Introduction to the World of Deities be Damned

Since the beginning of time, the formation of humanity, we have wondered, are we alone, who made us, where do we come from? The first thought was that some sort of deity made them, and religion was born.

With the birth of another thought, another ideology, in the late 19th century called Marxism, humanity began to throw off the shackles and ancient relic of religion, as was put by a man named Wolfgang Arthur, a German born in Munich in 1902.

By 1917, at the age of 15, he had written several papers criticizing religion and praising a non religious state, offering the fact that hundreds of wars of religion had killed more than all the other wars combined.

Following the Great War, in which he enlisted in 1918 at the age of 16, he went on at the age of 17 to start printing papers on his thoughts, demanding an end to religious states everywhere, and the thought that men were not to be ruled, but to coexist as brethren, equals all the same, regardless of class and position in the Weimar state.

Within a few months, at the age of 18, he was offered a job as a columnist at a communist newspaper in Munich, and by 20 he had take over and was running it, making it one of the most popular and successful political papers in southern Germany, so that by 1923, he had attracted the attention of the German Socialist Party, and he joins it that year, rising in the ranks quickly until he claimed leadership of the party in 1924 at 22, renaming the party the Socialist Unity Party, to symbolize the equality under his ideology, as it would unify the populace under socialist and progressive ideals.

In 1925, the fledgling party won 12 seats in the Reichstag, or 2.6% of the vote, mostly in southern provinces, 6 of which from Munich.

The rival National Socialist party, lead by a charismatic young Adolf Hitler, took 11 seats, also from southern Germany, leading to the formation of a rivalry between the two parties, not a hateful one as thought it would be , but a competitive one, one which, would have certain repercussions in the future, as the two at times worked together.

In 1927, Hitler and the top leaders of the Nazi party were killed when their train, going around a bend, toppled on its side, rolling, and killing the men, leading to the destabilized National Socialists to be convinced by Wolfgang to form a coalition, and by 1928, the two parties merged, adding a twinge of militarism to the ideals of the party, but not to the extremes of the Nazis OTL. 

Together the two parties formed the National Socialist Union, spreading thoughts of Pan-Germanism, or the uniting of all German lands, and the helping of other peoples in Europe be free to form their own ethnic nations, free of overbearing imperial nations.

With the economic crash of 1929, Arthur is elected to the Reichstag, and the total number of National Socialist's in the legislative body is now over 69% of the body due to massive economic failure, and with Arthur's amazing propaganda skills and speeches, he bands the populace together, blaming Germany's problems on the stab in the back Italians and and there French allies. 

In early April of 1930, Arthur is elected to the Presidency of Germany, where he begins to use his power to craft a socialist yet nationalistic state, convincing the aging Chancellor to increase the military, and let him take over propaganda, which is allowed. Memos on the treachery of France and Italy are soon preached over the nation, throwing the country into a frenzy, as the other portion of ethnicism hits hard, and Deutschland for the Deutsch begins to gather a massive gathering, spreading to Austria, the Sudetenland, the regions of Poland predominately German, as well as Alsace-Loraine.

In 1931, the Chancellor passes, and Arthur, his economic reforms, and other propaganda and actions having taken hold and begun to fly Germany out of the Depression, is easily elected to the position, and backed by the Reichstag, he begins to turn Germany into a militarized socialist state, helping the economy by making work, such as building, digging, researching, etc.

A notable German scientist, Albert Einstein, is actually a cousin of Arthur, and he is appointed head of German Scientific Research, and dozens of scientists that fled in OTL begin to work in earnest for there homeland, swept up the fever and the sense of equality of all men to be with there brethren.

It is now, in 1932, that Germany takes a turn for the better, without the help of a deity, foreign power, or a madman, it has taken the right path of defeat and desolation, it is on the path of rebirth

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