Welcome to the Croaked World. This is 1800. On September 8th, 1794, a mysterious meteorite from outer space fell on South Africa. The meteor was cracked open and a mysterious radiation was spread out. People who caught the radiation turned into mutants. They are called Croaks. They are like Zombies, they don't give mercy nor pain. However, these creatures are as smart as humans and as civilized as humans. 

Croaks army


After some time, in 1800's, they have successfully conquered the whole south of Africa and are continuing to attack up toward North. They can reproduce by duplicating themselves.

This game is basically about humans having wars with each other and in the same time fighting off the Croaks in Africa who are trying to conquer the whole world!!!

What are the humans up to?

         Ethiopia is asking for help as the Croaks might attack them anytime. Are they going to form a great alliance with other countries to be ready for their fight or escape to another country? France

Map (original)

The Croaked World map (original)

has tried to attack the Britain but failed. Could they have another war? China, Quin dynasty, has successfully conquered Korea and Tibet. But where will it attack next? The Safavid Empire is having two threatening empires beside, Ottomans and Afghanistan! Will it be that the Croaks army will attack down whole Africa and destroy Europe? Is humanity going to fight each other or defend each other against the Croaks army? You will decide!

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Nations (one person per country)


Free states:

  • Natives (British): 

Colonies of other countries


  • Florida:




  • Brazil: 





Free states:

  • Ethiopia: Croaks
  • Liberia:
  • Congo: Croaks
  • The Croaks (must be 1500 edits above!): Flag of Russian Alaska (HR) OCT MARIUS, HAIL HIM Flag of Italy (Federalist Italy)

British colonies:

French colonies:

  • Algeria: Croaks
  • Mali: Croaks
  • Niger: Croaks
  • Chad: Croaks
  • Central African Republic: Croaks
  • Guinea:
  • Ivory coast: Croaks
  • Togo: Croaks
  • Senegal:

Italy colonies:

  • Somalia: Croaks
  • Libya: Croaks

Spanish colonies: 


  • Guinea Bissau: 


Free states

           -Tibet (China's): Juul3000 (talk) 23:54, November 21, 2013 (UTC)

           -Korea (China's): Juul3000 (talk) 23:54, November 21, 2013 (UTC)

           -Cambodia (China's): Juul3000 (talk) 01:42, November 28, 2013 (UTC)

           -Mongolia (China's): Juul3000 (talk) 01:35, December 4, 2013 (UTC)

           -Bhutan (China's): Juul3000 (talk) 10:05, December 3, 2013 (UTC)

         -Japan (China's): Juul3000 (talk) 23:49, December 5, 2013 (UTC)

         -Nepal (China's):Juul3000 (talk) 05:17, December 10, 2013 (UTC)

        -Rajput (China's):Juul3000 (talk) 05:17, December 10, 2013 (UTC)

        -Siam (China's): Juul3000 (talk) 04:24, January 29, 2014 (UTC)

         - Sulu (China's): Juul3000 (talk) 02:45, January 25, 2014 (UTC)

  • Burma:
  • Johor:
  • Manpur:
  • Ladak: led by China Juul3000 (talk) 05:32, January 23, 2014 (UTC)
  • Burnal:
  • Mughal Empire (China vassal state lead by Juul3000) (talk) : Vsavani (talk) 05:07, November 26, 2013 (UTC)
  • Maratha:  Miami Heat (talk)
  • Yokarta:
  • Surakarta:

Colonies of other countries:

  • Philippines (United States colony): 
  • Indonesia (Netherlands colony):
  • Timor (Portuguese colony): SkyGreen24 (talk) 16:35, November 21, 2013 (UTC)
  • Vietnam-Cambodia: (French colony):
  • Madras (British colony): Captainjohnrex (talk) 05:02, November 26, 2013 (UTC)
  • Malaysia (British colony): Captainjohnrex (talk) 05:02, November 26, 2013 (UTC)
  • Burma (British colony): Captainjohnrex (talk) 05:02, November 26, 2013 (UTC)
  • Bengal (British colony): Captainjohnrex (talk) 05:02, November 26, 2013 (UTC)
  • North Borneo (British colony): Captainjohnrex (talk) 05:02, November 26, 2013 (UTC)
  • Sarawak (British colony): Captainjohnrex (talk) 05:02, November 26, 2013 (UTC)
  • Papua New Guinea: Captainjohnrex (talk) 05:02, November 26, 2013 (UTC)

Middle East:



  • A part is British: Captainjohnrex (talk) 05:02, November 26, 2013 (UTC)
  • French Southern and Antarctic Lands:

 The game


The Croaks are gathering their army to the north. Citizens in Ethiopia are trying to escape the country.

Citizens in the Congo have already left the country due to the Croaks that may attack any time.

Some natives in America had a war with some Spanish soldiers! The natives continuously looted Spain's resources in the North!

China: We launch an invasion from Korea on Japan to secure the southern part of their country. I am sending 10% of my supplies and troops to Tibet to defend that area we increase our economy score by 0.25 after finding a new way of rice farming which increases the rate it is produced in.

Please do an algo for an attack on Japan. If unsure how to do it please request Captain or me to do it for you. Coat of Arms of Switzerland RCCHANG Lord of Switzerland COLONIAL WORLD REBOOTCoat of Arms of Switzerland

Britain: We have increased our fleet by 0.25. We have also been attacked by some natives at the west of our colony in America and so we decided to build a fortress and some military bases at the border.

Portugal: We offer the fleeing Ethiopian and Congo citizens free transport to Brazil if they are willing to work for us. We also raise our economy score by 0.25 after creating more efficient equipment for miners and farmers.

Austrian Empire: We propose a meeting in our capital, Vienna, since Vienna is central(I mean, of course, the talk page). The meeting will be about the situation in South Africa. We increase our army by 0.25 and also a massive naval build-up. We also begin to build forts by the borders of Russia, the Ottoman Empire and Prussia. We ask for an military alliance with Italy and also for a trade agreement with Sweden, Prussia and Great Britain.

Spain: Due to the threat of the newly evolved Croaks and the chaos of the natives our country has agreed to work on the development of our army this year by giving them more and better weapons and giving them extra training everyday. Due to this fact we increase our army score by 0.25 this year. And we are angry at the Natives of America for attacking us and we therefore launch a full scale invasion on the Natives of America. We also ask Russia for help and in return we will help them attack other countries.

Hey Captain, can I change my country to Croaks? I currently decided to leave France and become Sweden. Coat of Arms of Switzerland RCCHANG Lord of Switzerland COLONIAL WORLD REBOOTCoat of Arms of Switzerland

If you really want, go spam edit yourself because if you wanna be the Croaks, you have to be 1500 edits above! Captainjohnrex (talk) 05:02, November 26, 2013 (UTC)

Sweden: We increase our army score by 0.25, and begin the influencing of nearby Norway. We agree to the trade Agreement with the Austrians and ask Denmark-Norway to join us in a union called the United Scandinavian States. (Since no one is playing Denmark, CaptainjohnRex, please make an unbiased decision for them).

America: As we prepare for battle against the Croaks, we ask for the world to unite against this most alarming enemy. We declare war on the Croaks as a result and begin a massive military buildup, increasing our scores by 0.25.

Denmark: We will consider the union, United Scandinavian, Sweden has asked.

Great Britain: We agree to the trade agreement with the Austrian Empire. We tell America that we won't and wouldn't let other countries unite each other. Our king declares that it is best if we attack the Croaks by ourselves.

American Diplomacy: Are you crazy?! IF WE DON'T UNITE, WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!!!</li></li>

Great Britain: We tell the Americans that we can be allies or have treaties but not unite!

American Diplomacy: Well, Africa has already fallen, and we will not allow the Croaks succeed in destroying humanity. So what will it be, unity or death?

Croaks: Feinting North, we turn East, and fall upon the Ethiopian refugees, killing most of them. We increase our army by 0.25. We begin to move North toward the true prize - Europe.

Portugal: We agree to send our diplomats to Vienna to discuss a plan against the Croaks. We also send out ships to ports on the East African coast that will load anyone willing to escape Africa and find peace in Brazil.  

Prussia: We increase our military score by 0.25 and encourage Germany to unite itself against the new threat through a military alliance. We join the Austrian conference. We accept the trade agreement with Austria and propose our trade agreement to Denmark and Sweden.

Russia: We accept that Spain will help us in the future and we therefore help them in battle with military help and resources. And due to our plans of colonizing overseas we increase our fleet score by 0.25 this year by giving our fleet more ships and men.

Sweden: We officially form the United Scandinavian States, marking a great age of unity between us great

Map (1801)

Newest Map Showing the United Scandinavian States

Scandinavian countries to unite against bigger threats! We divide the United Scandinavian States into seven states, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. Each state has a certain amount of self-governing capabilities, but we are still united against the more dangerous threat - the Croaks. We ask if any country wants to work with us against the Croaks. We also welcome all trade agreements from all states. We ask the Croaks for a non-aggression pact.

Genoa: We increase our army score by 0.25 this year.


The Croaks have successfully attacked Ethiopia and the south of British colonies.

Many countries are planning what to do with the Croaks.

The Croaks army are rapidly duplicating themselves up, even though having to lose 50 men during the battle in Ethiopia, the Croaks' army has a 250,000 great army. 

Please update the map for the attacks of Spain against the Native Americans

British: We have seen the Croaks that have colonized our colonies and though we are very angry, we do not attack and make all our soldiers at our colonies, go to Egypt British ready to sail off to our mainland. We have seen the Croaks as a bigger threat now and we ask to be in alliances with other countries. We increase our army by 0.25 and are continuously to train them! We now have a 100,000 men in our military.

Prussia: We propose to give weapons to the natives in Africa and make an alliance with them to repel the Croaks. We advance the idea that we should create a defensive line somewhere in North Africa to forbid them access to Europe or blockade all the North African coast. We increase our military by 0.25 and propose to the northern German states to unite or put our military under a common flag to maximize the cohesion of our force. We accept the British offer. 

Spain: Due to our plan to continue colonizing all Native American lands we increase our army score by 0.25 this year by giving them more transports for traveling far distances. We give the transports extra defense and attack at the same time. We have successfully colonized part of the Native American's land and this year we wish to colonize even more of their land. Therefore, we launch a full scale invasion on the Native Americans for the second time and we will continue to do this until we have successfully colonized all of the Natives' land. We also ask Britain and Russia to be allies with us and we ask for help in the wars against natives. The algo will be done later, sorry.

Portugal: We raise our army score by 0.25 and prepare our plan which will be shown to the other nations at the Vienna Conference. Our army is fueled by fleeing Africans who work in our Brazilian iron mines.

America: As the Croaks continue to ravage Africa and we prepare for war, we also prepare our navy for war and our navy scores increase by 0.25. We also widely condemn Spain for its attacks on Native Americans seeing that at a time like this it is unnecessary. We also ask for the nations of the world to form an alliance with us to protect themselves from the Croaks. We also accept the British offer.

 Prussian D: We accept your alliance offer.

Portugal: We offer a trade agreement to the Spanish. 

United Scandinavian States: Increase our army by 0.25, and we also ask if Britain wants to work with us. We build militias in every state, and also work on iron warships, and our secret labs build a powerful bomb (in beta phase).

Spain: We are still following our dreams of conquering more land and we therefore launch a full scale invasion on The United States of America and another attack on the Natives.

Russia: We increase our navy score by 0.25 this 

'Genoa'We increase our army score by 0.25 this year.

Dear Captain, may I have the map so I can improve it, because there are some parts of the map that are unclear. Thank you.Pacific Communist (talk) 05:33, November 25, 2013 (UTC)

By the way, Pacific Communist and everyone, you cannot attack more than two countries at once! This is too ASB and specifically to you, Pacific Communist, who had five wars in 1801!


The Croaks are still a great threat to the world.

British and Spain have attacked the natives and now, the natives are at their weakest point.

The natives have moved up toward north and therefore if countries that want to attack it, they will have to attack in extreme cold weather which will make a great loss.

Spain has attacked United States and has gained some land!

BritainWe increase our army by 0.25. We have gathered most of our army at the coasts of Nigeria and Egypt. If the Croaks attack us, we will sail off immediately. We have also making big water hoses that are powerful enough to break bones! We tell other countries that they we could sell some to them! We ask Spain to be more peaceful and ask them to be great alliance with them!

United Scandinavian States: We ask to form an alliance with Great Britain, and also increase our economy by 0.25. We build more factories in all the major cities, and also encourage people to join the army.

Army numbers:

  • Norway: 20,000
  • Sweden: 40,000
  • Denmark: 15,000
  • Iceland: 5000
  • Finland: 10,000
  • Greenland: 3000
  • Faroe Islands: 500

Asks Britain, Spain, America, Portugal, and Prussia to trade with us. Asks Britain if they want to trade 100 powerful water hoses for 100 water bombs that can place three liters of water in 100 ml of space and can be fired up to 50 meters at 100 km/h that we just invented last year and started mass producing this March.

Austrian Empire: We increase our naval score by 0.25. We send thousands labors to Suez to start with construction of forts. We ask other countries to do the same. We also ask Great Britain if we can have troops in Suez to defend it from the Croaks. A military alliance with the Scandinavian States is proposed. Small protests in Bulgaria happen but they are nothing serious. Our scientists are ordered to work on hydraulic weapons. More men are drafted in the military and every men between 18 and 42 and that are physically OK have to follow two months of basic training (of course not at the same time),

Spain: We increase our Navy score this year by giving the ships extra defense due to our plans of conquering the nations nearby.

Russia: We increase our army score by 0.25 this year by giving them extra weapons which have the newest technology.

'Genoa': We increase our navy score by 0.25 this year.

We ask the Croaks for an alliance!

Prussia: We propose to the northern German states that our military come under a joint command, we accept the Scandinavian offer, we send a diplomat in Britain, Austria and France to talk about the Croaks' threat but in second plan, our worry against Spain expansionism and the possibility that they disturb any operation against the Croaks. We continue to draft people in the military.

Portugal: We accept the trade offer and we also raise our economy score by 0.25.

Croaks: Using mental conditioning, we overcome our fear of water. We continue to push North, but secretly we begin to construct ships in the South. We increase our army score by 0.25. so we will be able to invade Madagascar. 

