The California Collective in Yellow


The California Collective History

Born out of pure disgust with how the United States was handling their terrorist issues, Resident and actor Clint Eastwood called for California to suceed "Texas did it, and look how successful they are now!"  Politician Gray Davis took command over california, but was killed in a takeover when the Rebel group "Manson's mischief" took over the state capitol, and held all in the office as captives,  in demand for the release of Charles Manson from Death Row. Clint Eastwood was appointed President of the California Collective a week later, and ordered the surviving members be "executed by firing squad".
The California Collective
Timeline: [[1]]
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

From Pacific, to Rocky Mountain point. (English, Spanish)

Anthem ""Born By The Bay of California"
Capital San lucia (Built upon the ruins of Los Angeles )
Largest city San Francisco
Other cities San Lucia

San Jose Las Vegas Lodi

Language English, Spanish
Ethnic Group Mexican, American, Russian
Government Republic-democratic
  legislature Gray Davis (2002)

Clint Eastwood (2002-present)

Population 20 Million. 
Established 2002
Independence from United Sates of America
Currency California Dollar
Time Zone EST
Calling Code 813
Organizations Hells Angels

Protect Atlantis Keep Cali green Delegalize Gambling!

California Collective

.The California Collective's main export is computer products from the "Silicon Valley" Owned by Landowner, William Gates. The Collective does have Gambling, agriculture, and a music scene. Its only enemy is Mexico, but as with neighbor "The Republic of Texas", Have a cold truce. It is also the home of movie production in North America, with "Hollywood Land". Eastwood successfully deported all illegal immigrants out of California collective within two months of his appointment. Los Angeles was burned to the ground on May 1st 2002, by complete accident. A welder was working on a "No Burn Day", and a spark caught a shirt on fire, and the fire spread from there. By the time the fire was contained, Los Angeles was just a collection of burned out buildings, with 600 dead. Governor Eastwood declared they would rebuild on the ruins, and build a much better capitol. The city was rebuilt in sections, with central zone 1, being where the capitol building was built.

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