The Battle of Jiuquan took place over 2 months from 7 February to 22 March, 1447 near the Chinese City of Jiuquan. The Battle was a turning point of Esen's invasion of China and successfully ended the invasion.

Battle of Jiuquan
Date 7 February–22 March 1448
Location Jiuquan, China
Result Decisive Chinese victory
Ming Dynasty Mongols (Khanate of Oirats)
Commanders and leaders

Zheng Wanxian

Changde Emperor


25,000 infantry

1,000 heavy cavalry

100 pieces of artillery

2,000 cavalry

3,000 horse archers

3,000 Mongol infantry

7,000 Conscripted Chinese Infantry

30 pieces of artillery

15 pieces of siege equipment

Casualties and losses
600 infantry

1000 cavalry

1500 infantry

This Chinese Victory successfully secured China's boders and paved way for its later expansion


Esen's cavalry army, following the victory at Hami progressed to Jiayu, where they would be able to then capture Jiuquan and intercept the silk road. However, it was all but a trap of China, who is busy mobilizing troops to Jiuquan. 

Battle of Jiayu


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