If you want your Croaks to evolve and not be afraid of water, you will at least have to wait for 100 years, because evolving in three years is impossible!!!! Secondly, you have some ships but they're too weak. Thirdly, you have already conquered Madagascar as you can see in the map! Captainjohnrex (talk) 05:02, November 26, 2013 (UTC)

I call bullshit on this one. SupremeSensualSamrāṭSky

Yep, because water was our only defence so now you are unstoppable. Mr YOLO (talk) 19:36, November 25, 2013 (UTC)

OK, not evolution. Mental Conditioning. Training them from Children to not fear water. Not even a little bit 'Evolution'. Jesus ... And yes, I was removing that defence. It is called 'playing the game', trying to strengthen your nation.

Britain'': We agree to all the trades and alliances asked from other countries. We ask if any other countries want our new water hose guns that we have finally finished inventing! 

  Prussian D: It would be appreciated.


The Croaks are heading north, a great threat to British Egypt, Ottoman Empire and other countries. 

The Croaks are gradually building up their navy which is another big threat to the world again.

The United States are threatened because they have previously gotten attacked by Spain. 

The Scandinavian states unite, forming the United Scandinavian States.

Louisiana should be Spain's. It was theirs in 1801 and I have not returned it.

Britain: We agree to trade with the united Scandinavia using our invented water hoses. We also want to join the united Scandinavian states. We are continuously training our navy and we are ready to sail off British Egypt as the Croaks might attack anytime. We increase our fleet score by 0.25. Our soldiers in Nigeria are also ready to leave the colony as the Croaks are near.

United Scandinavian States: We start building better water bombs that are easily produced. At the same time, we test putting ice and snow inside the bombs instead of water, and they work extremely near. Ask Croaks for alliance. Since we are trading with several countries now, our economy increases by 0.25. We colonize parts of Canada, and make it a new state called Colay. We also make a new state in the islands of Svalbard.
Asks Russia for an alliance, and also an alliance with Spain. Since the Natives in Canada are so weak now, we attack them to expand Colay. We ask the Austrians what exactly are they talking about for the military alliance.

Portugal: We increase our economy score by another 0.25 since our ships scavenge resources from abandoned villages in Africa. We also experience a demographic expansion in Brazil.

Austrian Empire: We establish the ISCS (International Suez-Canal Supervisory) with the headquarters in Vienna. It will supervise the canal building in Suez to hold up the Croaks attack. We ask everyone to donate laborers and materials to the ISCS and we suggest to gather at least 400,000 soldiers in Suez. We already sent troops there (with the approval of the British) and suggest to send their troops also, if the British approve. We expand our army greatly with 0.25.

Austrian Dip to USS: I thought that we could bundle our armies (or a part of them, at least) to battle the Croaks and drop them at the Suez-Line.

Prussia: We offer troops to defend the Suez Canal from the Croaks, we also propose to create a second defensive force in Gibraltar to prevent a crossing there. We slightly increase the navy with some ships but continue to focus on the land force, more water cannons are manufactured. We increase our influence in northern Germany and continue to propose unification of the area under our rule. We start to train a small commando of ten men to prepare a raid in the Croak territory to take a kill and take the body of a Croak back to a safe place which has not been chosen yet. We grow concern over the Croak navy.

Spain: We increase our army score by 0.25 this year due to our planned attacks on the Natives and the United States. This year we decide to raise the amount of troops by making a law that all people that are 18-24 have to join the army for four years. We launch a full scale attack on the United States.

France: We increase our economy score by 0.25 because we acquired new skills such medicine.

Russia: We increase our army score this year by 0.25 by forcing all men from 10-35 to join the army.

Wow! This is totally implausible! That way you will get more than 500,000 soldiers and you aren't attacked, you aren't attacking others, you're perfectly fine. You can ask people to join the army, but forcing all men to join is terribly implausible. Coat of Arms of Switzerland RCCHANG Lord of Switzerland COLONIAL WORLD REBOOTCoat of Arms of Switzerland

China: I send a full scale invasion into Cambodia. Spain will help me make the algo so he will get one tenth of the country. I increase my fleet score by 0.25 to improve my defences.

I agree to do an algo for China in return for one tenth for their land, and please Captain John, Louisiana and a bit more of USA and Native land is all mine.-God of the Seas and King of the Robots *PC* (Talk to Me)

Whoah ... that is pretty crazy. China, one tenth of the Qing Empire is pretty darn big, and you can ask a mod to do it for you for free. In real life, the Qing Empire will never do that. Way too ASB.Coat of Arms of Switzerland RCCHANG Lord of Switzerland COLONIAL WORLD REBOOTCoat of Arms of Switzerland

Spain: We later on decide that the second war this year will be our fifth against the Natives.

GenoaWe increase our navy score by 0.25 this year.


United Scandinavian States requests for an alliance with the Croaks.

The Natives of America are having a bad time, having been attacked seven times, with the Spanish attack the newest one.

The Austrians and Prussians are co-operating with the Croaks, but the rest of Europe seems to prefer to fight alone.

The Croaks, surprisingly, aren't attacking anyone. Meanwhile, the countries beside them are getting stronger and stronger.

Hey captain, I'm sorry I started this early but it didn't start on time.

USS: We tell Austria that we are extremely sorry we cannot send any troops nor supplies to the Suez Canal, as our state's economy is not doing so well because we have just fought a costly war with the natives, but we are stronger and bigger than ever with our newly gained land. We increase our economy score by 0.25 through our trade partners, and we state to the awesome Croaks that we will not attack them or oppose


 them, and we ask them if they want to ally with us.

Newest Map:

Russia: We increase our economy score by 0.25 this year.

Britain: We ask the Austrians and the Prussia if we could co-operate in fighting the Croaks. We wish we could keep British Egypt and therefore, we decided that we will fight back only if the Croaks attack us. We ask other countries to join the war if needed. We are improvising our water cannons and are asking if any country would like to trade for it. We are not happy that the USS (United Scandinavian States) are asking an alliance with the Croaks. We increase our fleet score by 0.25 and are continuing to build more ships. Our queen has decided to privateer Spanish and French ships and we have lately been gaining many golds and goods!

Portugal: We increase our economy score by another 0.25 and our workers arrive at the Suez.

Austria: We are pleased to hear of the Prussian and British treaty and ask for a military alliance. But we don't think it is a smart move to protect Egypt since the Croaks will be now like 600,000 and that would be just overwhelming. Instead we should make a perimeter by the Suez-Canal and later conquer Egypt back. But we want a part of Africa in exchange for our help. We keep expanding the army and add 0.25 to our score. We begin influencing Bavaria and after we send scout ships searching the coast of Africa we find a large part of the Croakian fleet and with help of the British we destroy it (I will make an algo).. We warn the USS that we do not approve that they are even thinking of an alliance with the Croaks. They know no mercy and will not stop until every man, woman and child is DEAD.

British: We are grateful about Austria thinking the same that the USS shouldn't be allied with the Croaks. We have a plan which is to make long line of ships in the Mediterranean Sea and send all our troops to Turkey so that the Croaks army will never be able to cross Europe.

Spain: We increase our economy score by 0.25 this year by selling more weapons to countries around the world who are willing to buy them at a high price. And the money stored would be saved up for times of emergency. We are also asking Britain to ally with us. 

Prussia: Accept the British alliance and the American decision to not join since they are attacked, leading at the same time to denounce Spain. We support Austria in the Suez defense option but advance that we Britain could keep some coastal cities if they want to evacuate if necessary. Continue to influence the northern German states to create a military union. We propose a "red line" in North Africa that would show the maximum expansion of the Croaks. We consult the Austrians and the British about a plan to take a ten-man commando into occupied Egypt to kill a Croak and take his body back to the ship in an isolated place not yet chosen.

China: I improve my army score by 0.25 to be able to win more wars and defend myself from attacks.

NetherlandsWe increase our economy score by 0.25 this year.


United Scandinavian States requests for an alliance with the Croaks again.

United States is weakened.

British are sending many troops and ships to defend British Egypt.

The Croaks, surprisingly, aren't attacking anyone again. Meanwhile, the countries beside them are getting stronger and stronger.

The Native Americans cry for mercy as most of their population is down. They ask United States if they want them to help.

United Scandinavian States: We tell the Croaks that we ask them for an alliance for the nth time, and even if they don't agree we will still not attack them and if they attack us we will surrender.

British: We increase our fleet by 0.25. We are surprised that the Croaks aren't attacking us but our troops are still training hard to prepare the war. We declare that if the Croaks aren't attacking anyone in five years, we will attack them with our 200,000 great army, possibly with other countries. We wish we could get back British Sudan. We have got USS water bombs and our scientists are improvising these weapons by making more water. We make more fortresses at British Egypt and are preparing for any battle. We also have more ships at Egypt's coast, 25 ships total! We are not happy that the USS are being nice to the Croaks.

  • USS Dip: We apologize to the Brits.
  • French Diplomacy: We offer to reduce tension that may have formed over the past several years between us by having diplomats meet and discuss a potential alliance or treaty to end the countless conflicts we have engaged in over the past centuries.

China: I improve my army score by 0.25 to be able to win more wars and defend myself from attacks. I sent another invasion into Bhutan.

USS: We rethink our decision and begin to mobilize all our troops against a possible invasion of the Croaks. We tell Spain and Britain that we should unite against the Croaks. Now we are building a special wave creator that is currently tested on the Norwegian coast, that creates extra big waves and tsunamis and towering waves of water. We agree to send about 1000 soldiers and some supplies to the Suez Canal, and we ask that everyone send scientists to Sweden to help build the wave creator that will be installed at the Suez Canal to stop the Croaks with towering waves of water! Increase fleet score by 0.25 by building more ships to help with the Suez Canal! :)

(Since it is only in developing, it is not ASB and artificial wave creators are real :)

Portugal: We send some scientists to help with the wave creators and raise our fleet score by 0.25 and begin to use some of our ships to patrol around the Croak territory. We arm them with weaponry in case of pirates and remove their flags as soon as they enter the Croak's sight.

France: The government begins to re-inforce the colonies and the nation. We increase our army score by 0.25. Some governors of colonies propose giving the natives limited home rule to quell discontent and rioting. The current government disapproves it because the French Revolution had just ended - possibly in five to ten years. We form the nation of Louisiana out of the French colony of Louisiana.

Croaks: We agree to the alliance with Scandinavia. Ships are sent to New Spain and land. An invasion of British Somaliland happens. We increase our army score finally, 0.25, and are marching our troops to the north, ready for battle.

Austria: Troops arrive in British Egypt along with Prussian troops. We continue to influence Bavaria and start a pro-Austrian propaganda campaign there. Military score is raised by 0.25 and we mobilize. All troops are sent to British Egypt but we do demand a piece of Africa after this! Our navy helps with the evacuation of British Somaliland to get civilians and militaries away from there. We ask the British for water cannons.

      Prussian D: We ask for a colony in Africa as well after that the threat get contained.

Spain: This is the second year we haven't attacked anyone. We are recovering from the damage of our wars. We increase our army score by 0.25 this year. We are nice to the natives and the parts of the U.S. that we conquered. Unfortunately, the 18 year old rule also applies to them, so our army has increased by large numbers.

Russia: We increase our navy score by 0.25 this year by developing the technology on our ships increasing the defense and attack of all our ships.

GenoaWe increase our economy score by 0.25 this year.


Spain has many peaceful years.

Britain has good negotiations with other countries.

Spain: We increase our economy score by 0.25 this year by concentrating on our technology. This is the third year that we have not attacked anyone and we will be planning to attack someone very soon.

China: I increase my economy score by 0.25 and attack Japan.

Britain: We increase our fleet by 0.25. Tension in Egypt is rising.

  • Ottoman Diplomacy: We request a possible alliance between our nation, and an exchange of technology military and otherwise. We offer to allow the British to set up a base on the Mediterranean Sea to supply troops in Egypt.

USS: All troops are withdrawn from the Suez Canal and so are all supplies. We thank the Croaks for their alliance and tell Austria, Prussia and Britain that we will not attack them, but we just wish to have peace with the Croaks! We also continue to build our wave creator, and have begun to build small scale wave creators around our fleets, that can send out small waves around them and make it difficult for the Croaks' ship to approach. It is not for sale. We begin Project Diamond Strike, which can be found here.

Ottoman Empire: The Caliph sees the incursion of the Croaks into other nations colonies, and becomes uncertain of the future of the Empire. Some advisors propose forming semi-autonomous republics out of the far reaching African sections of the nation. The government begins to modernize the army with rifled muskets and rifled cannons. The army increases by 0.25.

Portugal: We increase our army score by 0.25 after our workers working on the Suez need some protection. Many workers arrive from Brazil.

Prussia: shipped troops to the Suez Canal and continued to build up the military by 0.25. We offered to send some troops to help protect their holdings in Africa. We continue to influence the Northern German states.

Britain: We ask any countries that want to help us defend Egypt.

Hey people, BIG changes in ALGORITHM RULES!!! must see!!!!

Italy; We increase our army by 0.25.

Austria: We send our apologies to USS for any diplomatic mistakes made. We pull back our diplomats and replace them with other diplomats. As a token showing our good will we give you a beautiful antique decorated gun. But, we still do not approve their alliance with the Croaks. We keep sending troops to British Egypt and keep building fortifications. Also expand our army with 0.25. Bavaria keeps being influenced. We begin industrialisation and ask to buy steam engines from the British. 

The new algo is bad, don't minus economy score.

Croaks: We decide that we will not attack Egypt and instead attack Congo and some other French colonies. We haven't declared war yet and ask The United Scandinavian States to help us. We haven't declared war yet and will do so when it is time. We increase our army by 0.25 and are ready for battle.

Russia: We increase our army score by 0.25 this year by ordering all people capable of joining the army to join, increasing the army number by a huge amount. This also includes the people in the Russian coast in Canada.

GenoaWe increase our army score by 0.25 this year.


The Croaks are rising again. However, Egypt is going to be safe for now.

United Scandinavian States are still being very peaceful.

Spain has also been very peaceful.

Many countries are rising including Ottoman, Italy and Portugal.

Spain: The Croaks have no ships capable of traveling very far overseas. And we have the second most powerful army in the world. We are also very fast in developing our navy and army numbers and in technology. Especially considering all the lands we own. Therefore, our developments this year has gave our entire army extra transports and weapons of extra defense and attack. We increase our army score by 0.25 this year due to these events, and we join Italy into battle against the Croaks.

Croaks: We declare war on Italy, Somalia and send all of our troops 300,000. We increase our army score by 0.25.

