The Battle of Helsinki
Part of The Russian Opium War
Date December 22,1815
Location Helsinki, Finland
Status Over
The Russian empire

The Franco/American Union German mercenaries

The British empire

Finnish volunteers

Commanders and leaders
Alexander l

Andrew Jackson

Sir Edward Smith
Units involved
Third Russian Army

Second Franco/American Army Second German fusiliers

First Royal guards

Finnish volunteers

45,000 Russians

35,000 French/Americans 23,000 Germans

15,000 British

10,000 Finns

Casualties and losses
20,000 Russians

15,000 French/Americans 10,000 Germans

9,000 British

2000 Finns

The great offensive

The Final Battle

On December 22 the coalition army cornered Edwards army in the Finnish town of Helsinki Alexander ordered the artillery to bombard Edwards camp. Edwards army was weary and was outnumbered by the coalition army. Edward ordered his cavalry to charge the coalition lines but the unit was too small and was cut down before they could get near the coalition's lines. When General Andrew Jackson ordered the line infantry to charge the British lines it resulted in a huge bloody close quarter combat fight. Andrew then ordered the artillery to fire on the remaining British line infantry. Edward, hoping to boost morale, led a final charge against the coalition army but was shot in the leg and his army surrendered thus ending all British resistance in the Russian empire.

The Aftermath

King George and other British diplomats met in Moscow to discuss the terms of surrender the treaty states.

  • The British empire will no longer sell any opium in Eastern Europe. 
  • The British will cede Hong Kong to the Franco/American Union. 
  • Must pay reparations to Russia. 

The British had no other choice but to accept the terms of surrender the war also left the British army in shambles and caused the British colonies to revolt in Britain's moment of weakness unable to put down the rebellions the colonies got their independence thus causing the British empire to collapse.

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