1865 The South won the Civil War.

1875 6 states become admitted to the Confederacy

1885 The United States and the Confederacy compromise, by limiting their country to the Mason line, just like the Missouri compromise of 1820

1895 no more foreign nations will support slavery anymore by 1895, saying slavery is a thing of the past

1898 the Spanish "attack" Confederate Florida, but no one will join the Confederacy in declaring war against Spain

1903 the first flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina happens. The Confederacy refuses to give any secrets about flight.

1905 a United States spy goes into kKtty Hawk and steals the secrets on how to build a plane

1915 the United States has successfully completed their first flight in Pennsylvania

1918 the Mexican army invades Confederate Texas, Confederate New Mexico, and Confederate Arizona during World War 1. the United States intervened by defeating the Mexicans and keeping the three Confederate states

1925 all Confederate States west of the Mississippi river were readmitted to the United States

1935 during the depression, the Confederacy couldn't keep their failing nation together, and Confederate Tennessee, Confederate North Carolina, and Confederate Florida rejoined the United States

1945 the Confederacy declared war on Germany in world war 2, but did not have the technology to fight it. That was the last blow to the confederacy. The people began a revolution to overthrow the government, and rejoin the United States

1955 after 10 years of mass murdering by the government, only Confederate South Carolina and Confederate Georgia rejoined the United States

  • 1964 Confederate Mississippi and Confederate Alabama were the only two states left of the Confederacy, so, the Confederacy said, in 5 years, the Confederate government will disband the confederacy and rejoin the United States

1964 December 31, 1964 at 23:59:59 would be the last second of the Confederacy before it officially disbanded and rejoined the United States

1965 january 1, 1965 at 00:00:00, the Confederacy officially disbanded, and Confederate Mississippi and Confederate Alabama were officially recognized back into the United States. It would take another ten years to rebuild everything destroyed by the revolution in the old Confederacy

1975 all Confederate owned buildings and property were now in the United States government hands the president also signed a bill in one year, marking the United States' 200th birthday that all Confederate flags and anything to do with the Confederacy was illegal

1976 July 4, 1976 at 00:00:00, the bill became law, officially signed by the President

1976-2012 the South was now at peace with the United States, and the government

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