It is the Battle Of Gettysburg and the Confederacy wins due to the success of Pickett's Charge. Yes, it was successful in this context. So immediately after that victory General Lee led an assault on Washington D.C. and a course 15 days the CSA wins and forces border states of the Union into the CSA and takes all western territories of the Union.

1866: The CSA admits Oreg-Wash area as one state Oregon then the CSA Purchases Alaska for same price in Actual History and breaks into two states West Alaska and East Alaska.

1913: World War 1 breaks out the reeling U.S. joins the allies but the C.S. joins the central powers and this opens a whole new front - the American Front - with Mexico one side of the CSA and the USA on the other so the CSA assaults Mexico first reaching Mexico City in days. Then from Alaska the CSA assaults Canada and defeats it in two months then the USA was growing in power because of wartime wealth yet not matching that of the CSA so a two year onslaught begins between the two countries with CSA eventually winning with its total control of the continent.

1916: The CSA invades Britain being allied with Ireland who joined the confederacy in 1914 so in a three year battle the CSA is successful.

1921: France surrenders to the CSA as well as Russia and most of Europe becomes part of the CSA. Germany receives most of eastern Europe and the CSA takes most of northern Africa, western Europe and Asia. Everywhere the CSA conquered was turned to a state or commonwealth none were commonwealthed.

1941: South American countries threaten the massive CSA's people saying that they are allied with Japan. The CSA invades South America crushing it within three years and Japan in five. The Nazi Regime is crushed by Kaiser supporters of a super Germany.

2012: The CSA begins colonizing the moon and mars.

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