United Scandinavian States: We stay neutral in this war and increase our troops to 150,000, thus increasing our army score by 0.25. The storms the lightening are finished, and hail and tornadoes are almost finished. 

British: We increase our fleet score 0.25 and we join the battle with the Croaks at Somalia.

Russia: We join the war against the Croaks by giving them a lot of help. We increase our economy score by 0.25 this year by taking advantage of the vast lands we own and use it to improve our technology for better innovation.

Spain: So many countries have gone against the Croaks, and I believe that we will win the battle through teamwork and friendship. One country may not defeat the Croaks by itself, but as a worldwide team we are capable of overcoming all the difficulties that we face. So this year is definitely a great year for the friendship of the world, joining us together as a team. Everyone, show some friendship to Italy and help them in battle! - Spain/  God of the Seas and King of the Robots *PC* (Talk to Me)

British: After losing the battle against Croaks, we are extremely scared and we send more troops back to Europe from Egypt, seeing even three countries cannot defeat the Croaks. Many of our citizens are angry that we have wasted a lot of money on a useless war and we are calming protesters down.

China: We have peace for a while due to that our economy score by 0.25

The Croaks: We attack Congo! Another attack this year and also a full scale attack!

British: We are really scared of how the Croaks are getting so strong. We start big tanks of water, each 100,000 liters of water and we make 30 of them. We locate these water tanks at Egypt and therefore, if the Croaks attack, we will pour down these tanks one by one, using our best defense. We have only some troops there and our fastest ships to let them escape if necessary.

Austria: Suez Canal is almost done and if the British and other nations keep pulling back more soldiers back, we will pull back to Suez. Bavaria, being influenced for several years now, starts a petition if the people want to join Austria (Mods, can you decide what the outcome will be, please?). We keep expanding our army to 250.000, thus increasing our army score by 0.25. We expand the Suez defence line with giant water cannons and an entire flooding system.

British: We decide that we will not pull back our forces. We make a new invention - a dam to the Nile River. Doing some mathematical calculations, we counted on time that if the Croaks attack at Egypt's borders, we will open the dam and flush all our water in. We are expanding our army, too, and have now 200,000. We have successfully persuaded our protesters that sending forces to Egypt will not be a mistake.

Portugal: After the failing wars against the Croaks we decided to utilize the African refugees and their wish to take back their homeland. We begin training Africans in new techniques, specialized after we acquired information about the Croaks, their physiology and tactics in battle. We increase our army to 200,000 thus increasing our army score by 0.25. Because of the idea that we can only defeat the Croaks by being as numerous as they are we are having problems with a massive increase of population, starting in 1801. We are working heavily on increasing the amount of households, farms, schools and work places. We ask for financial help.

'Genoa'We increase our army score by 0.25 this year.


The Croaks have successfully attacked down two countries last year!

The soldiers in Britain are forming back with Prussian, Austrian, Spanish soldiers in Egypt.

Britain: We are continuing to build water tanks and hoses and are all sending them to British. We ask Ottomans, China, Portugal and Italy for help to defend the Croaks. We increase our fleet score by 0.25.

Spain: We increase our navy score by 0.25 this year by developing our ships in the lands of Peru. In Peru the cost of building is less since the workers there need less payment. Our ships have not just increased in number now but also in the attack and defense. We have added extra cannons and weapons of better technology along with bigger sails for speed and finally, and metal plates for defense. Since we have not attacked anyone for many years, we have decided that we shall launch a full scale attack on the United States this year.


Reupdated map

Croaks: We decide that we will attack some other countries this year. We also increase our army by 0.25.

The Marxist and Vsavani, you two have been given a warning. Vsavani, you didn't ask and became a mod, the rules are very clear! The Marxist, you are given a warning because you have been vandalizing on the intro of the map game, writing: "radiation rabbit was spreaded out..."

~Captain and Rcc

USS: Hail and tornado are finished. Winter Jaguars phase starts. We continue to be neutral and our economy is booming and we increase army by 0.25. Our citizens want to fight against the evil Croaks, but the military officers are scared of the Croaks so on the surface we still support Croaks, but not really. Our people started a militia of 50,000 people, and our government officials secretly support them. We equip the militia with weapons, and create a vassal state in the islands of Canada we conquered this year, called Gakiao, that joins the ACU.

China: We sent a second invasion into Japan to try to conquer the parts that we failed to conquer last year. Due to a tornado we increased our fleet score by 0.25 to rescue people who are stuck on the ocean.

USS - 2: The cowardly army officers are fired and the new army officers bravely decides to join the fight against the Croaks! The Croak embassy is torn down and the five Croaks living inside are all taken captive and are being used as target practice! Our army merges with all the civilian militias and also we annex Gakiao. Suddenly, our army has as many as 250,000 men, as we advertise how great it is to be in the army. We are nice to the natives, and establish some vassals there too.

Italy: We see that the Croaks have become stronger and send more troops to our colony in Africa. We increase our army score by 0.25 and ask for water tanks from British.

Marxist, you have been vandalizing again for writing- "rabbit meatballs". This is your second warning!

Croaks: We declare war on Congo French colony!

Croaks: We declare war on Chad French colony for the second war this year!

Croaks: We declare war on Central Africa French colony for the third war this year!

Croaks: After all three battles, our army is exhausted! However, we have gained much land, we are in great success.

British: We are now extremely scared!!!! We ask more countries to help us protect Egypt and we desert Nigeria, sending all the troops from there to Egypt. We declare that even though Nigeria is deserted, it is still our colony and we have a half ripped but understandable flag we had put there. Nigeria is still ours. Meanwhile, British makes more water tanks and hoses. There are 40 tanks at Egypt's border and almost every soldier there has a water hose weapon with a blade attached to it! We will keep British Egypt!

Portugal: After the anti-Croak ideology rises in our lands and colonies we still have problems with over-population. We work on our economy in order to stabilize the nation and prepare it for the massive demographic expansion which is expected as long as the Croaks aren't eradicated. There have been speculations that with the massive increase of population, guerrillas and militias training massively in order to destroy Croaks and our researches working with the USS ones on water guns that the Croaks might soon be endangered.  We also experience a boom in the arts. Music and art is influenced by the Anti-Croak lifestyle. Musicians create fast and rhythmic marching songs, especially in Brazil. Art usually depicts brave heroes surrounded by defeated Croaks. We have developed a plan to continuously weaken the Croaks by attacking them from the coast, while our navy is too far for their weaponry to reach us. We work on high-range weaponry in order to prepare for this. We increase our economy score by 0.25. We also offer any Africans willing to work in Brazil free transport from Africa to Brazil. 

Austria: We like to work with Portugal and send them a request to work together on the long-range weapons. The Suez-Canal is finished and we begin building fortifications around it. We suggest that if British Egypt is lost we still have an unbreakable defence line. Our economy cripples through our massive military and we ask financial aid from the members of the Anti-Croak Union or we need to pull out troops. 

Portugal: We allow the Austrians to work together on long-range weapons but we will need to hold off the research by at least a year due to both of our economy problems.

Russia: We increase our economy score by 0.25 this year by taking advantage of our lands and developing better technology and making better materials to sell for the advantage of our economy. And we ask China and Britain to be allies with us.

Spain: We kindly ask the Croaks to stop attacking other people or else many countries will ally against you. If the main power of the war was either Spain, China, Britain, USS or Russia you would lose.

China: We accept Russia's alliance and increase our fleet score by 0.25 and attack Afghanistan.

Prussia:  The government is shocked to see how the Croaks progress and urge the northern German states to unite as a single North German Confederation. More troops are sent in Egypt and we warn Spain that the Croaks may try to cross the Gibraltar Straits despite the most probable approach may be the Suez Canal. We prepare our commando force for their almost suicidal mission, the capture of a Croak body to find weakness. The government tries to find a solution to keep the economy running, war coupons are proposed.

'Genoa'We increase our navy score by 0.25 this year.

Updated map newest

Uopdated map


The Croaks are attacking many colonies and are making great progress.

Spain, Russia, USS, China, Britain - along with many others - are having a hard time stopping the Croaks..

The ACU is trying to recruit more people on the talk page.

The ACU is trying to stop the Croaks destroying the world at all costs.

The greatest colonies: Spain, Russia, China, USS and Britain have become great allies.

Spain: We increase our army score by 0.25 this year by replacing our army's
Updated map 1809

updated map 1809

weapons with our new ones with the best technology. And as the creator of the ACU, we ask that all members help defend the remaining colonies in Africa.

The Croaks: We attack Niger and increase our army score by 0.25!

USS: We finish the Winter Jaguars and also finish the smashers. Operation Diamond Strike is complete, and everyone is very happy. We increase army to 300,000 and also increase our fleet by 0.25 to sail to the Croaks.

The Croaks: We attack Algeria!

USS: We aim the Winter Jaguars at the Croaks and tell them to stop invading.

British: We declare to the ACU to gather in Egypt, as any attack may start! We increase our fleet score by 0.25 and we also gather more of our troops, making 200,000 men now!

The Croaks: We attack Mali.

Portugal: We finally begin our conjoint research project with the Austrians, even though our nations is still in a recession. We ask for the Spanish and the USS to give us some of their weapons in order for us to research how to improve their range. We gain more citizens due to Africans fleeing from the conquered lands in Africa. We also prepare a group of researches to develop land mines in order to send them throughout the African colonies of the ACU in order to at least help the nations with supplies. Because of massive immigrations we passed a law stating that all property left on the ship in case a person dies or has no heir will confiscated by the Portuguese government in order to use it and/or sell it.  Our anti-Croak training is effective and we now have a standing army of 210,000, although 150,000 are in Brazil due to most of the army consisting of fanatical Anti-Croakists. We create an army subdivision called Blackland or Negro Terra. We send ships with 50,000 of our Blacklands to help the ACU battle the Croaks. They are equipped with seawater guns. Another subdivision is the Blackwater or Negra Agua, which consists of soldiers trained in naval attacks. We experience an economic boost due to our new laws and new weapon and ship factories being built, primarily in Brazil. This causes our economy score to rise by 0,25. The court is deciding on moving to Brazil. 

Ottoman Empire: We offer the Croaks a non-aggression pact in exchange for access through our nation and supplies. The army updates by 0.25 and the government forms semi-autonomous regions in the nation of Libya, Egypt and Palestine, granting them semi-autonomy.

Prussia: We launch research to create a large water bomb and develop weapons that could be useful to afraid the Croaks, we offer every willing nation to join us. We try to infiltrate a commando in a lowly populated Croak territory to kill and bring back a death Croaks on the transport ship, all the necessary security measures are taken to prevent infection and the ship is forbidden to dock in any port until it is proven that the Croaks are not infectious. We continue to influence the North German states and propose a free trade agreement for the German states to improve the economy of Germany.

Spain: Since Portugal is part of the ACU we agree to help them develop their guns. If you join the ACU, you will be great allies with the countries members are in this group and whatever happens to them, you will have to help them in wars! You cannot attack the members in this Union and when we declare that a war with the Croaks is going to happen some place. You must send troops and resources there to help.

Croaks: We tell the Ottomans that we accept their non-aggression agreement. Therefore, we also ask if we could locate our troops at the North of Ottomans so we can continue to fight other countries in Europe, our treasure ...

Austria: Continue to influence Bavaria and we like to work with the Prussians in their water bombs and others. We begin placing troops along the Ottoman borders. Therefore, our military score rises with 0.25. We pull 150.000 back from British Egypt to attack the Ottomans next year.

Russia: We increase our army score by 0.25 this year by using our vast lands to develop our military weapons and transports. We are aware of the ACU's moves and we are starting to get scared. Since we have so much land the cost of developing and making all these military improvements is very cheap.

'Genoa'We increase our navy score by 0.25 this year.


Ottoman Empire has let the Croaks cross their country. Europe is finally in great threat.

The ACU must do something before it's too late. 

Austria, member of ACU is in great threat.

The Croaks have gathered their army to 250,000 men.

Croaks: We increase our army by 0.25 and ask Ottoman empire as great alliance. We also ask them if they want to unite!

British: We increase our army by 0.25. Since the Ottomans are possibly going to unite or be in alliance with the Croaks, we force the Ottomans to join the ACU!

Spain: We increase our army score by 0.25 this year by developing our war machines and weapons in Peru, where everything is much cheaper. And as the leading country of the ACU we ask for action against the Croaks, we are deciding how we should destroy them. And we launch a full scale attack of France's mainland to expand our mainland since our mainland is small. Once our mainland gets bigger we will start setting troops on our lands to stop the Croaks since we are right beside them. Our damage from the French war would end in 1813, so we are planning to attack the Croaks in 1813 or maybe earlier.

China: We attack the Safavid Empire to reach the Croaks and increase our army score by 0.25 to get ready for a big war.

USS: We send out our Hail and Storm fleet to call our 100,000 men stationed in Africa back because we realize that fighting against the Croaks is hopeless. We say sorry to them and ask to have diplomatic relations with them. Our ruler is considering an alliance. The Winter Jaguar is now aimed at Austria instead. Increases army by 0.25. Evacuates some of the citizens living in Denmark to Greenland, where we build a city there. Our citizens flee to Greenland and Iceland, fearing a British, French, Spanish, or Croak invasion. The other four Winter Jaguars are aimed at Britain, France, Prussia, and Spain. We are very worried about the future of the world. Withdraw from ACU.

British: We are angry that the USS has betrayed us! We send half of our troops back to England and we will attack USS anytime even though the Croaks are a great threat to us!

  • USS Diplomacy: We tell he Brits that we won't attack them, but we hope they don't either, because it would do them no good. Also, we say that we wanted to be a part of the great ACU but we don't want to agree to these terms they said last year: "If you join the ACU, you will be great allies with the countries members are in this group and whatever happens to them, you will have to help them in wars! You cannot attack the members in this Union and when we declare that a war with the Croaks is going to happen some place. You must send troops and resources there to help." We will stay neutral and improve our weapons.

USS-2: We decide to stay neutral in this conflict, because we know that we can't beat the Croaks but we don't want to fight England either, we don't want to lose any men. We construct walls around all our major cities. Mass production of Winter Jaguars start.

British: We tell USS that ACU will not attack them unless they don't aim bombs at us

USS: We call an emergency meeting to discuss this thing. Some think that we should aim our bombs at the Croaks instead, while others think that the Brits are lying. Our conclusion is that we still aim one bomb on London and one on Madrid, but the rest are aimed on the Croaks instead.

