U.S officials at the time, but the nukes were placed in a series of fake funerals, in which the nuclear devices were in the caskets. If the U.S government made any efforts into the Southwest, then they would trigger the bombs. Also from Maccaran, they had acquired equipment capable of detecting nuclear launch.

The Battle of NORAD

With NORAD being within the Great Coalition's grasp, former Korean Special Ops teams and IRA troops loaded into Patton tanks and APCs captured from the take over of area 51, weighing in with a 2000 man army. When they reached Cheyenne Mountain, they were immediately shot at with recoilless rifles, and even came under attack from cobra and Huey helicopters. Though the coalition had brought SA-7s, Stingers, and .50 cal turrets, they still lost around 300 men due to air attacks. The coalition also lost 200 men to the 506th Marines guarding the mountain. After all resistance was destroyed, they blew open the front doors with C4 plastic explosives. Once inside. they were confronted by a combined force of the U.S army troops initially guarding it, and the 51st Green Beret. In the two hour fire fight, 300 more Great Coalition troops were killed, and 250 green beret and security were killed. Anticipating delta troops to be in the central control rooms and offices along with Captain Mike Jameson of the IRA called back to IRA command in San Jose, for IRA special forces to back up the men. Three hours after the call, two black peterlit panel vans arrived at NORAD's norther portal and arrived to back up then men, also covering the attack were two Korean Mi-24 attack choppers and two F4-Phantom II jets circled the area in case any ground or air attacks arrived. The Great Coalition forces inside of NORAD went with a different method then straight through door entry, where deltas most definitely had mounted machine guns to spray them down on entry. Instead they brought recoilless rifles into the building and blew away through concrete and rock to reach the control room, once the wall was very thin, they used a pipe bomb to make a hole big enough to dispense tabun gas, mustard gas, and agent orange into the control rooms. The recoilless rifles then fired once more blowing away the thin rock layer, where then the gas mask equipped Great Coalition troops stormed the building and gunned down the surviving Deltas and missile operators. They then stormed the offices which two their surprise contained only Marine Corp personnel, who surrendered and were later imprisoned in a warehouse in San Jose. In the siege, two Pattons were captured, along with five M113 APCs and the Huey helicopter on which the Deltas arrived. Soon after, two more F4-Phantom II jets arrived, however, not expecting enemy aircraft were not equipped with air-to-air rockets. The Coalition F4 fired two sidewinder missiles, destroying the two jets. The wrecks were later inspected and were found to be equipped with nuclear bunker busters, most likely in an attempt to scuttle NORAD. In response, Guard towers with Stinger rockets were placed within a ten mile perimeter of the facility.

Break in government conflict

After the NORAD conflict, the government did not try anything, and 1987 marked the start of the peace period. A DMZ was established to define the occupied area. In this time, the soldiers commenced in the looting of the former homes and businesses of the civilians. These items were either pocketed by troops, or placed on large cargo ships in Santa Cruz, where they would then be distributed to the chains of secondhand stores opened by the factions. It was estimated that out of the area over a nine month looting period, one billion dollars worth of items were removed a day. However, a new enemy was being faced. Three new factions wanted in and declared war upon the Great Coalition. The factions were the notorious Taliban, the Navo Militia, who are a group of Navo Indians hoping to reclaim land, and a faction known as the Gelber Corporation, who were a German mafia hoping to make claims in the southwest. These factions were also at war with each other and did not have the cooperation of the Coalition. Mostly, there was just trouble on the edge of the area, and unfortunately for the Coalition, NORAD. However, the lands were now divided and new countries were formed. The Cartel formed the Republic of the Aztec People, located in New Mexico and Arizona, with Phoenix as the capital. The IRA formed the Great Catholic Republic (GCR), located in Northern California with a capital at San Jose. The Yakuza claimed Southern California to be the Hidori Republic, with the capital of Los Angeles. The Bartolis claimed Nevada and Utah to be New Sicily, with a capital of Las Vegas. Colorado was Russian territory, named New Odessa, capital Denver and the captured portions of Texas.

New Sicily

After the first two years of peace, the Bartolis had scavenged most of the conquered land. In need of a new source of revenue, Don Bartoli decided to make a series of luxurious resorts for tourist. The United States forbade travel to New Sicily, however, tourists from countries such as Japan, South Korea, and Singapore did come.

New Odessa

New Odessa was by far one of the wealthiest of the invaders, countries. New Odessa proved a great inlet for arms trafficking to the rest of the United States. New Odessa, however, was also the second most dangerous (GCR is first), due to the violent tendencies of the Russian gangsters who lived there. Also, Navo raiding parties would periodically strike through the Rockies in which they lived.

Great Catholic Republic (GCR)

The GCR is the least profitable and most dangerous of the new nations. Danger is caused by the large amounts Taliban attacks, to the the GCR's Christian founding principles. It is ranked as the 23rd lowest in the world development index.

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