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The Confederate States of America (Dixie's Victory)

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The Confederate States of America
Timeline: Dixie's Victory
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

Deo Vindice (English)

Anthem "Dixie"
Capital Richmond

Montgomery (formerly)

Largest city Atlanta
  others Spanish
  others Judaism
Ethnic Groups
Caucasian, African
  others Latino, Asian
Demonym Confederate
Government Confederal Republic
  legislature Upper House: Senate

Lower House: House of Representatives

Jim Demint President
Population 143 Million 
Currency Confederate Dollar
Internet TLD .con
 The Confederate States of America is a Confederal Republic that takes up most of the American South. It is composed of 21 States and one territory. After seceding from the Union in 1861, the CSA quickly got into a war in which the north attempted to stop the secession and make the south rejoin the Union. Due to Confederate actions at the Battle of Gettysburg and other battles in the War Between the States, Abraham Lincoln had no choice but to allow southern secession. 



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