British: We decide that we won't attack USS. We declare we are not lying and please do not aim Winter Jaguars at us! We also decide that the Croaks can be defeated later and therefore, we wend our troops to mainland and declare war on Netherlands!

British: Right after attacking the Netherlands, we head east and attack the Holy Roman Empire. We won in great success!

The Croaks: We attack Libya and Italy! 

British: We also remind other countries (especially USS) that as a member of USS, members cannot attack each other and must help each other in wars. Resources and military!

Portugal: After the Ottomans allied the Croaks we suggest a massive attack on the Ottoman Empire in order to cut off the Croaks path to Europe, we suggest that all nations willing do this, ACU or not. We have successfully created 3000 prototype guns of long range, half of which are given to Austria. We have built 5 ships of long-range-class. The ships have acquired the nickname "Hellsharks". We hope that the USS understands that the British won't attack the USS since it would be a waste of money, time and men. We raise our army score by 0.25 because of our demographic expansion we now have an army of 220.000. With 50,000 of our men in British Egypt, we send another 50,000 from Portugal to Austria in order to help defend its borders from the Ottomans. We send another 70,000 to the British Egypt army in order to help. We have 20,000 in Portugal and another 90,000 in Brazil. The royal court has decided to move to Brazil, a new palace is being built. The remaining 90,000 in Brazil are trained to use long-range weapons and operate the new ships. We plan on deploying them next year.

Portugal: We also offer all refugees free transport to Brazil, which has been called Safe ground by the immigrants.

Austria: We are now fully mobilised with a stunning 300,000 men. We also increase our military score with 0.25. We begin a large bombardment with our cannons and the long -range weapons that we got from Portugal and after the bombardment we send in the troops. It is a massive front and the Ottomans are overrun. After the occupation of the most northern provinces we push forward in a major blitz. We need to do this very fast, because we need to occupy Istanbul before the Croaks do it. Prussian troops arrive shortly after and we suggest that other ACU nations attack the Ottomans too from multiple sides.

Spain: As the ACU creator I have said that all moves against the Croaks will be done. So therefore, the ACU will help to attack the Ottomans, but the Ottoman land will be ACU land, which means that the land is owned by the ACU and everyone included in the ACU may use this land.

Russia: We increase our army score by 0.25 for the second year in a row. This is because we feel that there is now the need for us to have extra defense on the border of our country because of the Croaks. We develop and build extra forts and weapons in order to do this and our defense on our border is now much stronger. So the tactical advantage for us is now a + 5, because we have put a lot of people to defend our borders.

'Spain:' We are starting to build fortifications around all our colonies in order for a higher tactical advantage score.

Prussia: The tension between the world power make the Prussian believe that the issue of the war is already decide, we produce weapons the faster we can and draft many thousand people in addition to mobilizing our force. Many ships for the potential evacuation of what we can save of our people and culture are prepared just in case. We send most of our force to support the invasion of the Ottoman empire. We ask Portugal if we could transport 5000 Prussian civilians to Brazil and make a Prussian community - if the situation goes wrong - to preserve our culture and our people.

'Genoa'We increase our navy score by 0.25 this year.


Russia has a big increase in population and they have successfully built many highly defended forts around their country.

The Ottomans are very angry at the ACU for attacking them.

Spain have started building highly defended fortifications around the borders of all their colonies.

The Croaks are becoming more and more aggressive at the ACU.

Spain: We increase our navy score by 0.25 this year so that our navy power can catch up with our army power. We do this by launching our newest fleet of ships from Peru. These ships have better technology which equals better defense, speed, attack, etc ... The ships are roaming around the sea defending all our colonies while waiting for any actions that they may help in.

Austria: We integrate Bavaria in our magnificent country and they are given the same rights as our citizens. With the workforce of Bavaria, our economy finally begins to grow again, and our economy score is increased by 0.25 We say that we will grant the Balkan nations semi-authority and many join our army, now totaling 330,000 men. Special forces equip Greek rebels with weapons and they rise up. With another full-scale attack on the Ottomans they are devastated and they need to pull back to Constantinople. 

''Genoa': We increased our army score by 0.25 this year due to all the countries around us. This year we have accomplished many successful events. We have started to put extra defenses all over the country, due to all the different countries around us and our wish of attacking some countries near Genoa.

Portugal: As the attack of the ACU is successful, we plan to relocate most of our army to Europe. The 110,000 now in Brazil are split. A small number, 10,000 stay in Brazil, 50,000 are sent to Portugal and the remaining 50,000 are sent to British Egypt. With an army of 250,000 we now have a chance against the Croaks. We have 70,000 in Portugal, 50,000 in Austria, 10,000 in Brazil and 120,000 in British Egypt. As our economy begins growing after the three-year crisis, we now have more money to invest. We use it to build fortresses in Guinea Bissau, using the militia there as defenders. They are trained in the new techniques and are given our newest weapons. We also prepare multiple ships and a rigorously planned evacuation in case the Croaks conquer Guinea Bissau. We also train our soldiers in Timor, preparing the Timor navy. We now have 40,000 militia ready, but they are at least a year away to becoming real soldiers. The Royal Portuguese Court has moved to Brazil, and started building a new town around the royal palace near the Amazon river. We call it New Lisbon for now.

Ottoman Empire: After being attacked by the ACU many nobles and military officials call for a ceasefire and surrender by the Caliph. He refuses, ordering the mobilization of 200,000 troops to counterattack. The soldiers refuse to fight former friends and many believe that the Caliph should be disposed of. Late at night troops assassinate the Caliph and form the Byzantine Empire. They call for a ceasefire and declare that the Caliph was delusional and needed to be removed. The army upgrades by 0.25.

Portugal: We support the new Byzantine Empire, and withdraw our troops from Austria. We ask the Byzantines to give the ACU all information about the Croaks they can acquire, due to their predecessor, The Ottomans, being allied to them.

The Croaks: We ask if the Ottomans want to unite. Furthermore, we launch another attack on Cameroon. We increase our army by 0.25!

The British: We increase our economy score by 0.25 since we had two attack last year. We send some troops to Netherlands and build a fortress/bay there. We also go to Rome and get many spices and build back their country since we attacked them. We are also building bases there, just to locate some of our soldiers. We are continuing to build ships and are having 50 ships now and though our army is pretty weak, we have a 210,000 men.

China: we attack Mughal (just under west China) from two fronts - one from Afghanistan marching through Rajput fighting the natives and the second from mainland China marching through Nepal fighting the natives who try to stop the force. These are attacks to get more colonies for the ACU. This war will last two years if we are lucky while my fleet is waiting for orders from the ACU. we increase our army score by 0.25 due to the same reason of fighting off the Croaks.

Russia: We increase our economy score by 0.25 this year by increasing the tax of our country by just a bit to keep everyone happy and the country stable. Our  borders are now guarded 24 hours a day so it is extremely hard to pass our defense. The ACU has launched an attack on the Ottomans and I believe we should do it again, or they might rebel. We launch a full scale attack on Bukhara.

The Croaks: We attack Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast all at once! We have expanded our country again, having 34 colonies! We now have decreased our army to 250,000 men from fighting so much!

Italy: Our country has gone ballistic and everyone wants to join the ACU! We have lost our great colony and treasure in Africa, Algeria. Militia caught our king and forced him to join the ACU! We are the member countries of ACU!!! We also increase our fleet score by 0.25 for further attacks in Italy so that we can escape and have fun!

British: We are continuing to build up weapons and we encourage other countries to join ACU and to make it stronger and stronger!

Prussia: We ask Portugal if we can build a Prussian settlement of 5000 civilian plus the royal family in their colony of Brazil to save our culture in the case of a defeat. We build some fortresses in strategic locations in Prussia and in northern Germany. Some troops are stationed in Istanbul and in some location of the New Byzantine empire to protect the country and Europe at large while the majority of our force continue to follow the ACU forces wherever they go. We make a conference with the Northern German state and propose to form the Northern German Confederation where the militaries are merged but regional autonomy is present. The negotiations are to be held all the year but the Prussian representative is confident of success,

Austria -2: We recognize the Byzantine Empire but, we do want to keep our holdings. If they decline, we will continue the war! We demobilize and begin to build more transport ships. We invite all ACU nations to join me in Vienna (talk page) to revamp our tactics and share technology.

USS: We join and increase army by 0.25.


The Croaks are continuing to attack other countries. 

Genoa is starting to westernize.

ACU is becoming more powerful with many country members.

The Ottoman Empire really needs the Croaks help because they are continuing being attacked by ACU!

British: We increase our economy score by 0.25!

Byzantine Empire: We agree to the terms of the ceasefire, and consolidate our holdings in Turkey. The new government of the Byzantine Empire offers to share tactics learned from the Croaks and their weaknesses. The army upgrades by 0.25.

Portugal: We continue with the demographic expansion, now having an army of 270,000. We accept the Byzantine offer for information about Croaks. We also increase our economy score by 0.25. We prepare a small city for the Prussians near New Lisbon, which is called Little Prussia for now. Also, our militia in Timor and Guinea Bissau are now officially soldiers, increasing our army by 40,000 marine soldiers. We prepare them for specialised coastal attacks.

The Croaks: We attack Benin, Guinea and Togo all at once and increase our army score by 0.25.

Austria: We are glad to hear that the Byzantines have accepted our offer and we do want to learn more about the Croaks. We release Bulgaria, Serbia and Greece as sovereign countries but they are our puppets. We help the Byzantines with another line of forts around Constantinople. Our economy experience a massive growth in all sectors, and capitalist build a lot of factories. With that we also increase our economy score with 0.25

China:  We increase our army score by 0.25 and we were as we, said last year, lucky to end the war with countries south-west of mainland China this year

Prussia: We thank the Portuguese and promise them to do something after the war to pay back this debt. We increase our economy by 0.25% and reduce military for four months to help stop the economic collapse. We convince some northern German states to join us but many are not yet ready to join, Mecklenburg is the only major state to join, the states that refused to join will always will always by welcome. We reach an agreement that abolish the custom border. Prussia is renamed the Northern German Confederation but the state of Prussia really holds power despite the creation of a German council where every state is represent,

USS: increase army by 0.25.

Genoa: We increase our economy score by 0.25 this year by developing our technology so that we have a better place in the trade markets in the world. We are also starting to build fortifications around the borders of our country since we have so many countries surrounding us. We are already starting to place cannons all around our borders of our country. This is also a very glorious year for us since we joined the ACU because we have realized what a big threat Croaks are nowadays. And due to our lack of land and colonies, we launch a full scale invasion on Savoy. We ask Spain, since Spain is the leading country of the ACU to do the algo for us (I am a bit out of time. Thanks, Spain).

Russia: We increase our navy score by 0.25 this year so we stand a better chance of survival against the Croaks. A strong navy means that our enemies will become weaker even before they get to the mainland. This year we have realized the importance of our navy and have borrowed blueprints from the ACU and therefore built much better ships than before. The blueprints are now returned to the ACU and we are planning another attack on Bukhara if they are not completely defeated.

Spain: We increase our economy score by 0.25 so that we are more capable of fighting long hard wars against other countries. We do this due to our massive production of oils, wood, iron and other materials in many different colonies of ours all around the world.

ACU leader (Spain): We have recently realized the lack of action in the ACU and due to that fact we are planning a super attack on the Croaks in 1813, but we want to discuss this with the other countries just before this  event takes place. Our plan is that we will create a double, if not triple diversion attack. We have thought of doing a diversion so that the Croaks' army numbers will rapidly go down. But we are unsure if we should split the ACU army into two or three teams. Since the three strongest nations in the ACU is Spain, Britain and USS. And the second strongest nations are China, Russia and Genoa. And our third strongest nations are Italy, Portugal, Prussia and Austria. So we thought we could divide the power to be equal for a good effect. And if there were two teams we will decide that later on. We shall also announce that we have also received two new members in the ACU which are Genoa and Italy. First we thank Genoa for joining the ACU and secondly, due to the complaints of Italy last year, we wish to inform them that it is not a bad thing to join the ACU. This means that no country in the ACU will attack you and that you will get your lands back.

Updated map 18013

Updated map

British: We strongly oppose that ACU should not split in groups and should always work together. We increase our army score by 0.25. and we send 100,000 troops with 15 ships back to Nigeria, the land we have previously deserted. We have gathered 250,000 men in our army and are ready for battle!

USS: 'W'e send a secret message to everyone that we should first create a diversion so that we draw away the Croaks attention before we attack them. For example, the USS can send 10,000 troops to pretend to be attack from Morocco, but the rest 1,000,000 of the ACU troops actually attack from Egypt.

British: We agree on USS idea and therefore we make an intimidating line of ships at the west coast of Africa!

Italy: We increase our army by 0.25 and we are going ballistic. We join the ACU! We march some men who we sacrificed! We put bio weapons on them, poisonous gas and deadly poison on them!


The Croaks are having most of Africa now.

In the meantime, ACU is becoming stronger .

Croaks have seen the line of ships at their west bay coast and have gathered many Croaks over their bay. They do not launch an attack as they know themselves that they are horrible with their fleet. The Croaks have been attacked by poisonous things and as what British expected, the Croaks have become very very strong and increased their army score by 0.25 automatically!

Libya is under great threat, asking countries to help them!

Britain: We are extremely angry of what the Italy has done! We start to add more forces to the colonies in Africa and increase our army score by 0.25. We send water hoses and tank to Nigeria so as Egypt!

The Croaks: We send our all our boats to the Middle East and colonize there. As we started off with ten broken boats and send 200,000 of our troops there where we have 400,000 troops originally. We increase our army score by 0.25 and are glad of what the Italians have done to us! We plan our next invasions ...

You started with ten lame boats and now you have only have two boats left since your fleet score is so low. Captainjohnrex (talk) 14:42, December 9, 2013 (UTC)

Portugal: We prepare an evacuation plan for Guinea Bissau, and our ships are already prepared to set sail swiftly in case the Croaks defeat us. We equip our Guinea Bissau marines with the long-range equipment and move away all population from the borders, which are covered in primitive shrapnel landmines. Women and children have been evacuated already. Some senior citizens, mentally unstable citizens and disease-ridden people are sent to the front lines packed with ridiculous amounts of black powder explosives. In Brazil, which is called Magna Portugal the population continues to grow and another 20,000 finish their military training. We raise our navy score by 0,25 and sent out 10,000 of our Brazilian soldiers to Guinea Bissau. The 20,000 in Timor are being sent to the Suez canal, during.

