This alternate history will be based on a POD that occurred in 1960, when Richard Nixon is elected president instead of John F. Kennedy. Assuming the attack on the Bay of Pigs occurs, and when faced with missiles in Cuba refuses to remove American nukes from Turkey. Nixon, faced with nuclear war believes the advice of the military chiefs of staff, that the only solution is an invasion of Cuba. When they learn of the attack, and see the approaching American bombers the Soviets attack, launching missiles from Cuba towards American cities and military targets. The US responds in kind, sending warheads from Turkey, Italy, and many other NATO countries join in. Luckily, most Soviet missile launching station are destroyed before their deadly stock can be launched. Meanwhile, Nixon is safe in Raven Rock Mountain Complex. This is the last that is told to the American people before the holocaust begins.


America: Total collapse of US Government. No substantial claim of succession is made for 20 years. At least half of the roughly 190 million American citizens alive at the time die over the next 5-10 years, from causes ranging from the initial blasts, to radiation poisoning, to bandits, to nature, to disease, specifically a smallpox epidemic, and to resource wars, only a few among many. The only known surviving governments is that of Oklahoma, where in a bizarre twist all missiles aimed at this awesome state were diverted to an obscure uninhabited island in the Pacific, called Oklahomaissobosswesavedit. Africa: unknown Asia: Unknown. Likely contaminated with fallout from the USSR. South America: fate unknown Oceania: fate unknown Europe: fate Unknown, except for Switzerland, which of course, remained neutral.

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