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The Day The Bombs Fell is a four-hour long docudrama that has recently been released in the ANZC and the rest of the developed world.

The film includes video footage that has not seen the light of day until recently, from television news cameras and home video cameras, on Doomsday and in the following days, months and years. In addition, it also includes footage from the day before and morning of the event. It includes interviews from the people who actually lived through it and from historians who specialize in the events surrounding Doomsday.

Among the survivors interviewed is a former member of the French Army named Philip Renea, who happened to be off duty at the time and managed to escape Paris before the first bombs began to detonate overhead. In his interview, he says "as I fled, I was driving 160, 180 maybe trying to, as the Americans say, haul ass outta there, and suddenly I looked and saw these bursts of light and immediately started crying because I knew that by that time, my whole family, including my wife and kids, were all dead. I honestly thought it was the end of the world and I was the only one left. As silly as that sounds now, that's honestly what I thought".

This film includes interviews from survivors from the former U.S. and USSR, the ANZC, Europe, and other places where blasts occurred on Doomsday.

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