The Central European War was a year-long war fought in central and eastern Europe. The long-term cause was a rivalry between Germany and Austria-Hungary for dominance in Europe, as well as German-Danish territorial disputes and Austria-Hungary's constant interference in Balkans affairs. When the Global War broke out in September, 1939, countries in Central Europe knew that the powers of Britain and France (fighting the People's Union) were to distracted to intervene if war began. Austria-Hungary, taking advantage of the military action of PUMA, invaded Romania on September 17th, 1939- two weeks after the People's Union invaded the same country. Germany came to Romania's support, attacking Austria-Hungary, as well as Denmark to gain territory. Germany was victorious, occupying Austria-Hungary before the end of the year. Germany signed a treaty with the People's Union in March, 1940, agreeing that PUMA would occupy all of Romania. The consequences of the Central European War didn't linger to long, for by 1944, all countries would join or have joined the Allies in the Global War.

Central European War


September 17th, 1939 - June 16th, 1940


Denmark, Austria-Hungary, and Romania.


Germany becomes the dominant power in central Europe.

  • Denmark gives Germany the islands of Romo, Mando, and Fano.
  • Germany occupies Austria-Hungary.
  • The People's Union occupies Romania.


  • Romania
  • Germany


  • Austria-Hungary
  • Denmark

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