The British-Africana empire

The British-Africana empire was established when the British empire and the thirteen colonies managed to successfully gain total control of Africa giving birth to the British-Africana empire.


Due to the French and Indian war Britain was in poor economic status. Rather than taxing the thirteen colonies, Britain decided to raise tax by a reasonable percentage (although most heavily in Quebec as there was a large influx of French citizens living there) thereby becoming economically stable. The British empire, still covering 25% of the globe, started to see rebellion in the African region as they did not lower taxes like they had for all other colonies (apart from Quebec). The British forces quickly crushed the rebellion and in the process gained all of south Africa and was quickly closing in on French territories. In 1790 The British empire had gained control of all territories in Africa. The thirteen colonies spanned across to the west of North America gaining territories.In 1796 Quebec attempted an uprising which was quickly crushed by the thirteen colonies and Canada. The British empire was renamed the British-Africana empire in recognition of their great achievement.

1800s and the division of Europe

Whist the BA empire was growing ever stronger Europe feared what their fate would be. In 1810 a summit that consisted of France, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Italy was taken in Paris where the countries chose to unite for protection against the BA empire forming West Europa. Similarly, the Norse summit took place in Stockholm forming the Norse hold from Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. The rest of the countries in Europe declared neutrality.

During the age of discovery there was minimal conflicts between countries and this era was known as the eternal peacetime until 1840.

1840 and the Chino struggle

During the age of discovery The first meeting between Asia and the BA empire began. During an expedition from the thirteen colonies the Japanese isles were discovered. What came as more of a shock was a meeting between colonists and Russian diplomats. This became known as the joint discovery. Japan was given industrial help from both Russia and the BA empire. This meeting also acted as a step towards friendship between Russia and the BA empire. In 1863 the Japanese isles were known as the Russo-British isles. The BA empire continued its expedition into Asia capturing Korea, Vietnam and Mongolia.

China was currently at war with Russia until The BA empire gave support to Russia and pushed back the Chinese forces. China became the second split territory between the Russians and BA empire. Russia controlled the north and the BA empire the south. Russia became the Russian empire in 1869.

1880s and Neutralia

West Europa became nervous of the situation in Asia and advised all neutral countries to join West Europa. Czechoslovakia, Austria, Sweden, Hungary, Bosnia, Serbia and Romania heed their warning and join forming the new Europa. The three Baltic states, Poland, Belarus and Ukraine join together to become Neutralia out of their neutrality against the world. Greece calls upon Neutralia as protection against the Ottoman Empire.

1900s and the Ottoman-Greek conflict

The Ottoman empire attacks Greece and land at Crete in 1910. Neutralia instantly provides military help to Greece. Greece is clear of Ottoman troops in 1907. Neutralia, realising they can no longer be neutral join the Norse hold. The Norse hold joins New Europa in 1913 becoming greater Europa. Greece stays neutral.

The World War

Greater Europa gives threats to Russia saying that if they do not join greater Europa and front an all out attack on the BA empire, they will invade. At the same time the Russian socialist revolution was taking place, but was soon crushed by the BA empire. Russia was attacked in May 1920. Russia called upon the BA empire for assistance and in 1921 became part of the BA empire. The BA empire covers the majority of the world and after 10 years of deadly combat between the two sides the BA empire (now named the New World Empire) emerge victorious in 1930.

The Munich treaty

after 500 million deaths in the world war, the Munich Treaty was signed in the occupied base Dutch hold of New Europa, the capital of new Europa. Portugal, Spain and France were given over to the new world empire, Germany became part of the new Norse hold with Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. All other countries were given to the Russian empire.

The Olympic sport and strategy games

After the world war, in 1932 Greece sought to repair broken relations by calling the Athens summit and announcing the Olympic sport and strategy games, or the OSSG. This would be an event hosted in a different country every 4 years where the world could engage in friendly competitions of sports such as field events and track and field, whilst also displaying strategy games such as chess. All new world empire countries, Russian empire countries and the Norse hold attended, newly independent countries such as Iceland and Greenland also attended but failed terribly due to a lack of athletes.

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