The Cotton Empire: A history of the Confederate States of America

POD: 1862, lost orders are not found by Union forces. General Lee destroys the Army of the Potomac at Gettysburg and puts Washington D.C. under siege. After a week, President Lincoln surrenders to Lee at the defense sector of Battery E, the last to still fight. The Confederacy is recognized by the U.S. Government in December of 1862.

England and France recognize the CSA and sends them economic aid to rebuild the new country. The USA turns into a semi-fascist and socialist country, focused on revenge and imperialism.

1865: Border skirmishes in the wilderness between border troops and CS infiltrators sparks the Six-Day War, with US forces cutting a path towards Richmond. President Lee of the CS ends the war on terms to demilitarize the Virginia border. The Russian Empire puts Alaska up for sale, with the US and CS fighting for purchase. In the end, Alaska is split into a US north and CS south.

1870: President Lee’s last act before he dies is to manumit all slaves in CS territory. President Buchanan of the north orders the act of universal conscription, stating that “in the future, we must look forward to restoring the Union by force… against the rebels who have unlawfully removed themselves from it.”

1898: The CS, wanting in on the imperial game, decides to invade Cuba, wresting control from the Spanish. They do not stop there; by 1899, the CSA owns the territories of Cuba and Haiti. The US takes it one step further by invading the Philippines.

1904: The CSA takes the isthmus of Darien to become a transit of goods to the Pacific Ocean.

1914: The CSA declares war on the Central Powers following the outbreak of WWI. The Big Butternut One, (the Confederate 1st Infantry Division) sails to France, landing at Normandy in September.

1915: CS forces have suffered almost a million casualties in deadly trench warfare, but CS President Woodrow Wilson is determined to support his allies.

1917: Germany surrenders after the Allies breach the Hindenburg Line. Confederate forces accept the surrender. During the war, the CS develops the tank, the first named the Lee-16 (similar to French Renault Ft-17). US realizes they need something to match it quick, shelving plans to invade the CS.

1923: Chris Christie designs first US tank, named the Sherman-23 light tank.

1929: Stock market crash and Great Depression hits the world.

1933: FDR becomes US President, while President Hoover of the CS begins to prepare the CS for war, he sees it as the only way to stop the economic collapse.

1937: Imperial Japan invades China. Hoover gives the order to invade Mexico as the first part of the war plan. CS forces cross the border, with the L-32 tanks crushing the Mexican’s obsolete WWI era US tanks. The use of L-32 tanks in several border points wins fast results that raise the morale of the army. The Mexican High Command in the Federal Capital is unable to stop the march of the tanks. General Harry Truman, who served in the Missouri 7th Infantry during WWI, takes considerable pleasure in raising the CS flag in Mexico city, right where the US did in 1848. The Invasion of Mexico.

1938: CS Marines launch an amphibious attack on the Dominican Republic, quickly subduing resistance. The CS Army invades Colombia right after, landing on the Caribbean coast and swiftly marching towards Cali. Colombian resistance ends after 6 months of fighting.

1939: The Nazis invade Poland, starting WWII. Poland falls on September 27th. CS forces, now having separated all political ties to England through their fascist government, do not offer help.

1940: the CS continues its march to conquest to create its “Cotton Empire”. The CS, Germany and Japan sign the Tripartite Act. In a show of good faith, the CS sends a small force of troops to China to assist the Japanese. They report back the atrocities committed by the IJA. France falls and the Battle of Britain begins.

1941: Hitler invades the USSR on June 22nd, 1941. The German forces use their weapons of vengeance to decimate the battlefield, forcing the Soviet troops on the retreat.

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