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The Coalition decides to go a way that Napoleon would not expect, and attack into Switzerland, while keeping a screen of troops against Napoleon in Bavaria. The troops in Switzerland are unprepared, and fall back. The Coalition advances, and ocupies much of Switzerland.

However, there is a reason Switzerland is only lightly guarded. The terrain of Switzerland is mostly mountains, and the Swiss have no inclination to be under foreign occupation by the Coalition. A guerrilla resistance springs up in the rear of the Coalition armies, and saps away valuable manpower as they battle to secure their supply lines.

While the Coalition is busy slogging into France through the Alps, Napoleon decides that the best defense is a good offense. He slams into the Coalition troops in Bavaria, and completely outmaneuvers them, resulting in their defeat, and surrender. With those troops removed, he mhas to decide where to move next. He could go into Austria-Hungary, or he could attack Prussia for his ally Bavaria. Alternatively, he could swing behind the Coalition armies in Switzerland and crush them there, then finish the Coalition later.

Attack Prussia

Attack Austria-Hungary

Move into Switzerland in the Coalition rear

Created by: Azecreth

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