Berlin was the center of the conflict of 1989 between NATO and its allies against the Soviet Union and it´s allies. Berlin was greatly damaged in the battle and took years to replenish the city. Berlin was during 1989 divided in 4 occupation zones along with the rest of Germany The French Sector in the north, the British Sector in the Center, and the American Sector in the south, with the rest of Berlin being under Soviet control. Most of the fighting occurred in the American Sector followed by the British and finally the French Sector. During the battle 20,000 NATO soldiers were killed, 35,000 injured, and 25,000 captured. The Soviet Union and allies suffered 10,000 deaths and 12,000 injured soldiers. The civilian casualties reached 20,000 Civilians killed, 25,000 injured and 40,000 reported missing after the battle. Berlin would remain under Soviet control for the rest of the war, but heavy guerrilla fighting by the BFF (Berlin Freedom Fighters) and some NATO soldiers soldiers remaining the Battle totaling 2,000 British, American and French soldiers. Berlin would later become the capital of the United Germany and would join NATO in 1994.

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