It was January 29, 1956. Two Months ago, Rosa Parks had refused to give up her seat. She was arrested and charged for violating the Alabama Bus Segregation Laws. (PoD) Today, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had developed a cold and had to stay home. The next day, on January 30th, his house was bombed, and he died in it. The African-American Community was in an uproar. Riots occured, and many Southern Leaders called this an example of why African Americans and Whites need to be Segregated. The Civil Rights Movement turned more Violent, and rioting occured in 130 Cities. The Civil Rights Movemenmt was considered by many Americans a Violent Attempt by Dangerous African Americans to burn down buildings, disgused with the noble goal of Racial Equality. Southern Leaders soon used Police Officers to stop the riots, through any means possible. Thousands of African Americans and Whites died in the riots, and many more were wounded. Eventually, the riots died down, along with the Civil Rights Movement. Many African Americans, disappointed that they had not gained any rights and were now even more isolated from American Society, left to head to Jamica, Canada, and other places where African Americans were targeted against. This is the World that we take place in.

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Timeline (The Death of a King)

Differences from OTL

The US is still very segregated, with many rights given to Whites non-existant for African Americans.

The African Population of Canada and Europe is higher, mainly due to the migration of African Americans from America.

Hip Hop and Rap isn't very popular in America.

The Music Themes of the 50s, 60s, and 70s continues to be dominant in America, mainly because Rap and Hip Hop weren't invented in the US.

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