Death by lack of help has been common throughout all of history, with such deaths in the early 20th century been an example. During the Great Depression, doctors were one of many careers in which people lost during this time period. As a result, many poorer states in the union, it was not uncommon to die due to the lack of doctors with experience or equipment.

Such was the life and death of Jimmy Monroe Rodgers, who was born in Texas, 1931, and died of Influenza in 1932. His parents failure to find a qualified doctor to deal with his disease killed him.

This ALT however, shows the life of Jimmy if his parents found a doctor, and he lived a full life, exploring his development, emotions, relationships and the own internal struggle of the average man.

Opening Timeline and POD

October 7, 1931, Rallo, Texas - Jane Rodgers gives birth to a male child, the father being Clyde Rodgers. He is christened Jimmy Munroe Rodgers.

February 3, 1932, Haskell County, Texas - The Rodgers family leave Rallo to the countryside of Haskell county due to the increased cost of living in the city.

July 12, 1932, Haskell County, Texas - Clyde Rodgers begins farming duties on the land he researched. Family fortunes rise. 

October 28th, 1932, Haskell County, Texas - Jimmy Rodgers contracts Influenza. 

(POD) October 29th, 1932, Haskell, Texas - Not following his wife's advice to remain home, Clyde takes his son to the town of Haskell to get a doctors help.

November 1st 1932, Hakell, Texas - Jimmy Rodgers makes a full recovery from his Influenza.

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