The The Bear and the Lion series is an ongoing series of novels by alternative history author Michael C. Holmes that attempts to encapsulate the history of a world in which Napoleon was defeated in Russia in 1812. Great Britain and Russia emerge as the world's two primary great powers over the next two hundred years, engaging in a Cold War similar to the ongoing standoff between France and the United States, similarly using satellite states worldwide to their advantage.

The series is structured as a series of seven trilogies - the final trilogy is currently in progress, with the last two novels in the series to be finished in 2012 and 2013 after Holmes has spent over twenty years working on the project.

Napoleon's Defeat and Aftermath

1812-1814: The Fall of the Corsican

1815-1824: The New World

1825-1830: The Rise of the Bear

Industrial Revolution and Growth of German Empire

Global Conflict and the Two Great Powers

The War Between the Great Powers and the Rise of Russia

The Early Cold War

The Middle Cold War

Present Day Events

1994-1997: The Good Minister

1998-2003: The Bear Cub

2004-2008: The Rise of the Eagle

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