In the cold war, there was a pact against the militarization of space. In OTL, the Soviet Union almost broke that treaty, but ultimately failed because of a technical error. In ATL, it worked fine. The Soviets had an orbital launch platform for nuclear missiles. The USSR was able to bully Afghanistan into joining it and Turkey into a puppet. Even the US lived under constant fear. Soon, a military project known as Project Ballista emerged with a nuke capable of orbiting earth and ultimately destroying an orbital target. Five of them we launched at the Soviet orbital platform. The platform was destroyed, but then the platform debris tumbled down along with seven intact nukes. Three of them landed in the ocean, one landed in some uninhabited desert, one landed in Mumbai, India, one landed in Ottawa, and the final one landed in Reunion, France. The one in Mumbai affected all of central India, the one in Ottawa completely destroyed Montreal, New York, Pennsylvania, and all the way to Washington, DC. The one in Reunion thankfully was very light, but it affected South Africa, all the way to Mogadishu, Somalia. The effects of this were huge. India broke down into city states, the United States had its largest population center destroyed, and was left without a capital, and chaos broke out in South East Africa. Most of the east coast was left in ruin, the capital was relocated to Seattle, Washington, and Martial law was declared. five nukes from the USA were launched at Kaliningrad, Moscow, Kiev, St. Petersburg, and Kamchatka.


Can someone help me with a template please?

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