The timeline begins with the event of the Japanese attacks of Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1940. Making the entrance for the United States to join with the allied to fight with the Axis country in World War II. However, in OTL Mexico joins with the allies. But in this timeline, Mexico joins with the Axis instead due to the leadership of Jose Antonio Urquiza from the National Synarchist Union, Spanish falange-inspired right-wing party took over the country. Mexico declared war on the Southern neighbours and the Caribbean Islands before declaring the war upon the United States. The American Forces won over the Mexican State. And then took most of the land from them. Eventually, US annexed the Northern Mexico and the Caribbean Islands. Leaving the rest of the land to be the protectorates to the Americans. There were two of them, Aztlan and Honduras. After the war, President Roosevelt died and his Vice President Harry S. Truman succeeded him as the President of the United States, introduced the bill into Congress and reconstituted the whole country by time into the United Commonwealths of America.


Events before "The Commonwealth" Timeline

During the World War II, United States of America rem

Franklin D. Roosevelt as Acting Secretary of War, circa 1918.

ained neutral at the first stage of war until the Japanese Empire attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaiian Islands. President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared war on Japan and the rest of the Axis countries. After one month of war declaration, Mexico, by the leading of José Antonio Urquiza from National Synarchist Union, joined the Axis Pact and annexed all the countries in Central America and the Caribbean Islands. It declared war on the United States and its allies on the 18 January 1941. It invaded New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and California as they crossed the borders. President Roosevelt already saw that the war between Mexico and the US was imminent. He quickly sent his forces down south and eradicated all the Mexican Forces by only two months and then the American Forces took many Offensive Campaigns throughout the Mexican Territories, As the United States has to help Great Britain to fight with Nazi Germany and the United States itself had to fight with the Japanese by themselves. After the assassination of José Antonio Urquiza in Mexico City on April 13th, 1942 and the American Forces
Vincenzo Laviosa (Italian - Franklin D. Roosevelt - Google Art Project

Franklin D. Roosevelt during his presidency, 1943.

took the most of the Mexican original territories and recently-annexed territories. Mexican State unconditionally surrendered. United States, as a victor, has annexed the Northern Mexico and the Caribbean Islands. Then President Roosevelt created two protectorates in the Former Mexican territories named as Aztlan and Honduras. However, they gave two countries to Great Britain, which was Belize and Jamaica, as the "gifts" which the British helped the Americans in the war by sending in the Special Forces to assassinate José Antonio Urquiza.

After a year in fighting alone, the Americans started their operations in European Front by sending in bomber aircraft to destroy the most of the forces in Western Europe. And mostly aid Britain and the resistances across Europe to fought with Germany. The Allied Forces started to invade Normandy and Sicily in the mid-1943, with help from the Eastern Front, the Soviet Union managed to expelled most of the German forces out from the Baltics and the [[File:Truman_initiating_Korean_involvement.jpg|thumb|left|President Truman signed in for his Presidency, April 12th, 1945.] Belarussian Front. The Allied Forces, with the Soviet Forces, started the counter-offensive battles throughout Europe, which cornered Germany. After two years of fighting, Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his special bunker underneath the Government Building as the Soviets entered Berlin and occupied the Reichstag to find Hitler. Germany, with Admiral Karl Dönitz as the Head of State, unconditionally surrendered to the Allied Forces, the Nazi top government officials face the criminal charges. Some were executed and some were jailed with life sentence. However, President Roosevelt died approximately two weeks before the war in Europe was officially over on May 1st, 1945. He was succeeded by his Vice President, Harry S. Truman.

However, the Pacific Front was not ended as the Japanese fought alone, the Allied Forces, especially the United States was facing with many military casualties as they pushed toward, closer to the Japanese Homeland. President Truman ordered the Atomic Bombs, from a secret "Manhattan Project", to be dropped at the Japanese Islands as soon as possible. The first bomb dropped at Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945, left more than 150,000 civilians dead in the blast. Three days later, the second bomb dropped in Nagasaki, left more than 80,000 civilians dead. Emperor Hirohito was shocked as he saw it in the newspaper that more than 200,000 of the Japanese civilians is killed by the Americans. He wasn't blamed the Americans for causing the death of the civilians. Instead, he blamed his far-right Government which led by Prime Minister Hideki Tojo. He ordered the Military to capture the entire cabinet members and ordered that these people to be executed in front of the Imperial Palace. He was angry towards Tojo that causing the entire war with the United States. He subsequently surrendered to the United States and the rest of the Allied Forces. He agreed that the Japan will be under American administration as long as they like. The war in Pacific Front officially over on September 2nd, 1945.

Point of Divergence of "The Commonwealth" Timeline

During the Entrance of the United States to the World War II, America won the war over the Mexican States in 1942. United States annexed Northern Part of Mexico and the Caribbean Islands and also created three American protectorates by President Roosevelt. After the war was officially over as the Japanese Emperor, Hirohito signed the instrument of surrender by himself.

President Truman officially declared United Commonwealths in the Congress, circa 1952

In December 1947, President Truman, during his Speech in the House of the Representatives, introduced the bill to the Congress called as "The Commonwealth Act" which to created the Commonwealths in the United States. The first initial seven Commonwealths is Columbia-Yellowstone, Angel, Louisiana, Rio Grande, Virginia, Carolina and New York. the Act was ratified by the Senate on April 7th, 1948. After the Commonwealths established for three years, In 1951, United States officially annexed Aztlan Protectorate and then combined to the rest of the states to establish ten more Commonwealths. There are California, Nevada-Colorado, North Plains, Ohio, New England, Florida, Navajo, Aztlan, Guatemala and Caribbean. President Truman officially reconstituted the country from the United States as "United Commonwealths of America" on August 1st, 1952. President Truman resigned from his presidency on January 12th, 1953.

United Commonwealths of America

Main Article: United Commonwealths

United Commonwealth Timeline Map (The Commonwealth)

Timeline of the United Commonwealths establishment from 1942 - 1953.

original establishment of the Commonwealths was the American Declaration of Independence from King George III of England and the rest of the British Empire. The United States remained as a country for 176 years before World War II begun and before Truman's Presidency. As the United States gained more lands from the former Fascists "Mexican State" during the WWII. President Truman introduced "The Commonwealth Act" bill to the congress during the Speech in the House of the Representatives. First, created seven commonwealths in the United States in 1948. Then later in 1951, President Truman annexed Aztlan Protectorate and created ten more commonwealths. The last commonwealth admitted to the United States was Honduras, which was after the official Annexation of the Honduras Protectorate. Later in August, 1952. The United States was reconstituted by the majority of the Congress and President Truman to the "United Commonwealths of America".

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