The Battle of Rome
Part of Vae victis!

A painting of Rome while the Safinei were sacking the city
Date 8th, March 386 BC
Location Rome
Result Massive victory for the Safinei
  • Rome collapses and is annexed by Safineim
  • Tensions increase between Safineim and Etrusca
Safineim Rome
Commanders and leaders
Gaius I No overall commander
8,000 less then 3,400
Casualties and losses
1,200 ~2,000 soldiers, 8,000 civilians

The Battle of Rome was the Roman Republic's last stand against the invading Safinei, and the last major battle the nation ever fought. It was a short, but bloody battle, and resulted in the near destruction of Rome. The battle and the subsequent annexation of Rome by Safineim lead directly to the Fifty years war, and several centuries of war between Etrusca and Safineim after that.


After the Senone army sacked Rome and Veii, the remainder of the Roman Republic fell into chaos. Meanwhile, the Etruscans were destroying the Umbrian tribes, and taking over their land. Worried about Etruscan expansion, the Safinei decided to take advantage of Rome's weakness, and attacked the nation with an army of 8,000. They quickly moved across the southern part of the nation, and looted various villages and cities. Finally, upon arriving at Rome, they ran into an army of 3,400 Romans, trying to defend Rome.


The Roman army had spread out about half a kilometer away from Rome, forming a thin defense line across the area. In order to combat this defense, the Safinei moved their army into a single thick column to attack the center of the Roman army. The sheer size of the Safinei force gave the Romans almost no time to adjust their strategy before the center of their line was destroyed and they were split in two. Chaos quickly took hold of the Roman ranks, as the left flank began to retreat while the right flank attempted to fight. The right flank was quickly destroyed, while the left flank retreated towards the city, followed closely by the Safinei army. After the Roman defense line was destroyed, no more resistance was put up by the Romans, and the Safinei looted Rome to seal their victory.


With Rome taken by the Safinei army, Roman resistance was both futile and almost nonexistent. Most resistance was quickly destroyed by the Safinei, and all major locations were secured. With all major locations under enemy control, what little Roman resistance remained completely fell apart. Although one more attempt to take Rome was made, it was desperate and failed completely. Soon after the fall of the city, Safineim would annex the former Roman Republic, and thus secure control over around half the Italian Peninsula.

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