Croaks: We declare war on Ottomans, sending 200,000 on the east and 200,000 on the west.

USS: Our fleet is now transporting some scared civilians to Norway and Sweden from Denmark.

The Croaks: Right after attacking the Ottomans. We attack them again!

China: We finally reached the borders of Ottoman and army is guarding this so the Croaks can't reach Asia and we ask Russia to defend the border just above East Ottoman and north of the Safavid Empire and finally we increase our economy by 0.25. We ask Ladakh to surrender to China since it is trapped and don't allow them to pass through our land.

USS: We build many normal unarmed ships to transport the civilians of Denmark to Sweden. We withdraw some troops from the ACU so that we only have 10,000 men who are fighting and dying for ACU, which are the civilian formed militia. The professional troops are very scared and go home.

Irish Rebels: 'GUYS, PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!  Irish rebels begin stockpiling weapons and ammunition in hopes of successfully defeating Britain. Also, they begin working on devising a plan to stop the Croaks. (A thousand drunk Irishmen should do the job.)

China: our fleet is randomly sailing around the world without a mission and reportedly to have found islands East of Australia and claimed the land to make the Chinese empire bigger. while this happens the also said the saw that the Croaks are very slowly getting used to being on earth and that the Croaks had found a whale at the coast of Africa which they tried to eat but they failed and lost 5000 men (my fleet dropped the whale there and poisoned it).

Byzantine Empire: We make an offer to the ACU: The Byzantine Empire will be renamed Turkey. The Anatolian Peninsula will be fully returned in exchange for the land in North Africa, Egypt, and Greece. We will have control over the Anatolian Peninsula, and the Middle East. Our economy updates by 0.25.

The Croaks: We decide that the third attack this year will be to attack the Ottomans again!

Austrian Empire: We accept the deal from the Turks and help them re-inforce Constantinople. We form the Union of Southern Europe! Our government stays the same and all our lands, including Greece, are part of this union, and are all equal, although Austria unofficially is the major country. We upgrade our navy by 0.25 to patrol in the Aegean Sea. We ask the Chinese to blockade the Strait of Hormuz. Eager Greeks, Serbians, Romanians, Hungarians and more join the army as they want to defend their glorious Union!

We (China) accept to defend the Strait of Hormuz and plan to attack Oman this year.

Spain: We increase our navy score by 0.25 this year by once again taking ad-

Updated map 1813

updated 1813

vantage of Peru and launching more ships to sail all around the sea along with our other ships who are already. We decided we shall launch a full scale attack on the Croaks this year and we shall have two teams for a diversion instead of three.

North German Confederation: More minor German states join us upon hearing about the increasing Croak threat. We started to manufacture more water-based weapons to use against the Croaks and shipped them to Egypt. Some areas of Northern Germany saw major work to create large rivers that could slow down the Croaks in addition to having many heavy water guns along with artillery on the other side. We increase our army score as the real battle is about to begin.

Genoa: We increase our army score by 0.25 this year so that we can continue our conquest to gain all the land around us.


The Croaks have crushed the Ottomans.

China has conquered most of the Middle East.

ACU is finally deciding that they will destroy the Croaks.

USS: Continue evacuating Denmark, we build three factories to construct fur co

Croaked world

(correct)Updated map 1814

ats so that people can live in Iceland and Greenland and Colay. Increases economy by 0.25.

China: Oman is defending the border and the people are evacuated to China's mainland'.

USA: We decide to attempt to retake our territory and requests an alliance with the Native Americans and in exchange, we will assist them to fight the Spanish and force them out of North America. We also decide to research all new technologies based on some of Leonardo DaVinci's ideas for technological progress and expect that other nations follow in an attempt to beat back the Croaks.

You have deleted one of the maps I have made during your edits, P

acific Communist! Whether intentionally or accidentally, do not do that again! Captainjohnrex (talk)

14:10, December 12, 2013 (UTC)

​Irish Rebels: ​​Irish rebels continue stockpiling weapons. However, they begin to open diplomatic relations with Britain, mainly out of fear of the Croaks. In return for complete freedom from the British, Ireland will aid them against the Croaks.

The Croaks: We attack the Saudi empire twice this year! We continue to make more boats because we have only three and therefore we increase our fleet score by 0.25. We then attack Yemen, our final war this year!

Britain: We increase our army score by 0.25 and attack France!

British: Right after attacking Saxony, we push more army upward and fight Saxony!

North German Confederation: We are annoyed that the British expand in Germany and we invade Saxony to secure part of it (if it is not already done), we claim Northern Germany as our territory. We advance to the ACU that while the majority of the Croak army is now in the Middle East, we could launch a counterattack from Morocco or from an area in South Africa. We increase our military score from 0.25.

. We start to evacuate some of the chosen Prussian family to Brazil while we can. 

Spain: We increase our economy score by 0.25 this year so that we can fight longer and harsher battles against other countries. We have attacked the Croaks last year and we where extremely happy that we gloriously won the war, unfortunately, only by a little bit. We attacked the land near Morocco owned by the Croaks, and this year we are considering to attack the part of Morocco owned by France.

Russia: We increase our army score by 0.25 this year so that we can continue our conquest to the south of Russia. 

Austria: I agreed to the deal with the Ottomans. They can have Turkey if I can have Greece, so can someone change this on the map! After the attack of the ACU fails, we decide that we pull our troops back. We say that everybody needs to do this because we are f*cked! With no seaports at our control, we attack with our full army of 150,000 men a small harbor in the middle of nowhere and our navy picks us up and sails us to Constantinople and defend there. We apologize to the ACU but there is no use to defend Egypt anymore. After the rescue operation, the navy patrols the Adriatic Sea. Constantinople's gigantic walls are armed with all sort of traps and tricks, anything to stop the Croaks. The construction of a canal in front of Constantinople. It is expected to be done in 1816-1817. We train more men to be ready for full mo

bilisation and increase our military score with 0.25. We ask Portugal if we can create a colony on their land. It will be Portuguese land but Austrians will live there.

Genoa: We increase our army score by 0.25 this year and we launch a full scale invasion on Swiss. We ask Spain to do the algo for us since they are the leader of the ACU.

Spain: We decided in the end to launch a second full scale invasion on the Croaks.


The Croaks have crushed many countries now and are able to cross into Europe!

France is technically crushed with only a small piece of mainland!

China has conquered most of Middle East.

Napoleon in France is having a hard time and is training his own army secretly!

The map has to be updated again. First, Genoa attacked Swiss and Tuscany and were extremely successful. second, I attacked the Croaks four times already, once in 1813, once in 1814 and two times this year. Pacific communist (talk)

China: We increase our army score by 0.25 due to all the people from Oman who want to fight for their country.

Genoa: We increase oue economy score by 0.25 this year so that we may continue to fight our long harsh wars to continue our colonization. We launch a full scale invasion on Tuscany and we once again ask Spain to do the algo for us since they are the leader of the ACU.

Spain: We increase our army score by 0.25 this year so that we can stay in the spot of the second strongest army in the world. We do this by launching another big fleet of tanks from Peru and we transported it to Africa where we launched two more full scale invasions this year.

Northern German Confederation: Increases the speed of the evacuation of 5000 Prussian civilians and increases the number of ships the fastest we can (0.25 upgrade). Many ships are moved to make a Croak cross into Europe more difficult.. All the troops that remain in Asia are recalled to Constantinople while large rivers are dug in several locations on the opposite side of the river. We send some troops to support Spain and we propose an ambitious plan in which if the Croaks cross into Europe, a European counterattack and a simultaneous Chinese invasion of the Middle East might take them off guard and the Croaks cannot take us both at the same time.

Austrian Dip: The Croaks are weak now and we should spread our forces and attack at multiple places. As of now, the Croaks are in no position to attack.

Irish Rebels: Irish Rebels assassinate key British figures in Ireland, and begin a guerrilla war against the British, copying the Americans' tactics during the American war of independence.

Croaks: The Spanish and ACU have attacked us and we have lost two colonies. In order to get stronger, first, we increase our fleet score and finish building our 15 ships and send them to Italy to attack them and get another colony! Therefore, we have attacked Italy and Libya, the only last state in Africa. Then we attack Gabon, another of the last French colonies in Africa.

Croaks, youi have only now one ship since your fleet score is still so low. Furthermore, your only ship is half broken and you cannot build ships for another three years since your engineers are too dumb.You have a low army men about 100,000 only! Captainjohnrex (talk) 15:09, December 15, 2013 (UTC)

British: We have seen that the Croaks cannot defeat the ACU and they has become very weak now. We launch an attack on the Croaks, a full scale invasion. We also increase our economy score to back up our money by 0.25. We launch our attack from Egypt, trying to get Sudan back.

USS: Economy up + 0.25.

Austria: We demobilize and send troops to the Turkish border to attack the Croaks next year. We upgrade our army for the attack next year by 0.25. 

Russia: We increase our economy score by 0.25 this year and we will annnounce that we will be ready to fight two more wars next year.


The Croaks are losing the ACU and they are threatened.

The British and Spain both have attacked the Croaks and all with ACU's help.

Sorry people, map will update soon!

British: We increase our economy score by 0.25. We attack Middle Sudan fighting the Croaks again. We are also sending ships to Asia to get some colonies. 

Ireland: We declare our freedom, and no longer acknowledge Britain as our master. However, we feel that the Croaks should be crushed, and will try to build an army to aid Spain.

China: We are attacking the Croaks with the ACU. We increase our army score by 0.25. We also attack Martha which we won by far.

USS: We withdraw all troops from the ACU with only one old man who has AIDS left trying to help to fight but in fact making several British soldiers sick. We increase our economy by 0.25. Also, we decide to split Greenland into five smaller states - North Greenland, Central Greenland, Southern Greenland, Western Greenland, and Eastern Greenland. Colay is also split into Colay, Glacio, Dortay, Jamos, and Uiotap. We secretly send our fleet of 250 ironclad warships with a total of 1000 jaguar bombs mass produced and hundreds of cannons ready to fire to guard against Britain and Spain because we know they will come for us real soon.

Spain: We thank Ireland for their support, we ask them to join the ACU. We also increase our army score by 0.25 this year so we can continue to fight the Croaks. We have added extra equipment to our army from Peru and they have been transported rather quickly and succesfully. We also decide to launch two more full scale attacks on the Croaks.

  • Irish Dip: We accept the invitation

Russia: We increase our army score this year by 0.25 so that we can maintain a strong military compard to the rest of the countries. We have also had many discussions about conquering the south this year and we decided thatn we shall launch a full scale attack on Khiva and Kokand.

Northern German Confederation: Asks Britain if we could gain control over the German populated area they own in Europe. In exchange we will reduce our colonial claim to one small colony. We redirect our effort from the "Spanish front" to the future Austrian front as cultural similitarity will make communication easier,

Austria: We are ready to attack the Croaks this year. We mobilize and with the help of Prussian soldiers, we attack the Croaks along the Turkish border. We try to create a line as long as possible since we have a numerical advantage. We upgrade our military score with 0.25 by focusing on military tech. We urge the other ACU nations to keep attacking the Croaks since they are now very weak.

Turkey: We rename our nation Turkey. The army is upgraded by 0.25. We request to join the ACU.

Spain: We launch two full scale attacks on the Croaks this year.


(SORRY GUYS for not updating. Please play again! Don't Mess With Me, I'm Captain Rex (Talk to Me) ) The Croaks are losing the ACU and land are taken away.

Britain had a great earthquake killing thousands. Russia and China's bordlines are still very unclear and may start wars.

The big earthquake caused in Britain caused a tsunami attacking Spain.

Napoleon in France has arisen. They have secretly built up their army in the past three years and now they are going to attack Britain and Spain.

Brazil Portugal is having problems with angry natives.

The Austrians, having just conquered the Croaks, are having problems. Britain wants the land Austria wants!!!

Prussia is in great danger as countries beside it have risen.

Croaked world map finally pdated for heavens sake, my mods sucks, don&#039;t nkow how to do anythin

sorry, please play again

Britain: We increase our navy by 0.25 and we ask Austria to give their land to us. We try to build up our houses from the earthquake. We have lost many men and will not battle for some time. We ask Spain if they want our resources since they also have suffered from the natural attack. We try to build up more base to defend Napoleon's great army. We send two-thirds of our army men to them to defend.

USS: We increase our army by 0.25 and we ask Britain for a non-aggression pact.

Coat of Arms of Switzerland RCCHANG Lord of Switzerland COLONIAL WORLD REBOOTCoat of Arms of SwitzerlandI am returning guys!

Spain: We increase our army score by 0.25 this year which therefore puts our army in first place along with the USS. We sent have sent our newly developed ground weaponry to our mainland in Europe and is now planning the next attack on the Croaks. We have also sent some other support to our colonies in the middle east. And we therefore have a stronger army this year.

I advise the map maker to update the map, there have been may events while you weren't here. I can take over the job on renewing the years ever few days so you won't have to many jobs. Plus I am already a mod.

-God of the Seas and King of the Robots *PC* (Talk to Me)

China: fleet score by 0.25

Hey lazy mods, when I left, you guys should've continued the game. LAZY BONES! Don't Mess With Me, I'm Captain Rex (Talk to Me)

Russia: We increase our navy score by 0.25 this year and we are still preparing to launch a full scale invasion on the two disrespected colonies underneath us. We ask that no country interfere in the wars between us and the two countries, we are sure.

We can handle these minor wars by ourselves, plus we have a lot of other support. This year, we have also put a huge fleet of new ships out into the sea, increasing our naval power. Decisions about our planned wars will be declared very soon.

Britain: We send our ships to attack Philippines USA. As for invading, we also colonize many islands. We also demand to Italy that they have to unite with us or we will attack them.We demand to China not to mess with us nor Spain. We tell China if they want to argue the land in Asia we have, we will not be nice!

Britain: We then attack Croaks Chad, so that our land with Nigeria could be connected. We attacked the Croaks for another time and this year, we did two wars already and we are now resting.' 

Italy: We tell Britain that we will consider the request and ask for peace since Geno, a great threat beside.

Britain: We agree to Italy and we give them another year to let them think about! We warn Genoa that if they dare expand their land, we will attack and we strongly do not accapt Genoa to be in the ACU!

