The United Confederacy of Dixie (Mankind Reborn Map Game)

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The United Confederacy of Dixie was once known in the early years leading up to the "Fall" as the State of Alabama, more specifically the central "River Region" area of Prattville, Wetumpka and the capital of the state, Montgomery. The State existed as a member state of the 48 United States and existed in the southeastern corridor of the nation. The state originally was heavily democratic and shared many similarities with its fellow southern states, namely the use of segregation and the distrust of those not like them. When WWII started for the U.S, Alabama began to see a large influx of people into the armed forced, both of colour and not. This caused the Armed Forces of the United States to set up a flight school for the Coloured population. The Tuskeegee airmen were born. Then in 1942, just less than a full year from the entrance of the U.S into the World theatre, the Fall happened.

The Fall

The Fall, as it is now referred to, occurred on June 3, 1942 at approx. 7:00 P.M. Most of Dixie were glued to their radios to listen to the evening news.. that they never heard. The light coming from the crashing asteroid was so bright it caused car accidents in the city centre and even caused a bus full of Army medical students en route to Maxwell Air base, to flip. People stood in terrified awe at it until it passed over the horizon. A small chunk then broke away and slammed into the side of the Alabama Justice building, setting it ablaze. Fire crews attempted to put out the hungry flames, but before they were able to douse the flames, the earthquakes came. three successive earthquakes turned the city into little more than a pile of rubble, Although as if by divine providence, the capital building of Alabama was spared only minimal damage. For the first time in recent memory, the people of the region joined together, black and white, to rescue people from the ruins with triage centres set up in Maxwell and in the Capital building. Firemen struggled putting out the tonnes of gas fires started by the earthquakes. In Weyumpka, citizens of the small town could glance down the valley and see the burning ruins of the state capital. Politicians and military personnel tried to no avail to raise Washington. After a few weeks it set in. They Were Alone.

Post-Fall Restructuring

The first years after the Fall, the whole of Alabama was in disarray, so many of the growing cities of industry were utterly destroyed, with a great many casualties as well. Soon order completely dissolved with only the counties of Elmore, Montgomery and Autauga (the three closest counties to the capital in Montgomery) were under some form of law and order. Realizing that no one was coming to save them, the people banded together and formed the United Confederation of Dixie, or just Dixie for informal reasons. The Early years saw a great many struggles, chiefly the question of segregation and the position of the African-American. Many had warmed up to the idea of giving fair rights to them due to their aid in the Fall, while many of the old guard maintained that they were "backward and degenerate". The talks turned so far down that several senators even talked about bringing slavery back. After many months of intense debate. The Dixie Statehouse signed an amendment to the Dixie constitution, giving African Americans the same rights as others. While segregation was still in place, they now had the ability to vote without being harassed at the polls. But now there is even a movement to end that...... Industries have begun to crop up with many politicians and military advisors agree its is best for Dixie to expand in industry as well as agriculture if they want to survive as an independent nation. Plans are being drafted to unite the whole of the former state of Alabama, as well as a desire to extend from the Atlantic to the Mississippi River.

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