What if California was never annexed as a U.S. State and stayed its own independent republic?

Civil War

During the American Civil War (it still happens) California expanded west and annexed a couple of states there. California soon expanded into the Confederate States of America starting a war. The war ended with both the United States of America and the Californian Republic overrunning the capital. Tensions were rising between the countries after the war.

Californian-American War

The United States got angry when they realized California during the civil war when they were occupied with fighting the Confederacy expanded into U.S. Mainland without people's consent. However the cause of the war was mostly over oil. California invaded the Middle East after a False Flag Operation done by the the government. California won the war with the Middle East and troops returned home with gallons of oil. The United States was oil addictive and almost started a World War over oil. The U.S. invaded Californian Mainland on January 8th 1918. The invasion continued for decades. California fought back and eventually won the war and the U.S. was left with little to no oil. As Fascist Nazi Germany was rising and World War 11 was approaching widely, the United States signed a peace agreement.

World War 11

The United States due to oil addictions became a fascist dictatorship and enlisted as a axis county in World War 11. California became a full democracy and declared war on June 4th 1945. Amazingly, the country was never occupied though it bordered one of its enemies. America invaded Mexico and Southern Countries. Brazil was invaded and occupied becoming a major stronghold for the South America conquest campaign. Eventually the U.S. was liberated by its neighbor, California. World War 11 continues and eventually Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan falls and World War 11 ends with a allied victory.

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