Flag of the Confederate States of America (Helmet of Victory)

The Confederate States of America is one of the Four North American Nations, and includes the southern part of North America. It is lead by President George W. Bush and Vice President Mike Huckabee. 

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The Confederate States of America Consists of 14 States. These States are:

1. Florida

2. Georgia

3. Maryland 

4. North Carolina

5. Virginia (including former West Virginia, which seceded from Virginia during the American Civil War only to be recaptured and become part of Virginia again)

6. South Carolina

7. Texas

8. Mississippi

9. Missouri

10. Alabama

11. Arkansas

12. Tennessee


14. Kentucky

Government and Politics

The Confederate States of America have a confedral government, wherein the President can only enforce laws through suggestions made to states, who decide upon methods of enforcement.

Politically, the Confederacy consists of the Democratic Party and the New Whig Party. The Democratic Party consists of mostly conservative and pro-agrarian politicians, including President George W. Bush and Vice President Mike Huckabee. The New Whig Party consists of more moderate politicians, particularly in regards to race relations, and includes Former President Bill Clinton and Tennessee Governor Al Gore, who is considered a potential presidential candidate in 2014.


The economy is based upon the exports of tobacco, oil, coal, and cotton. Convicts serving prison sentences can be used for mandatory labor as punishment, a policy that keeps prices down and changes the former policy of slavery-at-birth.

Texas has the largest economy of the confederacy.

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