The Cousins' War
Date December 4, 1400 - October 27, 1406
Location Englaland, Angoulême, Brabant
Result Balthild is victorious, Fredheric and John are executed
Englaland Angoulême East Anglia
Commanders and leaders
Queen Balthild

Grand Duke George of Wessex

Governor Fredheric Grand Duke John
5,000 troops in Englaland

1,200 troops in Angoulême

950 troops in Angoulême 6,200 troops in Englaland
Casualties and losses
2,300 casualties in Wessex

400 casualties in Angoulême

899 casualties in Angoulême 5,500 casualties in Englaland

 The Cousins' Revolt (1400 - 1406) was a civil conflict that occurred in Englaland, Angoulême, and Brabant concerning the ascension of Balthild to the Anglo-saxon throne. The war ended with Balthild being victorious.

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