This page is supposed to be a fake military analyst report that uses real life headlines and gives them a Cold War spin as if the Cold War never ended. I will try to add dates soon

The Department of Defense Weekly is a weekly analyst report.

Reports indicate that the Soviets are planning on upgrading many of their T-80s to T-84 status. As of right now the majority of Red Army front line tanks are T-80s, T-90s, and T-84s, with the T-72s taking up rear line duties.

Venezuela has received oil development from the USSR in the form of about 100 advisors, the amount of money is unclear but the Soviets appear to view this nation as their primary source of foreign oil rather than Iraq and Saddam Hussein. A wing of MiG-29 fighters has been deployed by the Soviets for "security reasons" sparking concerns of a second crisis only a year after the Soviets sent bombers and warships to Venezuela sparking the "Caribbean Bomber Crisis." It is clear that the Soviet Union views the nation as its feature to gain an upper hand on the U.S.

USS Zumwalt is welcomed into the navy as she begins her first cruise with the Pacific Fleet as part of the first task force to use Cooperative Engagement Capability

The Soviet Union begins contracting on new Nuclear Power Plants in Siberia with some Chinese cooperation marking a new economic era between the two after the Sino-Soviet re-alliance movement in the early 2000s.

A DOD special report. Warsaw Pact home produced weapons: The growing satellite arms industry

Many Warsaw pact countries have become increasingly military independent of the Soviet Union with most producing unique versions of Soviet equipment. Possibly one of the most advanced displays comes from Poland. Local produce versions of the AK-47 made into a BULLPUP the Kbk wz. 2002 BIN is one of the most advanced assault rifles to come out of the Warsaw Pact. Another Polish design is the Kbk wz. 1996. An even larger feature of the domestic Warsaw Pact arms industry is Tanks. With Most designs being variations of the T-72 or T-80. Such as the Polish PT-91.

Today the USSR declares the Southern Yemen secessionists as justified and that the Yemeni government should form a coalition government with them. Yemen has broken off relations with the Soviet Union.

The Politburo of the Soviet Union has announced that Soviet leader Gennady Yanayev stepped down as head of the Soviet government on September 25th due to personal reasons. Gennady Zyuganov has been declared the new head of the party and Politburo. President Bush announced that he wanted to work closely with Premier Putin and the Soviet Union to combat terrorism and that Mr.Zyuganov would pressure Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein to curb his arms buildup.

Premier Zyuganov is headed to East Germany to assure the Warsaw Pact nations that he "Hold the line" as his predecessor did. This comes after a riot in East Berlin demanding that government work to reunify with West Germany was put down with at least eight dead. Video that was smuggled out of has stirred up passions in the eastern block with reports of apparent gatherings in protest to living conditions starting up in many communist capitals.

May 24 A Soviet Surface group is reportedly departed from basses on the Yugoslav Coast with a number of landing ships in tow.

May 26 Several Soviet SSNs have been detected shadowing NATO ships off the coast of Libya.

May 29 The Soviet battle group that we have been tracking for a few days has apparently passed through the Suez Canal despite protests from the Egyptians.

June 2 The Soviet surface group has last been off the coast of Somalia but their intentions are not known and they have disappeared once again. The strength of this group is unknown for the most part but has at least two carrier and two assault ships.

June 6 Reports from Yemen's capital state that there have been several blasts in the country at several radio and TV stations and some power plants. Blasts have also been heard at several Yemeni air and naval bases.

URGENT UPDATE Yemen has now confirmed that the attacks from earlier this morning have come from the same Soviet task force that we have been following in the Indian Ocean. Pravda has announced that the USSR is doing so for humanitarian reasons. DOD personnel believe that it is a response to NATO involvement in Libya.

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