The Colorado Republic
Alternate Cold War
Timeline: Alternate Cold War
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

Rising Above (English)

Capital Denver
Largest city Denver
Other cities Las Vegas, Salt Lake City
English (official)
  others Japanese
Demonym Parliamentarian Socialists
Prime Minister
Independence January 31, 1950
Currency U.S. Dollar

Formation and Organization:

On January 31st, 1950, the newly elected President of the United States held the Denver Conference. His goal was to reorganize the United States to allow the remnants to regrow. And part of that meant buying off Russia. He knew that the Soviet Union would go nuts at the prospect of an ally in the heart of Fascist territory. So he sold Alaska to Russia, and used the money to revitalize the manufacturing industry. He also organized every treaty possible with the Soviets.

Turn to Socialism:

Despite their intimate relationship with Russia, the Colorado Republic was among the last to become truly socialist. It may have been because they saw themselves as the last bastion of the United States. The Plains Confederacy was kissing up to Germany, and New England had become socialist. They wanted to preserve capitalism for as long as possible.

Involvement in World War 3:

It is hard to talk about the American Theatre without mentioning Colorado. They successfully held off attacks on two fronts, and drove the Japanese out of North America entirely.

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