The Descent is a timeline.

The main POD for this timeline is that (from) the 3rd of January 1990 the Descenders, apparently inanimate objects, appeared. With the Descenders came the Sparkers, which are usable as weapons.

Soon after this event, known as The Descent, military battles and campaigns started between nations eager to harness the powers of the Descenders and the Sparkers. The Sparkers themselves are important elements in the battles, because of their power as weapons, allowing the small nations where they descended to stand on equal foot with the superpowers where they didn't. In fact, the Descent caused the start of World War Three...

The Descenders mostly Descended on islands in the Caribbean and Oceania (List of Descenders), causing a lot of fighting between small nations. Also, larger nations attempted invasions of these regions, only to be met by the Sparkers...


List of nations


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