The Canadian-American War began in 1975 with the bombing of Seattle, Washington, where over 3500 people lost their lives. This came from years of American aggression toward Canada after the end of the war of 1812. The United Kingdom also had a growing hate toward the USA, so they funded the Canadians with soldiers and equipment to put up a fight against the growing US.

After the bombing of Seattle, US President Gerald Ford spoke to Congress, asking them to declare war.

"The Americans will stand defiant to this Foreign Aggression." - President Gerald Ford

The Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, responded to President Ford, saying:

"Us Canadians will tolerate this no longer." -PM Pierre Trudeau.

The war officially began on August 14th, 1975, exactly one month after the bombing of Seattle. The Americans began setting up a draft and recruited over 4 million soldiers.

The first battle began near the border of Maine and New Brunswick. Over 15,000 UK Soldiers assisted the Canadians in the battle. However, the British were not familiar to the terrain, and due to this the Americans began a advance, and their goal was to take Fredericton. The battle, known as "The Battle of Grand Lake," which was a American victory. It was fought from September 4th, 1975, to September 8th, 1975. Over 450 Americans were killed and around 360 were wounded. The British suffered heavy losses due to their knowledge of the area. This being around 750 killed and 1000 wounded.

After the Battle of Grand Lake, British PM Harold Wilson hired local Canadian advisors to gain knowledge of the area and to provide tactical support. Wilson also suggested that the Canadians send troops of their own to fight as well, which Pierre Trudeau responded with:

"We would be more than happy to assist in the fight against cruelty from our American aggressors."- PM Pierre Trudeau, October 1975.

Over 230,000 Canadian soldiers signed up between the end of The Battle of the Grand Lake and Early October 1975.

President Gerald Ford met with PM Pierre Trudeau on October 15th, 1975 to attempt to make a resolution and end the war, which had so far claimed over 1,000 lives.

The two leaders met in Ciudad Juarez, a neutral place where they would not be in either ones' territory. They met in a small secret building, surrounded by American soldiers on the east side, and Canadian and British soldiers on the west side. British PM Harold Wilson did not attend due to his his growing hate toward President Gerald Ford.

The war talks were growing useless, for each leader was beginning to hate the other more. A group of Mexican Paramilitary, called "La Roja" disguised themselves as American soldiers and ambushed the Canadian and British Soldiers surrounding the building. The American soldiers paid no attention to the gunfire between the two groups. It was a guerrilla attack, they ran in disguised as American soldiers, engaged the British and Canadians, and then ran away. They were never caught. A couple British and Canadian soldiers lay dead or wounded after the attack. The rest of the Canadian and British soldiers ran around the building to engage the Americans. As soon as the firefight began, the two leaders were moved out separately by their armies and flown back to their lands. Both leaders claimed the war talks never happened and that war would still continue.

On December 5th, 1975, the Canadians and the British launched a counter-offensive against the Americans by attacking Detroit by air, by sea and by land. This was the largest battle ever fought in North America. Over 150 Canadian and British fighter jets flew while the Canadians attacked Southern Detroit by washing upon the shore in amphibious vehicles. Sources say over 150,000 Canadian and British Soldiers were involved in the fighting. The Americans had expected this attack for a long time, giving it is one of the closest American cities to Canada. Around 140,000 American troops were moved from their bases in Michigan and Minnesota to this major urban area. Heavy fighting occurred in the skies, while worse fighting occurred down below. Civilians were mostly evacuated before the battle occurred. However some civilians volunteered to fight on both sides. Some Canadian immigrants fighting for Canada and Britain while Americans joined the American Volunteers. The plan for the Canadians and British was to secure the town hall and raise the Canadian Flag, well this was successful. Canadians and the British hired aboriginals from all over Canada to act as civilians in the battle. They were secretly fighting for the British and Canadians. The British and Canadians opened a wide gap for the aboriginals to waltz right through. They attacked City Hall and arrested Detroit Mayor Coleman Young. Around 30 members of city hall, some security guards, and 55 aboriginals were killed in the fighting. More of the aboriginals began to condense into the town hall and hide. This was because once the Americans came back to see that their town hall was destroyed, they were ambushed by the aboriginals. These attacks crippled the Americans in the battle of Detroit. Over 78,000 Americans died and around 65,000 British and Canadians died. Sources say around 165 Hired Aboriginals died as well. President Gerald Ford went on TV after the fighting and announced:

"We will defy the orders of our aggressors, we will find these bastards, and we will let justice have at them!"-President Gerald Ford, December 10th, 1975, hours after the battle ended.

Prime Ministers Pierre Trudeau and Harold Wilson were seen together on TV laughing and later gave a speech together, saying that:

"This is what happens when you mess with the Crown!" Harold grabbed the mic from Trudeau and shouted: "Damn Yankees!" They laughed. The expletive shouted from the mouth of the British PM sparked major outrage across America. America started looking for allies, which was not so easy. It was after the Vietnam War, and China and the Soviet Union would not side with them. Same with Germany, Japan, or Italy. Nobody was willing to side with them because they were either part of the commonwealth or they were a communist country. So America finally realized they were alone in this fight.

In January 1976, the Americans fought against only the Canadians at the border between Vancouver and Seattle (The British were mobilized on the east coast.) Some Australian soldiers came on the order of Australian PM Malcolm Fraser. These little border disputes were called "Skirpies" because they were just little skirmishes between the two borders. They lasted from January 6th, 1976 to February 24th, 1976 when the British finally came in by boat to blockade the Americans and moved in to push them out of the border area. Around 630 Americans died in the skirpies with around 760 Canadians, 135 British, and 47 Australians dying in the skirpies.

With Detriot in the ownership of the British and the Canadians and Detroit Mayor Coleman Young awaiting execution, the Americans were stuck. If they tried to retake Detroit, it would be another bloody battle, but if they did not, Mayor Coleman Young would die and Detroit would belong to Canada. So the Americans went on the offensive in a campaign known as "Bread Basket Province Theater." The Americans moved north and secured several Canadian cities in the prairies like Edmonton, Saskatoon, Calgary, and Winnipeg. Canada and Britain were caught off guard and were not prepared for such attacks. The cities were easily taken over and were almost bloodless affairs, except for Winnipeg, when local Canadian radicals ran in the streets with rifles on their backs and they killed a couple dozen American soldiers near the town hall. Saskatoon was taken bloodlessly on February 15th, 1976, while Calgary was taken on February 19th, 1976 bloodlessly, Edmonton was taken on February 24th bloodlessly, and Winnipeg was taken on February 27th which was the same day Canadian radicals ran into the streets and began shooting soldiers, which came to be known as "The Late February Massacre."

Pierre Trudeau knew these cities were a heavy part of Canada's economy and British PM Harold Wilson knew something had to be done.

Pierre Trudeau, Harold Wilson, Malcolm Fraser, and President Gerald Ford met in Berlin, Germany to discuss Peace talks. The major subjects were removing foreign soldiers from foreign cities, these being Detroit, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Calgary, and Winnipeg. Each other agreed accept President Gerald Ford, who discussed that the United States would get all land south of the 49 and a half parallel. This was a lot of land. However, no major cities of Canada were in that area, Trudeau said he would agree if 150 billion dollars would be paid to the Governments of Canada, Australia, and Britain. The USA agreed and the peace talks were over. The war officially ended on March 6th, 1976. It lasted around 7.5 months. Over 70,000 Americans and 83,000 British, Australians, Aboriginals, and Canadians died in the fighting. Relations between the US and its British counterparts would remain forever strained.

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