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The Soviets decide that an Allied invasion of Japan would be too costly for the Allies, and that there is no way the Soviets could make a large navy fast enough to save Japan, anyway. Instead, Soviet troops continued advancing in Northern Africa, and Japanese troops would continue in China. Eventually, the Allies would be at Japan's doorstep. The Allies soon invaded Japan, and over a million men soon landed in Japan and began advancing. However, the Japanese organised a large defense, with most of the population working to dig trenches and set up defensive positions. They managed to dig in enough to protect Tokyo. The Allies tried to advance past the trenches, but lost a large amount of men in the process. Eventually, both sides gathered a large amount of forces on both sides. Soon, the Allies would start another large advance into the Japanese trenches.

So, who would win?

The Allies defeat the Japanese

The Japanese defeat the advancing forces!

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