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The Budapest Pact's forces military parade in EU's city of Moscow.

The Cold War (French: guerre froide, 1959-present Day) is the continuing state of political conflict, military tension, espionage wars, and economic competition existing  after The Great War (1947-1955) between the EU – primarily the European union and its states received after the war, the British empire and its states received after the War and the free African Nations. Although the primary participants' military force never clashed directly, they expressed the conflict through military drills, strategic conventional force deployments, rebuilding their states they received in Europe, Espionage wars among spies, heavy propaganda, conventional and nuclear arms races, rivalry at sports events, and technological competitions such as the Space Colonize Race.  Despite being allies against the GRC powers, the EU and the British Empire disagreed about political philosophy and the configuration of the post-war world while occupying all of Europe.The EU created the Southern bloc with the south European countries it occupied, annexing them a, all of which were later consolidated as the Budapest Pact (1961-Present Day).

The British Empire used containment of the EU and FAN as a main strategy, Annexing its states in Europe received after the War and combining their forces into the British Armed Forces. The British Empire funded the Marshall Plan to effectuate a more rapid post-War recovery of their part of Europe, while the EU would not let most Southern Bloc members participate. All sides sought détente to relieve political tensions and deter direct military attack, which would probably guarantee their mutual assured destruction with nuclear weapons. In the 1980s, under the Thatcher Doctrine, the British Empire increased diplomatic, military, and economic pressures on the The EU and the Free African Nations, at a time when the EU and FAN were thought to be in already suffering economic stagnation. In the late 1980s, EU President Micheal Andre introduced the liberalizing reforms of reconstruction ("reconstruction", 1987) and transparence ("openness", ca. 1985). This helped the EU to prosper in these times of need.

However, The FAN dissolved in 1993 as it suffered economically and had a debate whatever to join the EU or the British Empire. Eventually the FAN dissolved in half, giving half to the EU and giving half to the British Empire just like in Europe to satisfy the needs of the EU and The British Empire.

Start of a New Kind of War

195px-Vanguard rocket vanguard1 satellite

The World first Space Rocket,1959

Both the EU and the Empire took GRC Rocket Scientists near the End of the War, giving them refuge.With the Northern part of Europe under the control of the British Empire, and British Control of Northern France especially painful to them, The EU Started aggressive opinion on the British empire and annexed their part of Europe. The Free African Nations, proud of being independent from British or French control, became known as 3rd world Nation (not aligned with British 1st World or French's EU dominated 2nd World). The EU and The empire joy rocketed to power, enjoying the power they received in the Great War. With the Launch of the British Space Capsule in 1959, there was a period of public fear and uncertainty in the EU in the wake of the success of the British and a perceived technological gap between the two superpowers. The event gave birth to SESA(South Europe Space Agency) and the start of the Space Colonize Race. With British Landing on the Moon in late 1959 The EU worked hard to reach the Moon such as British and succeed in 1961. 

Espionage Wars

The British's nuclear weapon, dropped on Japan to end the War was a huge win for them. They held a monopoly on the technology until EU spies managed to get the designs of the Bomb and Get their own Bomb short while after (1960). The FAN all the sudden also developed their own using spies(1964), These two incident caused a not part of the Empire Scare which made a huge tension between the Superpowers. The British patriots feeling grew, and the British said they would never be behind anyone again, not technology, not economy, and not military. The British Armed forces was reorganized, new plans to overtake EU were brought on board, and British Science focus moved from chemical Warfare to Space Warfare.

Space Colonize Race

With British Landing on the Moon in late 1959 The EU worked hard to reach the Moon such as British and succeed in 1961. The empire however once again surprised the World with the started building of a Moon Base, to be finish in 1968. The British, against the wishes of the EU and the FAN manged to complete the base in time, by 1968. The EU managed to Catch up by building a moon Base in 1971 and both created their own Mars and an Europa Small city by 1985. The FAN never manged to place a man in space until they dissolved.

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