The Boston Agreement, also known as the Boston Resolution, was an Executive agreement between President George McClellan of the United States and Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, proclaimed on April 9, 1865 at the Old North Church in Boston, Massachusetts. The agreement led to the Treaty of Montreal, which ended the American Civil War, on June 23, 1865. The events that actually occurred in the church were not revealed until after Queen Victoria's Death in 1905, when her journals were opened by her grandson, the future King George V. In her journal, Victoria stated that once her and McClellan greeted each other in the church and the President bowed to her, Victoria walked over to McClellan and embraced him with a hug, and then told him that in spite of the Revolutionary War and War of 1812 between America and Britain and the Civil War between the North and South, Americans, be they Northern or Southern, and Englishmen were brothers and that she hoped and prayed that they would never fight against each other again. After that exchange, the two worked out an agreement that would become the treaty. The terms of the agreement were.

-The Confederate States would gain Independence.

-Washington DC, Maryland and Delaware would remain in Northern hands, but West Virginia would be returned to Virginia and become part of the CSA. Virginia North of the Rappahannock would be a demilitarized zone, policed by British Officers, that would separate DC from the South. Congress would meet in New York if Washington was ever deemed unsafe.

-The South seceded because it desired to keep slavery, and Mormons wanted to keep polygamy. They would be allowed to secede and form the nation of Deseret, with borders of OTL's Utah. McClellan announced that he planned to populate Nevada with Non-Mormons to ensure its loyalty to the Union.

-The Confederacy would amend its Constitution to allow the abolition of Slavery after the year 1900. England would provide financial aid to the South so it could develop a non-slave economy by the turn of the Century.

-Mexico would be partitioned between the North, South, and France. The Northern states of Sonora and Chihuahua would become part of the Confederacy in order for them to have access to the Pacific. Baja California would be given to the US State of California, but California would give all land north of the San Francisco Bay, and all land east of Sacramento but North of OTL's Yosemite National Park, to Nevada, extending Nevada to the Pacific as Part of McClellan's Nevada settlement plan.

-Arizona would give its land above the Colorado River, including one side of the Grand Canyon, to Nevada. The rest of Arizona, along with New Mexico, were given to the Confederacy.

-The British would drop any plans to annex Hawaii.

-The Confederacy would be allowed to annex Spanish possessions in the Caribbean.

-Britain signed a 100 year non-aggression pact with both the North and South. The North and South signed a separate agreement that would expire when the South abolished slavery.

-Britain agreed to give Quebec special powers to preserve the French culture there, its lone concession to France.

Jefferson Davis agreed to these terms after meeting with Victoria. Napoleon III of France agreed after Victoria threatened him with War.

The conversation between the Queen and President resembles the "Georgie and Teddy" confrontation that took place over the telephone some five decades later, during the Second Great War.
Queen Victoria II


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