The British Ain't Coming is a community timeline, meaning anyone can contribute.

NOTICE: As of March 15, I have been preparing major rewrites to many nations in this timeline. The largest changes will be coming to Europe, particularly Germany. ~Orange

Europe No Britain2

Europe seen from space in this ATL; note the absence of Britain.

It is quite evident that Great Britain was one of the heaviest influences in western history: a major colonial empire, a great power in Europe and even led to the creation of the United States.

But what if the British Isles never existed? What if there were no British Empire? What effect would it have on our world if The British Ain't Coming?

Point of Divergence (c. 65 million years ago)

A large meteor, at least 6 miles in diameter, is knocked out of the Asteroid Belt, set on a collision course straight toward Earth. It reaches a speed much higher than in OTL, so its speed combined with the Earth's gravity swings the meteoroid away from the present-day Yucatan peninsula, and instead destroys the landmass that would have become the British Isles. The impact triggers a mass extinction, a dramatic close to the Mezozoic Era.


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