Familienwappen Habsburg-Stroehl

The Battle of lobositz. Part of a greater war for a region known as Silsea. Here, in a battle seemingly for a simple region, had made great alteratins in many corners of the globe. Here is where the prussians win a Descisive battle.

But what if, while wandering through the  fog, a bullet had struck him, the king, in the neck. The bullet of the Austrian crown, in all its glory. What would have happened had Frederick become another one of the dead of lobositz

So then what

Well after the victory of the Austrians it gives them the uperhand in the push up Germany. Prussia, demoralized by the death of their leader. With no heir multiple people claim the throne, causing a succession crisis. Austria wins key battles against the remaining prussian military, bringing them to the table by 1757. This allows more French focus on its colonies in the fight against the british empire, winning key victories in the Americas and India. A close battle, and in the end comes to a ceasefire.




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