Genoa: We increase our economy score by 0.25 this year due to all the wars we are having with other European countries. We do this simply by building more tourist attractions and we have already seen a great increase of tourists to our country this year, which has improved our economy by a huge amount along with making our citizens happier. We are also planning to continue to colonize farther out of Genoa and therefore increase our power against the world. Our plans will soon be declared due to our serious considerations and preparations before launching a full scale invasion.

Last update

Last update of the year

Spain: We warn Britain that they have launched 3 or perhaps four full scale invasions this year and it has therefore

damaged their economy.

Dear Britain, strictly playing by the rules, you have damaged your economy and we warn you that you must give us a lot more land in Africa. This is because it was all owned by the Croaks halfway through the game. And you have launched three invasions on them, and you have gained so much land. And I have in fact attacked 6 times, and yet gain less land than you. I am not dumb you know, I can clearly count that I should have gained twice the land that you have.-God of the Seas and King of the Robots *PC* (Talk to Me)  

Chew me Don't Mess With Me, I'm Captain Rex (Talk to Me)  changed

Austria: We offer a deal with the British, we give back British Egypt, but we can have, as soon as it is conquered, Ethiopia and we want military acces. Also we can have the Sinai-region. After this, we have no interest in Africa anymore and the Brittish can have everything else in Africa. We attack the Croaks in the Sinai-region, and after the attack immigrants inhabite the land again. The Sinai-Canal is the new border of New Austria, which is the name of the new colony is Sinai. We increase our military with .25 because of all the new inventions. 


Croaks are losing more land again.

Britsih has tried their best to recover from the earthquake but Spain hasn't dealt with their tsunami problem at their coast!

Britain gianed some colonies in the South East Asia.

China has conquered most of Middle East.

Portugal hasn't dealt with their native rebel problem.


Start of 1818

British: We attack Niger in Africa. Right after that, we attack Algeria. We increase our economy score by 0.25 since we had many wars and from the earthquake. We agian demand Genoa to not attack any countries in Europe and we ask Italy for the answer now.

British: As we send more troops to South East Asia, we colonize more parts of land. One in India, 3 in Indonesia.

France: We ask if we could join the ACU. We also increase our army by 0.25. We tell Spain that do not attack us. We ask an alliance with Britain, China and Spain. (How does the Algo even work?

  • Hi France, you can just take a look at the algo page and post it on the talk page. Also take a look at the other people's algos to learn more about this. - Rcchang (USS)

USS: We evacuate everyone to Iceland! We also increase economy by 0.25. We decide to stay neutral in the Britain VS Spain war.

British: We tell Austria that we accept their request! By doing so, we gain another colony! We also tell USS that we are not having wars with our allies until all Croaks are gone! In return, to prove that, we give spices, resources to our allies - Spain, USS, Portugal, Genoa (even though we don't want to), Russia, China and other ACU member countries. We also send fleets of ships to south east asia to defed our colonies. We also tell Italy that it is time that they should give us the answer if they surrender to us or not!

Austria: Our economy grows steadily because of the taxes on the Suez-Canal. Because of this our economy score is raised with .25. We wait a year before our next attack and our army keeps growing. We ask if Turkey wants to become a vassal of ours, in exchange we will help them start up their economy and we will defend them from the Croaks. Also, the name of our nation changes to Die Großer Balkan Reich(The Greater Balkan Empire). 

Britain: We tell Italy that they don't neccesary need to surrender to us. Instead, we tell them that they need to be our vassal state and if not, we will also attack them!

USS: We give our colony in France back to them, but we ask them to ally with us and also give us a trade agreement. We tell Spain that we wish France joins the ACU.

China: We attack the Croaks (to help the ACU defeat them) and Siam. The attacks were successful and both won after this I increase my navy score by 0.25

Italy: We agree to be Britains Vassal state. We increase our navy score by 0.25.

France: We accept the gift from USS. We also ask Britain if they may give our land back. We also ask Spain and the Croaks to do so, too! 

(China, even though you help ACU attack Croaks, you, yourself are the main country who is attacking and therefore you have attacked three countries in one year and six wars. You will be given a day to change your attacks, to only two wars. If not done in a day, you will lose 2 of your economy score! Don't Mess With Me, I'm Captain Rex (Talk to Me)

(China, I recomend you to change your attacks. This is because if not, you may not have any more wars until your economy score and your navy/army score has a mininum of 2 difference.) Don't Mess With Me, I'm Captain Rex (Talk to Me)


Croaks have been badly defeated.

France is become stronger, gaining it land back.

Britain and Spain empire both have expanded.

USS has evacuated to Iceland. Continuosly being a bystander.

China's economy is going down, and might collapse in a few years.

Nationalist and religious protest begin in Chinese Middle-East. The people there are so hungry they just attack Chinese forts and the Chinese troops are forced to open fire.

Britain: We increase our economy score by 0.25. We attack Croaks Niger and the rest of ALgeria. 

Cisalpine Republic: We increase our army by 0.25, along with the economy. We declare war upon the Croaks, and begin building an army to invade Croak Africa with the British. (Could you guys make a score for me? Gonna need help with the Algo.)

(Dear Clsalpine republic, I really do not want to have a war with you ... Nigeria is mine and never has been the Croaks. Niger and Algeria are already successfully destroyed by me. If you really insist to have a war with me, I won't argue with you. Please look more carefully at the map next time.) Don't Mess With Me, I'm Captain Rex (Talk to Me)

Genoa: We increase our economy score by 0.25 this year due to our fast development of technology. We launch two full scale attacks on Siam by going through the Chinese borders.

Russia: We decided to stay peacefull this year and focus on developing our army. We increase our army score by 0.25 this year.

Spain: We increase oue economy score by 0.25 this year due to our wish to be able to fight a better war for a longer amount of time. This year, our country has largely developed its land so that it is suitable for mining and therefore money around the world. We also launch two full scale attacks on the African part of France. You might want to consider this ... Don't Mess With Me, I'm Captain Rex (Talk to Me)

USS: We continue to stay out of wars and battles, and our economy booms and increases by 0.25 as a result. We ask Spain, Russia, China, and Britain for a non-aggression pact.

(Spain, you have attacked your own ACU members and this is crazy! I have deleted your invasion but if you insist, you will be kicked out by your own union! ) Don't Mess With Me, I'm Captain Rex (Talk to Me)

Hello Captain, I'm Coat of Arms of Switzerland RCCHANG Lord of Switzerland COLONIAL WORLD REBOOTCoat of Arms of Switzerland. I am here to inform you that as the Mod Adviser, I advise you that you shall not force any other individual player to do anything, nor delete their posts. Spain may attack France but whether you help France/Spain or if you interfere if another matter, you are free to do that.

Hello my friend, I'm just giving Spain a chance, just like China, to see if what they are doing is correct. As I say, if they still insist, they could still post what they desire but will suffer some harsh consequesces. I wish to give Spain more time to think about what he has done (attacking own union members). If not, he will be kick out by ACU and France in the other hand, will probably avenge him back, with the power of the ACU, crushing Spain! Don't Mess With Me, I'm Captain Rex (Talk to Me)

i have posted my reasons. I agree with Ryan. And by kicking me out the ACU, it will be destroed. I created it, it dies with the country Spain, and it forever will be.'God of the Seas and King of the Robots *PC* (Talk to Me)

Britain: We give some resources to Italy our vassal state. We again declare that ACU members cannot attack each other or else witll be kicked out! We tell USS that we will not attack them. We also ask Spain if we could become the second leading country/ second in command of the ACU, just in case... We also declare to Croaks to quickly give up their land because they are losing badly, especially Sudan! 

We also ask Spain, USS, China, Russia and France to sign a form to say that we will keep peace between each other for 10 years! 

Here is the peace treaty, just by putting your sig (please don't put templates), you will be peacfull with Britain for 10 years (Any country can put) :


USS: Brits are Noobs.



France: Nothing but a blob (talk) 13:18, January 27, 2014 (UTC)


USS:' We refuse to sign, as we feel that we are bullied by Britain, therefore we only sign it with Spain, Russia, China. We negotiate a separate treaty with France and Claspline. We inform Britain that we will only sign with them if they give us money and colonies and riches. '''''Just Kidding!

British: We are furious at USS! We tell them that we have never bullied their country and that USS are just greedy pigs that want more things! We continuosly ask other countries for these peace treaties. We are completely hostile to USS and we send 30 ships to Iceland and then come back immediately, just to show some power! LOL~ not having a war. 

USS:' We are even more furious. Operation diamond strike is called and tell Britain not to send their f**k**g ships as we have prepared 300 ships circling around Iceland. We demand that Britain apologize. We were very clear that we said we were joking. In return for their freakingly nonsense insults, we take the British ambassador hostage. Crouds are allowed to throw poop and rotten food at all British people in the country. We threaten that this ill happen. We said "just kidding!", you didn't give a s**t. We ask Spain for an alliance.

British: We abandon our ambassador in iceland. We tell USS that we will not apologize and no matter how many times you kidnapp our ambassadors, we will not apologize. We send 557 ships toward Norwegian Sea, surrounding Iceland. We fire our cannons at their oceans and allow our fishermen to fish at their sea. After three days of insults, we travel back to England. However, we still keep 300 ships around.surround England, just to keep USS ships from coming!  

USS: We tell Spain that we want to ally with them against the Brits. We send all our troops and armies to Britain, and we also evacuate the civilians to go to Greenland and Svalbard and Colay. We fire at the British fishermen.

- We ask if Spain would like they would like to form an anti-Brit union.

1819 map

1819 map

France: We increase our army score by 0.25. We are also furious that Spain wants to attack us even though we are in the ACU! We also agree to be in alliance with British and USS. We tell them to calm down and not to fight! We are building ships and ask Britain if they could give us any! We tell USS that if there really is going to be a war, we are going to stand at Brits side.

Austria: We are neutral in the recent conflict and state that we need to keep attacking the Croaks, now they are at their weakest. If we give them any time to recover we will get conquered. If you insist, you can fight your little war after we've defeated the Croakes. We attack the Croaks in Arabia together with Turkish and Prusian troops. Before this, we increase our military score with .25. Secret: We send supplies to France and the USS.

Britain: We calculated that the USS has killed 46 of our men! We decide that if USS continues to attack or harm us, we will create war. Therefore we evacuate all of our citizens to British Egypt. We ban fishing for two months and we make a line of ship defence around England, a total of 700 ships. We also give some ships to France and supplies too. We ask Austria if they want to be our ally. We finally apologize to USS for insulting them first. However, we tell USS that they have to give back our ambassador. Furthermore, they also must apologize, too, because of killing British men and kidnapping our ambassador! We wish that if all this chaos ends, USS could sign our peace treaty request and be allies with us again.

Spain: We apologize for not explaining our moves for attacking the French part of Africa. Our reason is that the Croaks are losing their power very quickly. And they will want to stay in power. Fortunately, they cannot attack any of the land that the British or Spanish owns. So they will soon decide to attack France due the fact that they have a very large piece of land that is easy to get through. Furthermore, we immediately cut through between the USS and Britain to stop all conflicts. We believe that there is no good reason to have war between the two countries. Unlike our war with France, we had a good reason. The conflicts between the two countries are not at all important and does not serve as a good reason. We demand that the conflicts be ended for peace to come back between the countries under the order of the ACU. This is the last warning the ACU is willing to give the two countries.

Spanish message to Austria: We have recently been trying to stop all conflicts between the two country. And we agree it should be stopped. We are also happy to say that we have already launched ten full scale attacks on the Croaks, which is also the first attacks ever made on the Croaks. Secret: We ask Austria to be friends with us and to become allies. Therefore, we have sent some supplies and weapons to Austria. We also advise Austria to start improving it's economy. We give them a early warning that if they do not improve their economy soon, they will have problems in their country. Be quick and serious about this, if you aren't Captain john rex will damage your military score under the rules of this game. Advice: Look at the score page, look at the difference between the economy and military between most countries.

I am new, I am Marantha. Please create a score for me- Miami Heat (talk)

USS Message to the Brits:

You know, you shouldn't have fucked us up. We tried to be friendly, and our first post was labelled with a just kidding sign, and we really were. Things aren't doing particularly well with you and your stinking empire, and now you've just upset the last guy on your side. Good riddance. Austria, Prussia and Portugal have quit the game. Consider to just apologize.

I, Austria, will never quit!


I am Spain, and I must agree with Austria. We will never quit, and that's the spirit.


An influential speaker has appeared in Austria, speaking that all races in Austria should unite for the glory of Austria. Therefore, Austria's economy has suddenly risen and increased 1. Markets and shops have opened in sudden and economy is Austria is growing well!

This is just bullshit. - RCC. CJ - agreed

Britain and USS are having a conflict.

British ambassador is still in USS hands.

Australia's natives rebel Brtish colonists and British colonists evacuate to the west, losing 1/6rds of Australia.

This is just bullshit. - RCC .  CJ - not agreed

Due to Genoa that has been trading with aboriginal weapons for some time, it has risen 1 at its economy score.

France is attacked by Spain. ACU is abolished because the leading country, Spain, has disobeyed his own rules.

This is just bullshit. - RCC.  CJ - not agreed

Croaks are getting the chance to fight back since ACU is dead!

This is total crap, final warning, I have your word. You know what's coming next. This is too ASB, even Julian agrees. Out of the four friends we know personally, you are the only one who is still bossing people around, and you don't care - Pacific communist (talk)

USS: We send the ambassador back in a ship, and we apologize. We ask to sign the Treaty of the North Sea with Britain. We increase army by 0.25. We also ask to sign the Treaty of Madrid with Spain. 

British: We agree to sign the treaty with USS. We also ask an alliance to USS and other countries, especially Austria. We increase our economy score by 0.25. We tell Spain that they mustn't and will not attack France again or we will declare war. We give USS and Austria both 200 gold coins and so they could sign our alliance request.

Spain: We increase our navy by 0.25. We attack Portugal's Brazil and France's mainland.

Genoa: Army + 0.25.

Russia: Navy + 0.25.

USS: We ask for 100 more gold coins plus 100 diamonds and 100 ships and 100,000 men and one colony.

  • (USS, rcchang, you have created the record for the map game! This is the first warning for you and it is the first warning ever been given this game. You have been swearing continuously in the map game. If you don't know, you can not swear in the game (SAYS IT IN THE RULES). Even as great adviser, you have done such thing. Do not do it again!)''' Don't Mess With Me, I'm Captain Rex (Talk to Me)

British: Since ACU is destroyed we decide that we could finally have war with the members. We attack the Portuguese mainland and Prussian mainland. We tell Austria and USS if they want to be allies.

