The Battle of Earth was a series of invasions of Earth by several aliens, including the Mech and Terran Empires. The battle lasted for roughly fifteen wars and ended in an indecisive Mech/Terran victory. It led to a war between several races and the collapse of the Sentient Protection Alliance. It also indirectly led to the Great Galactic Extermination. About 70% of all humans on Earth were killed, though many were evacuated to other planets.

It is the costliest war on Earth, resulting in the collapse of most of the planet's nations during the war. It easily became the deadliest war in human history within the first two months- the Terran Empire used several massive Kinetic Energy Weapons on major Earth cities.

Pre-War Events

Discovery of Earth

A Caborr ship crashed on Mars in July of 1965. The sentient races, many of which belonged to the Galactic Council of Sentients, raced to the scene to see what had happened. The result was the discovery of a habitable planet with a species on the cusp of achieving the title of spacefaring race: the Humans. They were innovative, smart, and lethal. They were a warlike race divided into nations. The two most powerful were the USA and USSR.

Blockade of Sol

Some species wanted to bring the Humans into contact with galactic society. Others saw the humans as dangerous. The Venusian empire blockaded the Sol System, preventing contact with Earth. After a quick skirmish, however, the resurgent Mechs were allowed into the system to recover The Forge, an ancient construct of untold power.

Recovery of The Forge and other Diplomatic Disasters

The humans in Mexico, where The Forge had crashed, were hostile to the Mechs, resulting in the massacre of several humans. Eventually, The Forge was recovered and reconstructed in Mech Space. The incident with the humans led more to believe that the Humans were too dangerous for galactic society. Eventually, the cities of Paris and Marseille were destroyed by the Terran Empire, forcing several more peaceful races to make contact with Earth.

Course of the War

Declaration of War

In June of 1970, Paris and Marseilles were both destroyed by a Kinetic Energy weapon. The amount of destruction was similar to a nuclear weapon, but far more lethal. The devastation was unprecedented. Originally blamed on the USSR, a diplomatic incident between NATO and the Warsaw Pact started. The next month, in July, the Terran Empire claimed responsibility for the attack. Furthermore, Chicago was destroyed soon after.

The Imperial Salaamberian Company attempted to prevent anyone from contacting the humans diplomatically. The colony of Jnudeelq was captured by the ISC. The hostages were going to be killed should Earth be contacted. In the end, the Azarians contacted Earth, resulting in every Azarian hostage being killed. Shortly afterwards, the Venusian Empire withdrew from the SPA, declaring neutrality. Shortly afterwards, the Terran Empire declared war on the Dravimosian and Regentech Empires. The Azarian Empire declared war on the ISC and Terran empire after the hostage crisis.


The remarkable Regentech Firewall technology saved Earth for a time. First constructed around major cities, the Firewall was nearly impenetrable. Massive bombing began as the nations of Earth ran for cover. The Mechs, who had been fighting a war in the Outer Arm of the galaxy, saw the Firewalls as 'not good enough'. Their motives were unclear, but they seemed intent on evacuating Earth. They were given permission and 8% of the population on Earth voluntarily escaped to the Mech Installations.

Temporary Peace

The SPA demanded peace in the war. A cease-fire was declared for six months, allowing the Earth nations to recover while the major

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