This is part of the CVP-2 Virus Timeline


The territory of the Brotherhood of Folk is the smallest of all the micro-nations, only consisting of the counties Norfolk and Suffolk. The capital is an improvised 'castle' named Castle Folk, located toward the coast of northern Suffolk.


The government of the Brotherhood is a monarchy, led by a woman named 'Queen' Veronica Duke who united the two counties. She separated the land into regions controlled by 'Lords', who are former RAF, British Army and Royal Navy officers. Each region is split into quarters, with one 'lord' ruling over each quarter of the two counties.


The military of the Brotherhood does draw some inspiration from Medieval and Colonial times through how they mobilize their army and through their tactics. Their military is composed of the RAF, British Army and RN members that stayed loyal to their previous officers, now 'Lords', and serve under them and the Queen. The army acts as a defense for the Queen and the 'lords', as well as their 'castles'. <Military ports, bases and air bases stuff since I don't know real ones plus I'm busy>. The Brotherhood is also in control of one Vanguard-class nuclear attack submarine, as since 1960 the UK has not operated any nuclear missile silos, preferring instead to launch them from mobile, undetectable platforms at sea which cannot be destroyed in a First Strike. The political and military stance of the Brotherhood on the use of nuclear weapons is neutral, they will use them if it is necessary or will yield significant results.


The economy of the Brotherhood is similar to the way the economy was during medieval times. Each town pays the Brotherhood to protect it and pays to join the Brotherhood. Everyone pays a tax straight to their town/city out of either their money or out of 'goods'.

International Politics

The Brotherhood of Folk maintains neutral relations with most of the 

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