The Communism Question is an ongoing meeting by the NAC about what to do to end hostilities in Greece, French Indochina, and Malaysia. All members are the Nations Against Communism are present and the nations previously mention are also invited to negotiate.


  • British Diplomacy: What are we going to do about the communist uprisings around the world? I believe that members of the EU and those in the Middle-East that are a part of the NAC should send more support to the Southern Greece democratic party. Meanwhile the Federation of the Americas, India & France should continue to fight in French Indochina and Malaysia to stop the communist movements there. We also think the members of the NAC should place embargoes on the Netherlands due to their involvement with the Greek Communist Party and others.
  • Turkey: PM Hasan Saka is troubled at Communist victories in Greece. Turkey had previously sent 2,250 members to Greece in 1949, but those forces weren't enough to successfully aid the Democratic Greek government. In early 1950, Hasan Saka began considering the withdrawal of forces from Greece if the situation does not improve by later that year. If the Communists win in Greece, Turkey will not only sever ties with the Communist Greek government, but will place embargoes on the Netherlands as well. EDIT: PM Saka is also willing to enact a partial or possibly full naval blockade of Greek ports if the situation should become dire in coming years.
  • British Diplomacy: We will aid the naval block by covering the Western side of the country if Turkey takes the East.
  • Turkey: We thank the British for the offer, and claims that we will commence a partial blockade of the east Greek coast (including Athens and Thessaloniki) in 1951, provided you follow up on your commitment to blockade the west coast.
  • British Diplomacy: We have already begun sending ships out via Italy. We will begin the blockade once you are ready. Also can you please get the other members of the SDP to come to this meeting. Thank you.
  • Romanian Dip: Many Communist nations have taken a step towards democracy, including the USSR. We denounce Stalinism and it's cruelty. We are happy to discuss the issue of Greece and Indochina.
  • British Diplomacy: On behalf of the entire NAC we thank you for taking that step. We believe that the Communist Party of Greece is willing to negotiate and possible split the nation between it and the democracy similar to what was done in China. But the leaders of the North Vietnam uprisings continue to kill and are not willing to give up until the French and Americans leave. What are we going to do about them? There is also the problem of communist uprising in Cuba.
  • Romanian Dip: We think they'd consider it too. We speak for the free choice of the people in Greece. In North Vietnam, there is outrage because of the harsh French treatment. They'd like to be independent, and want the whole of Indochina. We do not have anything to do with the uprising in Cuba.
  • British Diplomacy: Then it is decided. We will begin negotiations on the possible partition of Greece. I highly doubt the French will give North Vietnam all of Indochina. There must be some compromise or this war will never end.
  • Romanian Dip: I'd say we start the negotiations as soon as possible.
  • British Diplomacy: Okay. Can you please make a page for it and link it on here and on the main page. Thank you.

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