  • USS: WTF! You are being really really implausible. Why is there a random speaker in Austria? What the heck is it with Genoa and Aboriginals? These are just plain MAD! How about let's just say that the aliens attacked?
  • Britain: Firstly, if you wanna argue, argue with Nigavswarriors, he said this was plausible. Secondly, you were given a warning for swearing. Thirdly, I'm glad you didn't say WTF as in the whole word ! :) 

​(Captainjohnrex) Croaks: We see that the ACU has been abolished and we take our chance. We attack China, Britain and Spain this year! We finally got our revenge! We slaughter every man we see! We increase our army by 0.25! 

​(Captainjohnrex) Croaks : We are extremlley happy that we won all three wars. 

You are such a ... you warn people not to have three wars a year and you do it yourselves and you don't care- Pacific communist (talk)

The ACU didn't disband and the Croaks won't be able to beat China.

I am Spain, and I totally agree with RCC. You are being too implausible and you are just bossing people around. You are not attacking Portugal and Prussia, you only destroyed the ACU because you want to attack everyone. You have wanted to do it for a long time. Plus you do not take Alex as an argument for your god damn announcements. They are crazy. You do announcements from this game's point for view, not history. If you were going to do this by history, I will tell LG because all I have to do is choose the best country right now and I will win, because it is real history. There will be no point in playing. I choose the United States and I win! What’s wrong with you, you're just bossing everyone because you’re losing your own game and you know it. Everyone is already angry because of you, and yet we try to tell you. And you take us as some kind of joke. You don’t care what we think, you think we will let you go. You are being way too bossy. If you are losing, live with it, learn to accept it. And what is the difference between a soft puppet and a person who owns a whole entire country but just under someone else's name. The Croaks are basically yours. You're losing, you are using them as a final defense, if you keep going ASB every time you are losing, soon there will be no more players.'You are going over the line bossing people around. Final warning, or else, it LG. Pacific communist (talk)

'Firstly, if you ever read the rules, it clearly and has always been that Croaks can attack three countries in one year! 'econdly, how am I losing the game?  You are just angry and fear that your union has collapsed. It's not my fault it has collapsed and learn your histroy better dude!  Thirdly, I am not biased playing the Croaks. Did I attack you more? Did I attack China more? Fourth, if I want to attack everyone in the whole game, why would I even bother asking alliances? Then how about you? You know yourself that you want to conquer the world, too, and told me verbaly! Fifth, even I have two sockpuppets, you have three or more!? Sixth, I have to look at this game and from history in the past because this wikia is called alternative history!?! Even though my whole game is full of ASBness and many things do not even exist in history and that LG or anyone could point out something wrong and accuse my game, I am trying my best to make it as related as the history before! That's the point of a map game. If you think my game sucks, then go on and make on yourself in a week!? Seventh, Alex's history is way better you and you think his ideas and facts are wrong? Well, let's go and have a history test between you and him and I bet 100% that you will fail so badly! Eighth, you really think everybody thinks like you?! Well, guess what, no. Go and have a survey and I bet you and some jerks will only think like you. What's wrong with me? Well, what's wrong with YOU?! Ninth, I am not bossy at all. Let me ask you, who attacked their own ACU members first? It was you! Your excuse was horrible - because France was too weak. Well, France indeed was very weak and that was exactly why they  joined the Union. Small weak countries have joined the Union was to protect themselves not getting beaten by the Croaks. But you, leading country who made this union, attacked countries that joined your Union. You call yourself not bossy and not bullying small countries??!! Furthermore, in history, if you created your union and disobey your rules, your union will automatically be abolished. If you think I'm wrong, ask Nigavswarriors and other historians. Tenth, You, yourself, are being extremely implausible - why would anyone attack their own union members, thats crazy! You say I'm bossing people around? Well, you threatening me to get back your union or else you will tell LG. So what kind of attitude is this? Aren't you you bossing people around and threatening people? You call attacking weak countries that are in your own union and then giving bad excuses isn't called bullying?! Let's say USA attacked Taiwan because they say we are too weak and may be attacked by China? Eleventh, if you really think my game sucked and you don't wanna play then go! You'll probably just say yes because you're such a stubborn person and then start spreading rumors and putting delete templates on my pages! You have no right to say I'm bossy because you are way no better than I am! Think it to yourself PC. You, yourself, are  totally implausible.   Captainjohnrex (talk) 5:45, January 28, 2014 (UTC)

Hello CaptainJR, I want to say that people have attacked their own union members in the past, many times actually. For example, Hitler attacked Stalin even though they had an agreement to be allies. However, you are the owner of the game, and I am the one who started this. Therefore, I want to apologize to everyone for being just a jerk and insulting and swearing at CaptainJohnRex. I have read the rules now and I will struggle to abide by them.

However, I still feel strongly that sockpuppets are getting ridiculous. A person can just create sockpuppets all across the world and become a really powerful nation. We want to play fair and play fun. If someone has a sockpuppet, the sockpuppet should at least have its own mind and should not side with the owner. Lastly, I request that I let Captain or PC or Someoneplausible to play USS and I shall play the Croaks. That way the game shall be fairer. If you don't want to, then fine.

OK. I will let you, RC, choose who to be for the last time and I wish that people in the game who have sockpuppets can delete them before 1821!

I, Captainjohnrex, will demolish my sockpuppets now. Captainjohnrex (talk) 12:04, January 28, 2014 (UTC)

How about we just reverse 1820 and go back to 1818 with a time machine and wipe out all our terrible memories in this time? I apologize to CaptainJR for being a jerk, I hail to your great leadership of this great game and long live TCW. - RCC (AKA USS  -  Rcchang (talk) 11:55, January 28, 2014 (UTC)

And thus, after long debate, the countries of the world decide to allow the wizards (mods) to set the world back a year. Before ASB ruled the world and wars about nothing were happening. Welcome to Alternate Alternate History!!!

~Time machine, Fixing round~


Nothing is happening. 


No Napoleon.

No arguments here, please.

New start! Like 1800 but with this map.

No union and anything.

Like nothing has ever happened.

However, Croaks still exist. They have failed to attack Spain and Britain - and China still stays in power.

Austria: We attack Prussia with the Casus Belli of 'protecting the German people against imperialism'. The financial advisor suggests that we focus on our economy the upcoming years. Following his advice, we increase our economy score with 0.25. We ask Turkey to join our nation as a vassal (could another mod decide this please, or with dice or something). We will then change the name of our nation to: The Greater Balkan Union (GBU). We call for collaboration between nations to fight the Croaks and as a start we ask for an alliance with the Qing and the British.

USS: We are open to all alliance offers and trading offers. We continue to build up our military. Operation Diamond strike is archived, but we start Operation Lightning to develop bigger and better bombs. Increases fleet by 0.25. Asks for alliance with the UK, Spain, Austria. 

  • The Austrians agree, and we also ask if you could land on the Prussian coast to help with our invasion. In exchange, we will give free passage through the Suez Canal.

Croaks: We launch a full scale invasion. We increase army by 0.50. We ask for a peace treaty with Britain (the Britoak Alliance) but they have to give us Nigeria and half of Niger. We ask for a peace treaty with Spain called the Spaniok alliance. We ask Austria and USS for alliances too. We tell China we are willing to ally with them and we might even give them some of Saudi for it so it is their loss if they don't want to.

Spain: We will accept the peace treaty. Therefore, you have promised us a big part of Africa.

Spain: We increase our navy score by 0.25 due to our desire to conquer countries overseas. We launched a brand new fleet of battleships that are extremely powerful in cold places. The fleet is now traveling all over the north part of the earth for security reasons. Furthermore, due to the fact that there are these new ships, our old fleet of battleships going around the world now only circles the south of this earth. We plan that these ships could still run a very long time.

Genoa: We increase our economy score by 0.25 this year due to the brand new tecnology we have developed. We sell all this techynology to LEDC all around the world for a really high price.

Russia: We increase our army score by 0.25 this year so that we now rival Spain according to army score 4.00.

British: We increase our army score by 0.25.

Allies+ peace treaty

Spain: We launch a full scale attack on United States mainland and Portuguese Brazil. We ask to be allies and sign a peace treaty witht the following countries:

Allies+ peace treaty

British: We ask Croaks for the rest of Sudan back. We also kindly ask if they could give Ethiopia to Austria. We attack France (not our ally anymore). We then sail ships to America and attack USA.

(British: I haven't done the algo yet but I recounted the score of mine and Spain's! Don't mind the algos from the past, start NOWDon't Mess With Me, I'm Captain Rex (Talk to Me) )

Spain: We once again ask Austria to sign a peace treaty with us.


France is just merely crushed!

Prussia has been totally destroyed by Britain and Austria. 

Prussia citzens and surviving soldiers escape to USS. They secretly set up a settlement.

Portugal has also been crushed and Brazil is in great danger because of Spain.

Croaks are suddenly becoming aliies with other countries!

British: We increase our fleet score by 0.25. We ask USS and Spain for an alliance with each other as we have already signed for their alliance. We decide we will give Prussia a little town for settlement in our colony, Nigeria! We ask other countries for alliances and trades. We decide to attack USA two times this year!

Dear Captain John, I am PC, Happy Chinese New Year! Hope you had a nice time. By the way, I think that the land that I got from Brazil is a little small, because I attacked it twice and both times won 


start of 1822

by hundreds. Furthermore, I think that Genoa Siam is a little too small. Finally, the land that the Croaks have taken away from me should be returned. Remember - I won.

PS. I had a great Chinese New Year. Don't get too pissed off by this message. Smile! Pacific communist (talk)

Oh yeah~ chew me ... Captainjohnrex (talk)

British: We ask other countries if they want to ally with us ...

Allies+ peace treaty for 100 years

China: The economy score is increased by 0.25 and attack Vietnam (France)

'Croak: 'increase army by 0.25. We ask for peace with Spain, China, Austria, and Britain.

USS: We send our entire fleet and army to attack Prussia's secret settlement. 150 ships are sent and 150,000 men are sent.

(Please do algo) Captainjohnrex (talk)

(Edit in 1822 berfore Sunday noon, or I'll continue to 1823! To Austria and Spain) Captainjohnrex (talk)

Austria: We accept the peace offer from the Croaks under the condition that we can have Ethiopia. The economy keeps growing (+ 0.25).

British: We ask the Croaks if they could give Sudan, our original colony, back to us and give Ethiopia to Austria.

(Spain, I have started the New Year. I have waited far too long -  three days ... Sowwy. Captainjohnrex (talk) )

Spain: Army + 0.25. We also launch two full scale attacks on Brazil Portugal.

Genoa: Navy + 0.25.

Russia: Army + 0.25.


Croaks, British and Spain are now allies and have signed peace treaties!

Prussia has been kicked out of their secret settlement and leave for Nigeria.

France is still not in a good situation.

Rebels appear in New Spain, they are trying to be independent.

British: We increase our navy by 0.25 and we decide that we will attack some countries in Asia this year. We start off by attacking Hyderbad and Marantha. We warn the French not to attack us and don't even think about coming to our land. We tell the Prussians if they want to live temporarily at British Egypt as a new settlement, seeing that USS does not welcome them. 

China: Attacks Manpur.

Spain: We improve our economy score 0.25 due to recently developed land in Peru. We have been developing the country for the past years
1823 stuff


and it has been open for tourism for a very few years. We have also started putting up defenses around our new colonies in Brazil. We also launch two full scale attacks on Brazil this year.

Russia: Navy + 0.25.

Genoa: Navy + 0.25.

British: We ask if the Croaks could give Sudan back to us.

USS: We propose a peace treaty signing event to be allies with Britain. We increase our economy by 0.25 and attack Prussia for fun!!!

(Please help me do algo, Britain!)

Britain: We agree to be allies with USS. We are happy to help out USS invasion.


USS: We ask if countries want to sign our peace treaty + ally:


We ask a peace treaty with

Britain: We ask Austria if they want to exchange Austria Prussia for either British Guyana in Brazil or east coast of North Sudan and the east coast of rest of Egypt. Either one ... Guy a na or the two coasts! please~

1823, giving land to other countires

Croaks giving land

Croaks: We are becoming civilized and we increase economy by 0.25. We give land to Austria and Britain and China and Spain and USS to become allies. Giving land to the other countries showed on this map:


Croak leader is deciding to keep peace and be nice with every country.

However, his Croak citizens are angry with him, for being too kind and giving away land. Therefore, rebels start appearing.

Britain, Spain and China gain three extra colonies from Croaks while Austria gains one.

Prussia is delapidating.

USS and Russia are now great enemies.

Mexico and Peru are trying to be independent. 

Strong and big groups of rebellions form. A great threat to Spain as they may lose Mexico in a few months if nothing is done ...

In Europa the native population of the occupied territories are protesting against the alien governments. This happens in British Portugal, Spanish France, British France, British Germany and Austrian Turkey

Austria: We accept the offer from the British but insist that they will not suppress the Prussians and let them have their culture. We like to have the "two coasts". A large quantity of Servs, Greeks and other Yugoslavics move to Africa because of a new policy that gives away free land in the colonies. Because of this, the colonies are quickly populated and this raises our economy score with 0.25.  We accept the alliance offer from the USS. 

Spain: We increase our army score by 0.25 this year due to our huge development in the technology in our already advanced weaponry. We have once again made a huge amount of weapons, which has been quickly sent to all our troops to avoid any loss. Furthermore, it is recently said that there is a new group of rebellious people in our country wanting to gain freedom. We must say that that is true; however, we warn them that they already have all human rights and has the freedom to go wherever they want. Therefore, it would be unreasonable to attack your own country due to those reasons. Furthermore, we once again warn them that if they dare to attack Mexico, then bring it on. But once again, we tell them to consider this, they are fighting against the great colon Spain, and they will not win. Nor will we show mercy. We also warn USS that they have a peace treaty with Russia and they may not attack them. We force them to give back the land and give Russia their full apologies for acting in such a way. Finally, we launch another two full scale attacks on Brazil Portugal which leaves them in a devastated position.

Genoa: We increase our economy score by 0.25 this year and we give full apologies for not signing the peace treaties for so long. Furthermore, our new infrastructure has, this year given all our citizens more saved time which therefore meant that our people have been working extra hard in the extra time they had to improve their economy. We, as a rather peaceful country are looking forward to have all of our score at a 3.50 and not just an extremely dangerous army.

