The Bolshevik:1916 - 2009 Map (Blue:Capitalist/NATO Countries, Red:Communist/NETO Countries, Green: Non-Allied Union Countries/Free Republics

In OTL, when the Russian Revolution happened in 1917, the Bolsheviks fought against the other parties of the provisional government, culminating in the October Revolution. But in this timeline, in 1916, in a meeting in Zurich, Switzerland, all the major parties which would later fight in the Russian Revolution merged, forming the Socialist-Revolutionary and Bolshevik Party (Russian: Партия Социал-революционеров и Большевиков, ПСРБ). Led by Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin, a united government was formed after the revolution, opposed only by Tsarist groups, and Josef Stalin's rebel communist group, The Troika. The Provisional Government succeeded, culminating in the formation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and democratic elections in 1921.

Timeline (The Bolshevik:1916)

Nations (The Bolshevik:1916)


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