The assassination of Robert Mugabe

After the presidential election of 2002, President Robert Mugabe is giving a speech in central Harare after being sworn in a president on the 17th of March. In the crowd is an unknown assassin, as Mugabe steps up to the podium he detonates a suicide belt he is wearing under his clothes. The majority of the leadership of ZANU-PF are killed outright in the explosion and panicked crowd stampeding.

Robert Mugabe himself is badly injured, he loses his left leg below the knee in the explosion and has to have his right hand amputated the following day. he also has serious head injuries which leaves him slipping in and out of consciousness.

Robert Mugabe dies three days later due to a severe infection of his wounds and major organ failure associated with the infection, he is buried in Harare.

Due to the majority of the leadership of ZANU-PF being killed in the suicide blast the remaining leaders call on Morgan Tsvangirai leader of the MDC (who came second in the elections with nearly 43% of the vote) to take over the presidency of Zimbabwe until new elections can take place. Tsvangirai calls for the new elections to be held in in the first week of August 2002. he also calls for all voting booths to be run by officials from the united nations to ensure fair voting and no voter bulling by ZANU-PF members.

President Tsvangirai makes calls to President Bush and PM Blair as well as leaders of the E.U. nations asking for assistance in rebuilding Zimbabwe. They all agree to help in the rebuilding efforts as best they can. America sends teams to help with the utilities (water, power, gas, etc) while the UK sends help for agriculture and the environment.

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