Dear Captain John rex, I have been wanting to do my algos on Brazil ever since last year. However, the algo page is gone, I can not find it. I am lacking four algos due to the loss of the talk page- Pacific communist (talk)

Wow, I haven’t been on the Croaked world for so long now. I have people doing it for me most of the time, and today I finally decided to look at it and I had no idea what on earth is happening. It took me so long to read everything and catch up.- Chinese striker (talk)

Look USS, or as far as I know, I believe your name is David. Even if I have other people type for me most of the time doesn’t mean that I am not aware of what is happening. I check regularly all right. I must furthermore congratulate Captain John Rex for creating such a successful game.- Bio war (talk)

Genoa: This year, we have, as many are aware of, signed the peace treaty with the Croaks. We therefore kindly go into their country and feed their Croaks and persuade them that their leader is doing the right thing and the will see how useful it is to have good friendship with the strong colonies in the future. Furthermore, we kindly ask for one colony at the coastlines of the Croaks land due to the newly signed treaty, this is also good for the Croaks because of their lack of navy power and we therefore promise the Croaks that we will defend them if they give us the coast. Finally, we also make it clear that the Croaks can also use our land in battle if it is not against us.

Russia: We increase our economy score by 0.25 this year, which is estimated to be mainly because of our new companies doing exceptionally well in other countries giving us a huge increase in the earnings of our country this year. We also have to announce that we have very recently signed the peace treaty with the Croaks. Furthermore, we are furious at the USS for attacking is right under the peace treaty. They have actually broken a treaty and I therefore believe that they should not just give us back our colonies but give us one extra colony of theirs. We shall forgive them if they do as told, however, we shall forewarn them that if they do not do as told, we have Spain at our side, and no country can help you due to the peace treaties. Spain is one of the two only countries still considering this. And if they put such a bad impression on the two countries, the two, especially Spain, will not just refuse to sign, but attack you as well. But, not everything is negative this year. We decided to do the same as Genoa and go to the Croaks and help plus persuade them, giving them an extra impression that they have a great leader. Furthermore, we also kindly request, just as Genoa did for a coastal colony and we promise the same deals Genoa gave.

I went to see the history of page and I didn't find the treaty between Russia and USS. Although USS has asked alliance requests hundreds of times, Russia has not responded or hasn't agreed. Unfortunately, it's too late now ... Captainjohnrex (talk)

Hey look, they actually did it this time.

British: We increase our fleet score by 0.25. We declare that we MIGHT be neutral in the conflict between Russia and USS. We declare our first attack on Burma and while going, colonized the northern part of the country. We also attack Siam after Burma.

China:  I increase my fleet score by 0.25.

I have rolled the dice and your threat to the USS was therefore successful- Pacific communist (talk)

Spain: Like Britain, we are pretty concerned about the recent conflicts between the two great nations USS and Russia. Therefore we have, like Britain, looked over all history and we have found a door out of the conflicts. Like always, the USS has declared war. However, the war never took place. And as far as we know, the USS has been asking to be allies witrh them for a very long time, like Britain has rightly stated. Therefore, we believe that the final and last door out of these conflicts is for Russia to fulfill the power of the treaty before the war rages.


The Rebels in Mexico are greating big and they attack their own land with Spain. The fight was kinda successful and gained a small part of Mexico which is independent.

USS and Russia are now allies.

People in Canada are trying to become independent, too!

1825 startt


Britain: We increase our economy score by 0.25. We attack Italy and Clspatine empire. We kindly ask Genoa if they could trade land with us. Genoa, Switzerland and Savoy exchange with British Guyana and British Bahamas. Two colonies for two colonies! Furthermore, we would give them 100 gold coins if they agree to the trade.

China: I increase my economy score and attack the Ottoman Empire.

(Please update the map).

For the last time, USS land should be returned to Russia, and I have done my algo of the last four attacks from the last two years. The map must be updated.

Britain: We again kindly ask Genoa if they could trade land with us. Genoa, Switzerland and Savoy exchange with British Guyana and British Bahamas. Two colonies for two colonies! Furthermore, we would give them 100 gold coins if they agree to the trade.

Spain: We increase our navy score by 0.25 this year due to the fact that our newly developing cities in South America are becoming more rice. Defenses around these newly developed cities are also becoming stronger. Fortresses are being built extremely quickly and are highly guarded 24 hours a day, making our defenses extremely hard to break through. This also results in fewer complaints about the new ruler of the city and fewer rebels .Furthermore, we launch two more full scale attacks on Brazil this year.

Britain: We again and again and we are really desperate to ask Genoa if they could trade lan

d with us. Genoa, Switzerland and Savoy exchange with British Guyana and British Bahamas. Two colonies for two colonies! Furthermore, we would give them 100 gold coins if they agree to the trade.

John please, I don't want to keep complaining, but I have been saying this for years. So here are some tips to update the map. 1. I have attacked Brazil six more times, the total is ten, but only six were recorded on the map. 2. Tuscany is Genoa's. I think it was just a mistake, Genoa got it ages ago. But accidents can happen, just make sure you change it. 3. USS does not own that land beside Russia. It should be given back to Russia. 4. I have sorted out the Mexico thing ages ago, so give it back. I have added the score back. It is actually mine. If you can change these things, I would be really happy. Please change it John, I beg you, and by the way, on Friday you tickled me at school and I fell, and now I found out there was a huge bruise there. And I know that will probably make you happy because all you will think of this is that you have improved in your tickling skills. Pacific communist (talk)

P.S. I now have 45 colonies - two because of attacks this year and one because of Mexico.

Genoa: We increase our economy score by 0.25 this year due to our still economically developing plans. Our economical plans are still on track and are improving the lives of our civilians by a lot. Furthermore, due to our newly designed ecnomical plan, there has also been more job opportunities, which has also contributed to our growing economy. We also say sorry to Britain because we refuse to exchange land with them. It will be to much trouble and we like to keep our colonies near us. However, we would still like to friendly to Britain and we give them a full apology.

I changed the scores, don't complain ... It's really correct, I checked three times! Don't be jealous, SPAIN!!! Captainjohnrex (talk)

Screen shot 2014-02-15 at 10.29.59 PM


This is not fair, then I can just cut my colonies into 200 pieces. Keep it as it is, John. I was stronger than you. Don't complain, let it be like it used to be. It's not fair now. All of a sudden all my hard work came down to nothing, and you just got so much out of stupid counting. Plus counting is not accurate, remember? A lot of the lines of different countries were wiped out because they were then connected, just like when I was attacking the Indians in Canada and when I was attacking the United States. Pacific communist (talk)

Just to tell you, colonial score is clearly explained as the land you gained in war plus your original colonies! Now, why I said my counting was really correct was because I know that the many lines were wiped out and therefore I used the original map and added the winning wars to yours and mine, added together. I am not biased and this is all truth. Spain, your colonies are less than mine and if you don't agree, count yourself because I believe my counting was really correct. There is even a graph I made when counting and it is proof. Next time, please think twice before you start to bellyache and criticize what you might think is wrong. You're really giving me headaches so please stop whining!!! Captainjohnrex (talk)

Look, how do I know if you didn't make that up? You probably did. Where are the other countries? The graph was clearly cut off there. And of course, you could just quickly make one and say it's been there ever since. Stop doing this, keep it as it is and update the map and everything will be fine, no swearing, no big arguments. -Pacific communist (talk)

How do you know that I made that up? Well, you don't because you didn't calcultate the scores yourself!!! Why I only did Britain and Spain's scores? Because we have way many more colonies than other people! If you think the graph is wrong, do your own and calculations for the colonies. Don't just argue and complain as I say. If you don't agree on this, give me some proof instead of keep saying "oh ~ you made that up" or " oh ~  it's just not fair, you're just being bossy and cheating". If you don't have any evidence that I'm wrong but still complain, then that's just your fault! The truth is the truth. Don't go with your intuitions and feelings PC, you go with facts and the reality! Can't accept it? Then that's your problem! - Captainjohnrex (talk)


The independency in Mexico is still expanding.

British Canada are trying to be independent too, they cut out the land themselves.

Ottoman Empire are rebelling Austria and China.

USSR is forming in Russia.

Siam asks peace treaty with Britain.

University of London is founded!

Small countires in South East Asia decide to unite and sign peace treaties including: Siam, Johor, Surakarta, Netherlands, Yogyakarta, Brunal, Samba, Berau, Jambi, Vietnam and Palembang. 

They form ~ Kingdoms Of Hendcovian (KOH) ~ to prevent themselves from stonger country invasions. Their union makes them the strongest nation in the whole world! 

Russia: army + 0.25. We request to unite with Genoa to become the Genoan Russians (GR).

Genoa: army + 0.25. We agree to the request.

Spain: army + 0.25. We request to unite with China.

China: fleet  + 0.25. We accept to unite with Spain to become  Chinese Spain (initials CS).

We agree, and now, the danger starts! -Pacific communist (talk)

CS: This is the great year of the union of China and Spain, the two great colonies. Furthermore, we congratulate Russia and Genoa for becoming the Genoan Rus.

sians. They have finally made their first step to power. However, we request to help them by asking them to become our vassal state and we will help them get more power. We promise them a peace treaty and we promise to give them full protection. Furthermore, we decided to launch our first full scale attack on Portuga

l Britain.

The peace treaty did not break, PC. It will break only either you or Julian didn't sign one with me before, but since you two did, the treaty did not breakCaptainjohnrex (talk)

It depends, look, I am going to be fair, some people argue that it will and some people argue that it won't therefore, I have come up with an end that due to the fact that it is a half-half. We are only allowed to attack you once a year. How about that, half my wish, half your wish. Agreed? And by the way, the land must be returned to Russia. And Tuscany is Genoa, Portugal is mine, please, you know it. I have said it for many years. You still have not done it. -Pacific communist (talk)

Nope, it doesn't depend PK??? I've asked two history teachers, two English teachers and high school students-  they all share the same opinion with me.The peace treaty only stops when China didn't sign it before, but he did. Therefore, the treaty is not aborted and still remains. Captainjohnrex (talk)

GR: We are unhappy but we have seen the power of the CS and we do not dare to refuse. Therefore, we are now a vassal state of the CS.

They became our vassal state for a reasonable reason. They are scared, like in Colonial World, you became China vassal because they were too strong and will attack you if you do not agree. It is the same now, just think. You own a weak country, the world biggest and strongest country is threatening you. Of course you will choose to save the lives of your people -Pacific communist (talk)

British: We increase our economy score by 0.25. We are angry that Spain and China united! Even attempted to try to attack us. However, the peace treaty that Spain and China had signed was to be allies and being peacful for 100 years! Therefore, we are relieved but still are furious at CS.

Finally, YOU have CHEATED yourself, you think I don't know it? The peace treaty that we signed originally said 20 years. However, you thought that it was too short and therefore changed it to 100 years without asking everyone who signed it. Do you actually think that it is OK to change the peace treaty by yourselves without the agreement of the countries that signed it? I am not that dumb.-Pacific communist (talk)

What the ...??? I didn't, you said it was too short in school and that's why I changed it!  Furthermore, if no one said anything to me, it clearly shows that nobody cares?

1826 map of unitions


?? Stop taking out stuff nonsense, OK??? Captainjohnrex (talk)

OK. Now PC, I've explained everything you're trying to complain. Starting from 1825, I told you to stop complaining again and again. If you want to argue, argue in school, not here! Arguments end right here now, and if you insist, I'll give you warnings. Three and you're out of game! In fact, I can just kick you out. For the last and only time, stop complaining. I'm being very bossy right now because this has to stop. Stop giving me nonsense, OK? If I see another argument after this, I will give the person a warning ... especially you, PC! Captainjohnrex (talk

Why I see you being bossy right now because you will lose, you being the boss of this game does not mean you can cheat. Furthermore, no one told you about the extension because you will just boss them around like you are to me now, and very few people can stand that. You actually think no one cares? And even if they don't, it's against HISTORY to do that, all right? HISTORY proves it all, you can't do that even if no one cares. Furthermore, you said all these people agree with you. However, they might just want to make you happy like if I told them, they agreed with me so I can stop asking questions. It'a a half-half, why can't you accept it? You're so bossy. I tried to be fair, half my wish and half yours, but you won't accept that. You only want your wish and don't care about the other. And as you said, further discussions will be at school due to the fact that Captain John thinks that I might leak a lot more info he doesn't want spread out. So no more disscusions, the warning thing includes you, too. If you reply or revenge in anyway, you get a warning, too. Got it? I am trying to be fair, half my thinking - half yours. I am not like you, you only include yours. I include both of our thoughts. -Pacific communist (talk)

P.S. I have not sworn or revenged for all you kick and tickling at school last week, we thankful.

First warning is given to you, PC. 'aptainjohnrex (talk)\

You too, no complaining, applies to you, too. -Pacific communist (talk)

John +1 warning

Second warning for giving warning to creator and complaining again! I look forward to your 3rd! Captainjohnrex (talk)

USS: We would like to offer an offer for union to Britain. We increase our army score by 1, because our country's scientists discovered a way to make improvised bombs.

British: We accept the offer given by USS.

Look, I quit the Croaked World. However, I still own the country. I don't want everyone to argue just because of this. At l;east I can keep out of this. I will never play map games again. All it is is an argument page. Look John, if you are ignoring me because of this, I am sorry. But look, after the argument. I am n

1826 ended map

ot angry anymore. It was the past, nothing can change because it is the past. What done is done, why can't you just overcome it? I have. If you are angry, I'm sorry all right? Stop ignoring me and pretend you don't care. Because in time, you will. Pacific communist (talk)

I feel sorry for Vatsal now. Why don't we just go back to the way we used to be. Run around to sports. Tag no fighting. No arguments. Everyone happy. I don't want this to be the reason for any sort of hatred -Pacific communist (talk)

BS: We celebrate our union and throw a party for citizens. Trade and continue to partay!


The independency in Mexico is still expanding.

British Canada are trying to be independent,too - still rebelling.

Ottoman Empire are rebelling Austria, not CS.

KOH are developing well, and increase their economy score by 0.25.

UBS: We increase our fleet score by 0.25! We launch two invasions on Portugal Brazil.

Croak world has finally ended-sock puppets not added

Winners to losers

  1. The marxist and Captainjohnrex first place (winner) :UBS
  2. Juul300 and pacific Comunist second place: CS
  3. Mr yolo third place: Austria 
  4. Rcchang fouth place (loser): Croaks


</li> </li>

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