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In 1962 John F Kennedy undertakes a high risk operation to destroy the Nuclear Missiles on Cuba. It begins a Hot War with the USSR.


  • April: The U.S Marines land in Cuba in an attempt to destroy the Soviet missiles. After a brief skirmish near Havana, the Cuban Army is beaten.
  • May: The USSR warns Kennedy to withdraw his troops from Cuba or face war. The Americans continue fighting.
  • June: A declaration of war is made by Kruschev against the U.S
  • July: The Soviets launch nuclear weapons at Cuba, decimating the Americans.
  • September: Soviet troops cross into West Berlin and defeat the West German Army.
  • October: American soldiers land in Holland, and begin an offensive called Operation Antwerp.
  • December: the Soviets launch nuclear missiles at New York. The Americans launch nukes at Moscow.


  • January: Alec Douglas Home adds his own troops of Britain to the American Force.
  • February: The Soviets invade France and secure Strasbourg.
  • April: Britain, France, and the U.S agree to coordinate their nuclear strikes on Russia.
  • May: Nuclear missiles are launched at every major nuclear silo and city in Russia. Kruschev has a cardiac arrest and dies.
  • June: The Soviets are pushed out of France and cornered near Dussel.
  • July: The Soviets formally surrender to the Allies in Berlin.
  • November: The Chinese invade Russia. The U.S sanction them.


  • January: John F. Kennedy is forced to resign by his government.
  • March: In the elections for President, George S. Patton runs as a Republican and wins the election.
  • June: Patton begins negotiations with the Chinese to withdraw from Russia.
  • August: The negotiations fail, and the U.N votes to go to war against China.
  • September: China

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